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The Evolution of Overseer to Police Officer (Dio 2)

Read The Evolution of Overseer to Police Officer (Dio 1).

Once again the modern day Overseers have proven to the people of African descent that no matter how much we peacefully protest, our lives truly DO NOT MATTER!

As I watched that horrific video of Philando Castile slaughtered in the backseat of a car in front of his fiancee and four year old daughter and left to bleed-out like a cattle, I almost shed tears! Tears of anger, frustracija, poniženje, helplessness, and familiarity.

It was extremely heart-wrenching to witness the courage and calmness of his fiancee Diamond Reynolds while she literally watched him die in front of her and their daughter. What really touched me was once she and the daughter were placed inside of the police car and she began to breakdown from the stress caused by the traumatic event, the daughter said, “Don’t worry mommy, I’m here with you!” To je četiri-godišnji nubijski princeza koja je nazočila pokolj svog oca u rukama nepodnošljiva policajca. Još, she was strong enough to give words of strength, solidarnost, and encouragement to her mother in a time of despair!

To je izvijestio da je Philando primila prvu pomoć. Umjesto toga, first-responders intitially focused their attention on the oppressive officer, who was clearly mentally unstable, ali fizički neozlijeđen.

Then we watched the slaughter of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by the hand of another oppressive police officer. Alton was subdued by two oppressors and on the ground, but they felt the need to use lethal force because they can, without fear of any reprisal.

Then there was the slaughter of Clarence Howard by an off-duty deputy officer in Florida u navodnoj cesta bijes incidenta koji se nisu stekli što više vuče u mainstream medijima.

We also watched an oppressive police officer shoot Charles Kinsey, an unarmed behavioral therapist, who was laying in a reverse prone position with his arms outstretched begging not to be shot. He was trying to calm down one of his autistic patients.

And unfortunately, as I’m authoring this post, there is newly released footage of Chicago police officers unleashing a barrage of bullets upon an unarmed Paul O’Neal , who eventually succumbed to a bullet in the back. Mysteriously the bodycam footage of the oppressive officer who fired that fatal shot hasn’t been released.

Do not think for one minute this modern day Overseer mentality is exclusive to America. Nije! Ne tražite dalje, nego da je ovaj narod sjevernoj saveznik – Kanada. Nedavno je smrt nenaoružanog afričkog čovjeka, Abdirahman Abdi, od strane represivnog policijskog službenika u Ottawi je izazvala nacionalnu prosvjed aktivista koji tvrde da brutalnost protiv ljudi afričkog podrijetla često ide zanemareni u Kanadi. Oni su na mjestu mnoge nedavne događaje guraju pod tepih od strane političara i medija. Events such as the 2008 death of Freddy Villanueva in Montreal. The 2013 slaughter of Sammy Yatim. And the 2015 murder of Andrew Loku in Toronto.

Uzmi ga preko Atlantika u Francuskoj. Adama Traore was killed in police custody.

Kao što možete vidjeti policijske opresije nije slučajan i izoliran.

To je izvijestio da Afroamerikanci su dvadeset jedan puta veću vjerojatnost da imaju nasilnog susret s policijom nego europske Amerikanaca. Afroamerikanci imaju 30% veća vjerojatnost da se zaustavio; a 75% greater chance of being charged with a crime; and a 10% izglede za duži zatvorske kazne. No, najviše zapanjujuća statistika je jedan u tri Afroamerikanaca može očekivati ​​da će ići u zatvor barem jednom u životu!

Sada, neka je uzeti jedan korak natrag i napraviti poštenu procjenu o sebi. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, African Americans represent about 13% of the population in this nation, which amounts to about 40M people. Yet we account for two thirds, ili 66.6%, of ALL violent crimes committed. 90% svih afričkih American ubojstva su počinili vlastite rase! Dakle, ako mi i dalje klanja i ugnjetavati se na genocidan način, what makes us think that the police won’t do the same?! Mi čak ne poštuju vlastite živote, so why should they?!

By no means am I scapegoating the ongoing slaughter of our people by oppressive police officers like most pundits continue to do. What I’m inferring is, too many of us are complacent with what we consider the norm, black-on-black violence, ali neće oklijevati da prosvjeduju protiv druge tlačitelja. Mi ćemo rally, march, complain, and have meaningless town-hall meetings with so-called leaders who claim to care about our plight. At the end of it all, WE NEVER formulate any REAL actionable solutions. Why is this always the end result?!

The truth of the matter is the majority of these so-called leaders and politicians feed off of our pliancy and easily pacify us by allowing us to vent in a nonviolent way. They promise us change by having discussions that eventually lead to nothing constructive. Oni su u osnovi dobiti njihov kolač, a potom razbiti ga u lice. To je vidljivo kada je napregnut bijes uzrokovan pojedince da se pobune protiv opresivne policijskih službenika’ overseer tactics in a deadly way.

Prvi, bilo je osveta u Dallasu zakonom boravili vojni veterinar koji su žrtvovali šest godina svog života u vojsci za zemlju koja i dalje smatra ljude afričkog podrijetla kao zvijeri i tri petine čovjeka. Zatim tu je osveta u Baton Rouge drugim zakonom boravili vojni veterinar koji je očito hranjen gore sa nadglednik taktika zaposlenih u opresivne policijskih službenika.

Because these reprisals were committed by the oppressed, we once again witnessed the oppressor first assert that the two individuals were mentally unstable. Oni nikada nije dao mislio da je možda samo su hranjen gore sa gaze i tretira kao manje nego ljudski. Jesu li te dvije osobe psihički nestabilan kada je uvršten u taj narod vojske i otišao u inozemstvo na klanje drugima u slobodi ime?!

The plight of African Americans was once again purposely swept under the rug. Politicians and law enforcement shifted their concern to gun control. As did the Congressional Black Caucus, who are nothing but timed souls eager to please the oppressors by shucking and jiving while blaming the Republicans. Tears were shed for the oppressors but not for the oppressed. Flags flew at half staff by order of the current President, who in turn cut his overseas trip short to attend the memorials of the oppressors but not the oppressed who were slaughtered!

Why hasn’t the President attended the funeral of any victim killed by police?

We permit these same politicians to downplay violence against us, which has resulted in our sheep-like acceptance of it. It’s obvious to see that violence respects violence. Am I advocating for violence? NE! What I am advocating for is our human rights, civil rights, economic rights, educational rights, community responsibility; as well as život, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by ANY means!

Former Senator and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan once said, “if you are dissatisfied with the way things are, then you have got to resolve to change them!”


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  1. Anne-Valerie says:

    Danas,in the most famous french newspaper Le Monde (front page) dugi članak o Baltimore policiji, ali Adama Traoré je već zaboravljeno. Lakše je vidjeti trun u oku bližnjega, ali ne i zrake u vlastite.

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