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  • Vlada Ime: Emmanuel Ausar Jones
  • Registrirajte se broj: 28486-050
  • Starost:29
  • Vrijeme Služio:N / A
  • Mjesto:Jersey City, Nju Džerzi
  • Rečenica:30 godina
  • Trenutni Charge:Ubistvo, Otmica, RICO, Att. Ubistva, Firearm violations, Att. Murder of a Federal informant while incarcerated
  • Pseudonim:Killer-E
  • Datum objave:2030
  • Zatvor Zajednica:Krv (Ivica)
  • Krug utjecaja:Tewhan Butler, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Brown
  • Institucija:FCI McKean
  • Getting Bloods to unite in cause for the growth and development of our youth to prevent further incarceration.

Muževnost: What Does it Mean to be a Man?


To my fellas,

Take a few minutes and answer this question: What does it mean to be a man? Take your time . . . Siguran sam da 99% of us who took the time to answer that question had answers that leaned toward having or doing particular things. Probably none of our answers referred to a state of being. Most of us were taught what men do, but we were not taught how to be men. Doing and being are often confused. They go together, but they are not the same. Doing is physical, it’s action; being is a purpose.

We live in a world dominated by what you have and what you see. We are taught, and are under the impression, if you do things, you’ll be a certain way. For us, the doing-to-being is the road to money, power and respect. And that would be true, but to live, we leave the being out and just do what we think a man does to live; to get, to have, to do all the things that we believe represents what a man should do. Nažalost, for many in the hood, that includes having little to nothing of real value, living in mediocrity, going to jail, abandoning our children, dying early, killing each other, leaving little or nothing behind for the women who loved us or for our children, and more negatives. Is that what men do? Is that being a man?


Simply doing what a man does doesn’t mean you’ll be a man. But if you are a man first, what a man does will come natural. The business, the car, the house, the family . . . All that represents the things a man must have in order to be acknowledged as a man. But those things alone don’t make the man. A man must maintain his freedom; uphold the quality of life of his household; be there every moment for his children; live purposefully, peacefully, and prosperous; leave a positive legacy for the ones he loves. Is that being a man? Is that what men do?

So I say, let’s stop doing what we think a man does and start being what we know a man to be.

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  1. Candy says:

    Dakle istina!

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