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  • Vlada Ime: Eric Van Buren
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  • Starost:42
  • Vrijeme Služio:14 godina
  • Mjesto:Washington D.C.
  • Rečenica:ŽIVOT
  • Trenutni Charge:Drug Zavjera
  • Pseudonim:Big Erk, Pjega lica, Beezer
  • Datum objave:pomilovanje kandidata
  • Zatvor Zajednica:Another Chance 4 Legal (AC4L)
  • Krug utjecaja:Marcus Martin, Another Chance 4 Legal
  • Institucija:USP Kanaan
  • There is no honor in coming to prison. It does NOT make you a man.

Pravni Update: Kazneni kazni


Tradicionalno, it has not been the guilt or innocence of a defendant,

ali rečenici, njima nametnute, that has shaken the very foundation of our communities.

2016 may be one of the best years in ALL the history of criminal SENTENCING.

All of you who follow me know why I believe that the criminal justice system has been ONE OF THE DRIVING FORCES behind the decimation of minority communities. The UNIT in the home makes up the NEIGHBORHOOD, susjedstvo je zajednica, the community the COUNTY, Županija državnog, a država nacija. It is easy to see that an entire NATION of people can be affected by law and policy. If we put the right/wrong people in position to pull the strings then we do not need a MASS conspiracy to harm a faction of people, just the inductive influence of the FEW. Viši Kongresu dužnosnici, po mom mišljenju, are the FEW. Oni biraju svoje suce (putem potvrdi) i pomoć u omogućavanju, preko njihove inicijative, a culture where exercising a Constitutional Right to speak out against civil injustice and senseless police killings is seen by many Americans as unpatriotic.

Maloljetni Issue

Mnogi od mojih bliskih prijatelja stekli olakšanje ili će biti na pregledu za olakšanje, per the JUVENILE ISSUE. Pitanje maloljetničkog je: No matter the crime committed a JUDGE MUST factor in the mitigating factors of a youth/adolescent (24 & under) Prije nego što su osuđeni. The Constitution proscribes that a juvenile cannot be held as culpable as an adult for committing the SAME crime, osim suca prvo procjenjuje olakšavajuće čimbenike mladih.

Budući da je ovo pitanje retroaktivne, which means it applies to cases that are final (više o izravnoj žalbi), many defendants have had their cases reviewed. Most recently, Drugi krug odobren drugi i sukcesivne Peticija, based on this issue for a guy I know who has been fighting diligently to get back to his loved ones. Bio je u zatvoru 21+ godina.

Ako znate zatvorenika koji je zavjera koja je započela kad su bili maloljetni, contact me for more information. Ako ste D.C. prisoner who committed the crimes of their case between the ages of 15-21, Kontaktiraj me. If you know someone who has been in prison since they were a juvenile and you want more on this issue, molim kontaktirajte me. Lastly, if you know someone with a MANDATORY LIFE SENTENCE for a murder committed while they were between the ages of 15-21, molim kontaktirajte me.


Ovaj slučaj je bio monumentalan. The USA Today has even written articles on it. Understand that the majority of defendants locked up in Federal and State prisons are there due to POLICIES & INITIATIVES that have been passed by U.S. Kongresu Dužnosnici. State law-makers usually take these policies and get them passed in their STATES so that it may help them to ascend to the U.S. Kongres ili dobiti neke političke predmemoriju. The President finds the majority of these policies too harsh and has called for CHANGE. Ali, ako ste pročitali
Predsjednik Kuća je (Goodlatte- R) se na nju- Sajam je sajam. The law is the law, a predsjednik bi trebao poštivati ​​zakon. The communities in his constituency do not care, pa zašto bi on…pravo?

The Johnson case has taken a HUGE bite out of the practice of Prosecutors using a defendant’s past criminal conduct to enhance their sentence. Na primjer, ako sam opljačkan nekoga 1993 and sold marijuana in 1999, then I catch another case in 2012, zatim tužitelj based na mojim prošlim zločinima- can use that to give me a 15 godine Obavezna termina. I won’t go into it, but the penalties are exponentially steeper when it comes to committing drug offenses in succession. U nekim situacijama, such as The Armed Career Criminal Statute (ACCA), the judge has NO SAY in applying this STIFF mandatory penalty. Johnson je pomogao da se to promijeni. Prosecutors are creative by nature so they began using crimes that were not crimes of violence to give defendants these hash mandatory terms of imprisonment. Judges have called for CHANGE, ali Kongres ne može se činiti da se zajedno učiniti pravu, not by us but THE CONSTITUTION. Ovo je priča nije rekla na CNN i Fox News.

U.S. Vrhovni sud čuti Beckles

U-. S. Vrhovni sud će suđenje u predmetu pod nazivom BECKLES ovaj termin. Slučaj BECKLES će odgovoriti na jedno pitanje SAMO: Does the Vagueness Doctrine apply to the U.S. Kažnjavanje Smjernice? Tradicionalno, dopuštenje vlade. Sentencing Guidelines have not been considered by courts to hold the same “UTJECAJ ZAKONOM” kao kazneno statutom, which is odd since they can be used to drive a 12 year sentence to a de facto mandatory LIFE sentence. Justice Sotomayor who has been a CHAMPION, along with The Notorious R.B.G. (Ruth Bader Ginsburg), je objašnjeno u slučaju zvanom PEUGH, that the Guidelines Do have the “SILA & EFFECT” od statuta , when it comes to CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES (kao i zbog procesa’ Ex post facto Klauzula). It will be interesting to see how the majority will frame the holding. Zapamtite postoji osam Suce. A majority decision or plural opinion is preferred but not a split decision of 4-4. Čuvajte ovo upozorenje.


For anyone who has a drug case whose INDIVIDUAL CULPABILITY was not assessed at sentencing I ask you to contact me. Na primjer: if you only sold (po transkriptima) a small portion of the drugs in a Conspiracy but got sentenced as if you sold all the drugs in the Conspiracy, molim kontaktirajte me. My great example is ‘The 10 Kilo kokaina Conspiracy’ where three guys are apart of this Conspiracy and one guy sells one kilo, a drugi prodaje četiri kilograma, a drugi prodaje pet kilograma. This places the conspirators in different categories. The 1 momak kilogram treba biti osuđen na temelju 21 USK 841(b)(1)(C). The 4 momak kilogram treba biti osuđen na temelju 21 USK 841(b)(1)(B). The 5 momak kilogram treba biti osuđen na temelju 21 USK 841(b)(1)(A).

Imamo argument za dečke koji su ranije tvrdili određeni kažnjen, BOOKER and ALLEYNE issues to the court concerning there individual drug weight. We are waiting until AFTER Beckles is decided before we begin filing these motions, but we are contacting defendants about this issue prior to BECKLES. Ukratko, if BECKLES rules that a Constitutional Doctrine (Neodređenost Nauk) can affect the U.S. Kažnjavanje Smjernice, then it would also follow that other Constitutional Doctrines should do the same. Što će to učiniti? It will allow cases that are final to finally have some legal pretext to have their claims heard pursuant to their individual culpability. Please remember, prošli termin, WELCH, koji je bio profesionalac sebi sporan kao ti, argued something similar to the Supreme Court and they agreed with him. Dakle, ne odustati.


On August the 3, 2016, Predsjednik Obama promijenio strategiju o dodjeli pomiluje. On sada razmatra “NI Smanjenja”. To znači, na primjer, that if you had a plea 25 godine i umjesto toga otišao na suđenje i dobio ŽIVOT, then he is now checking to see if the “SUĐENJE KAZNA” ( The penalty defendants get when they exercise their Constitutional Right to go to trial) caused the extra amount of time. HE is individually assessing your crime and punishment and granting a term that will end in release outside of prison instead of INSIDE of prison.

Štoviše, Predsjednik je proširio njegovo pomilovanje Inicijativa. Applicants who were previously denied for certain reasons would now not be denied for those same reasons.
Savjetujem vam da razmislite vaš slučaj pažljivo. If you got a ton of bodies I do not know if it is a good idea to re-file or file. Ali, ako su prethodno odbijen i nije imao nasilja,
Ja bih ponovno datoteku ODMAH da sam na tvom. Kao što je navedeno prije House Speaker Goodlatte (R) is opposed to Clemency.

To je samo i ažurirati. Po mom mišljenju. If you are doing decades in prison or have or know a loved one in prison doing unnecessary amounts of time for their crime, molim kontaktirajte me. UNIVERSAL LAW states what we want for others is what we will receive for ourselves.

Eric Van Buren
Post-Conviction strateg
Author of The Art of Winning Litigation
Suosnivač The TAWL Foundation


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