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  • Vlada Ime: Tewhan Butler
  • Registrirajte se broj: 26852-050
  • Starost:34
  • Vrijeme Služio:11 godina
  • Mjesto:East Orange, Nju Džerzi
  • Rečenica:30 g..
  • Trenutni Charge:RICO
  • Pseudonim:Pokolj
  • Datum objave:2029
  • Zatvor Zajednica:Krv (Double ii / QSBG)
  • Krug utjecaja:Altariq Gumbs, Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Marco Miguel Robertson, Pele Brown, David Drone, Jermaine Ray, Marcus Martin, Michael Simpson, Omar Austin, Quaheem Edwards, Torvos Simpson, Vincent Gamboa
  • Institucija:USP McCreary
  • Ovdje, moj život iza rešetaka ima razumijevanja za one koji ulaze u "život" bez razumijevanja njegovih posljedica: nedaću, prepreke i putovanje mora putovati sam, kada je udario čekić, Vaš mobitel je zaključan, a svjetla ugase.


The freeing of ourselves requires the ability to tap into our pure consciousness, creating therefore peace- a powerful silence, vitality, a calm that keeps us at balance, stable- equalizing the opposing forces which make up our surroundings. Confined to a state of mind over and against a state of being. Incomprehensible, the truth that our immediate comes into more than the elements of our self which feel, perceive, wills, thinks, and reasons.

In seeking release, one must become victorious over that which does not exist in the evolution of consciousness. The absence of everything, which amounts to nothing. Not controlled by problems and conflict. Unchain an understanding birthed by knowledge and wisdom. The trek towards freedom transmuted into tranquility.

The synchronization of mind and spirit surmounts the physical shackles. These bars bar nothing. The circumstances are not a contributing cause to the men and women who connect to the ever present. Dismiss the unreasoned conviction of vast emptiness. Occupy the void with a substantiated realness that provides a doorway to personal liberty.

Jail is not the only place we as people are imprisoned….SLOBODA!


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