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    Justice and Peace

    I used to fight over colors I used to fight over territory to hustle on I used to fight over disrespect I thought I was hard I thought I was like that I thought I was a man, but deep inside I was emotionally distressed, mentally depressed. I was cold; I was just-ice I was in a state of imprisonment within myself In my prison I had fights with me I had constant lockdowns I felt all alone, with thoughts of homicide, suicide and many other violent injustices. I believed I was a victim of...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Majčino pismo sina u zatvoru

    Gđa. Irene Najbolje je mlada crna majka koja u dobi od trinaest je iskoristio i rodila Jason Best. U dobi od osamnaest, Jason ju je ostavio u trenu zbog niza kaznenih djela, koja će ga dovesti prirodnog života u zatvoru. A year after Jason’s incarceration she wrote him this letter. Dragi Jason, Na dan kad se rodio, Ja sam bio još dijete, trinaest godina star. Pogledao sam na tebe i nasmijala, znajući tog trenutka nadalje, Bog me je blagoslovio. Despite all the obstacles we...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Muževnost (Dio 2)

    “Ako čovjek želi veličinu, neka zaboravi veličinu i pitati za istinu, i on će se naći i” -Horace Mann What kind of example are you setting for the little homies out there? And more importantly, tko je podizanje svoje sinove? I hope it’s not the TV or Internet. If so, Ne samo da je vaš sin pokrenuti 90% Rizik od odlaska u zatvor, tu je i velika vjerojatnost da će on biti gay ili upuštati u nekoj vrsti homoseksualne aktivnosti. Nemojte me krivo shvatiti, I’m all...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    U obrani naših ljudi: Alton Sterling, Philando Kastilja, Diamond Reynolds

    Prvo i najvažnije, Želim poslati svoje sućut Kastilje i Sterling obitelji. Moj drugi misao je za Diamond Reynolds. Želim da znate da su vrlo važni u ovom životu. Ti su zbog krajnje pohvale i poštovanje za ono što ste učinili. Ti si pravi ratnik za ostati mirni i postojani u liniji vatre. Samo Bog zna što vi i vaša kći morala ići kroz vrijeme tog susreta. I samo Bog zna što će morati izdržati kretanje naprijed. Bless vas. Let me ask this...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    All We Want Is Equal Justice

    In prison we are mourning the recent tragedies and loss of life in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas. The gross injustices and police aggression in this country has us convicted violent felons asking ourselves, each other, the parole boards, and the public: who are the real killers? In the streets we kill each other out of ignorance, chasing capitalist dreams, trying to live up to misplaced values. Our overseers, the local police, are killing us like it is a Hunger Game. America must continue...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    UPOZORENJE: The Emasculation of a Nation

    *DISCLAIMER* The views expressed hereafter are explicitly those of the author – me, Roderick Sutton. They do not represent the views of Live From Lockdown or its affiliates. It is no secret that the United States of America prides itself as being built on Christian principles. Ali, by all accounts, this nation should pride itself as being built on unadulterated hypocrisy. A hypocrisy that has slowly eroded the morality of it citizens. A hypocrisy that is emasculating this nation and...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Is love the key to criminal justice reform and stopping police shootings?

    For anyone who knows me, I am very passionate about criminal justice reform. I believe it is a MAJOR root to today’s social problems. Being a black man, the potential for violence to erupt between young black men and the police was as real as using the drive-thru at McDonald’s. It was just a FACT. We literally would not drive down certain roads in Washington D.C. Zašto? Because we knew better. Dallas Police Shootings This week there has been more tragedy than I believe any of us...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    After all the protesting, will something finally change?

    I see the world is starting to see through the eyes of an African-American thanks to social media. But after all the protesting, will something finally change? Do more blacks or police have to die just so we can receive justice? Do this shine light on the criminal justice system? Everyone is trying to understand why blacks are targeted, why blacks are hated so much we hate each other. I can tell why. Maybe it’s the simple fact that we consider ourselves American. Sound crazy? Think about...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Trenton State Prison on Smash

    This post was received before Omar Austin’s last post. The previous post was published first in order to get word of his mother’s unexpected death to family and friends. Što je to učiniti? Sorry for being out of touch for a few months. I was on smash back at Trenton [New Jersey] Kaznionici. They worked it on me. I’m solid though, no matter where I have to be. All prisons are slave camps. It’s a fact that the authorities utilize and manipulate location and the difference in...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Intoxication Rape

    Stanford slučaj silovanja me primoran napisati ovaj post. Imagine you’re out with a buddy. The two of you decide to hit a bar. As the night goes on, he mentions that he had a rough week and needs to unwind. “I got you,” you say as you try to get the bartender’s attention. “Two beers, two shots of tequila and keep ’em coming!” You and your friend sit at the bar laughing, pije i čineći igru ​​pokušava odgonetnuti tko će popustiti i snimke ...PROČITAJTE VIŠE

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