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  • Government Name: Omar Austin
  • Register Number: 204603C
  • Age:31
  • Time Served:since 2001
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentence:60 yrs + 7 consecutive yrs
  • Current Charge:Double Murder
  • Alias:K.O.
  • Release Date:2043
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Valentine)
  • Circle of Influence:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Pele Brown, Tewhan Butler,
  • Institution:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • If a real G can’t dissuade you youngins, okay, have it ya way, but at least let me prep you for the road.

How Do We Reach Today’s Youth?

I’m tryn to stay somewhat consistent but it’s hard under the circumstances. Nevertheless, there’s no excuse. Make it happen or try till you fail.

Communication between bros of all walks of life is hard unless we’re right here among each other. That is the goal though on this end. I’ve been talking to some strong influential bros who walk like I do and these brothers are geared toward progress for our youth and people in general. A lot of times dudes just don’t have the means or outlets to contribute. That’s where Live from Lockdown comes in as a means to reach the youth and from there culture in the community will begin to shift and change. Some of the old dogs can’t be reasoned with for the simple fact they’re so deeply effected by whatever the hell they went through. Dudes are left unable to trust anything or anybody, therefore the fruit of the man is so damaged they are a liability even to themselves. So we have to work over and around them. The ones who actually have youngins running and gunning I keep some of them close. It’s crazy bkuz if one could hear the sick shit that comes out these dude’s mouths, which reflects what’s on their minds, one would feel sorry for the people who actually have these dudes as leaders.

I want to touch on how exactly to use alternative measures to get at the core of these lil brothaz and sistaz. The lure of the lifestyle is strong, especially when the parents are not good examples. When my son was twelve-years-old he told me he wanted to punch someone in his school and walk out and never look back. What the hell could make a twelve-year-old think like that? So I thought to myself I did the same exact thing. Did he learn about my history and just want to emulate what he thinks I would approve of? So I thought of what was it that made me want to leave school? It was the surrounding circumstances at home and the community. Those things had pull over me, a gravitational thing. And the things I was learning in school at that time wasn’t able to command my full attention. I had no examples of what knowledge was and what it could do if you knew what you were doing with it. I had no real respect in school either because I was poorer than poor, which meant I didn’t have the flyest sneakers on time. I wouldn’t say I got bullied but we were mutually inconsiderate of one another’s conditions. These things made me feel inadequate. The streets were more receptive of my kind of conditions. After all, the streets played a part in why my condition was what it was. I just did not have the knowledge and understanding to articulate that reality.

Looking at my own kids I see some of the things that can send a lil cat in the wrong direction. I start trying to tap into their minds. The curriculum in schools suck. it’s making our children into robots and leading them to subconsciously accept whatever role is carved out for them by and according to someone else. They are taught to salute parts of American history they should be disgusted with! They are taught to salute so-called forefathers who did not have their ancestors in mind  when they spoke the words of freedom and independence. They are taught to only remember Dr. King. School modifies reality. And that’s bad bkuz the kids can get the truth in the hood from a dope fiend that used to be that dude and has wisdom. This creates a distrust factor and makes it grow. Every year Jews and Muslims and practically all races and religions re-teach their real history and uphold it through various traditions. Palestinian children do not go to Judaic schools. But black kids (African-American) are sent to Catholic schools whether or not their parents are even Catholic. Why? Because in most cases the local public schools suck or are unsafe. And this separates them from their friends and their community. Man, I could go all day on the real situations that plant seeds of resentment and leaves young black kids to seek to gratify themselves in self-made realities of subculture and, in a certain grassroots kind of way, nationalism i.e. gangs, crews, rap, etc.

Just telling kids not to join gangs and not kill each other and that jail isn’t the place and that an early death isn’t what they want is not enough by itself. We must come up with numerous grassroots ways that get to the heart of the matter to get the youth’s attention.


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