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    The Reconstruction and Restoration of Values and Morals

    The times we live in demand and require the reconstruction and restoration of values and morals. The expectations of the youth are fostered by the capitalist nature of the society they come up in. These youth are flashed all day long by 2Chains, રિક રોસ, and T.I., and the celebrity lifestyle of mega mansions, helicopters and private jets. The music, the movies, the TMZ, Access Hollywood, and even the national news outlets reserve a space strictly for celebrity news and gossip. Don’t...વધુ વાંચો


    Prison is Pure Evil

    I pray you are moving in a positive direction today, and using your energy wisely. Someone wrote me awhile back, a young cat on the street, and asked me what it’s like in prison. My response was some mornings when I wake up it’s just like yesterday. Life in prison. Then there are days when I wake up and I can tell right at the moment I open my eyes that today is going to be different. Today is as though life does not even exist. It’s something out of a horror movie. અને હું વિચાર ...વધુ વાંચો


    Poverty and Violence

    How do we curb the violence in communities across the nation? The government and politicians answers are stricter gun laws and longer prison sentences, which, by the way, કામ નથી સાબિત થયા છે. પણ જેથી લાંબા સમય માટે આ કડક કાયદા અને જેલમાં ઘણા લોકો સાથે, violence is at an all time high. The only logical thing to do is devise a more reasonable and humane plan of action. Studies show that violence is imminent in impoverished communities. હવે મોટી પ્રશ્ન તો આપણે જાણીએ છીએ બને ...વધુ વાંચો


    એક મેચ વિચારો

    હું હંમેશા એક માણસ શીર્ષક સુધી રહેતા વ્યક્તિઓ પ્રકાર મારા પોતાના દ્રષ્ટિ કરી છે. તેમણે એકવીસ વર્ષની ઉપર છે, કારણ કે એક માત્ર એક માણસ નથી. તે સાચું છે, વેબસ્ટર્સ ડિકશનરી અનુસાર, એક માણસ એક પુખ્ત છે, સર, સજ્જન, એક પુરુષ. પણ હું એક માણસ વ્યાખ્યાયિત લાગે છે કે એક માણસ છે સાથે આવે છે કે જે ચોક્કસ ફરજો છે. મેન જવાબદાર છે. માત્ર પુરૂષો તેને જવાબદાર પકડી એક ટીમ નથી, તેમણે પોતાની જાતને જવાબદાર ધરાવે છે. મેન પિતા છે. માત્ર નથી ભાગ તેમણે ભજવે છે, કારણ કે ...વધુ વાંચો


    Letter to the Mayor of Newark

    નેવાર્ક રાસ જે મેયર એક પત્ર. બરાકા તમે અને તમારું શાંતિ. I first want to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past. Second, I want to apologize for the rough patch they put you through because of me. હું કોઈ વિચાર છે કે જે વસ્તુઓ મોટી હતા અને તે મારી ભૂલ હતી. I did not realize the seriousness of who I was. For that I deeply apologize. હમણાં, it has taken me so long to sit down and write this letter. My peoples, before she passed away, મને કહ્યું હતું કે તમે પણ હું લખવા માટે ...વધુ વાંચો


    Gun Control or Mental Health?

    Once again a massacre has taken place at one of our higher learning institutions. This time it was in Oregon. President Obama said, “it’s becoming routine,” in his remarks that were aired on news reports after the shooting. But still in all, there is no resolve. Gun control is still in constant debate, but my opinion is gun control is not the answer. Taking away our fundamental right to bear arms is not the solution to the actual problem. Since 2012 and the tragic Sandy Hook...વધુ વાંચો


    Prison Culture: The Same Ole Slave Games

    “No such thing as rehabilitation, just the same ole slave games” There is a constant battle, psychological in nature, that is always being waged between those in authority and those under authority. Those in authority have done such a number on prisoners. They can even plant seeds and have “gang buddies” feuding with each other. It used to be an FBI tactic during the J. Edgar Hoover days to infiltrate organizations and break them down from the inside. No matter how...વધુ વાંચો


    જેલ: You’ve Been Warned

    Shalom, Now that I have introduced myself and you understand my purpose and reason for reaching out to you, it is my hope that these writings will be a conduit for hope, પ્રોત્સાહન, insight, a challenge, and vision. If I did not care I would say we could use some more weak-minded prey and I assure you some of you would be just that. For prison is certainly a place where only the strong survive. We are killing each other in order to maintain this system that incarcerates us. Our self-hatred...વધુ વાંચો


    Shot Dead Live on Camera

    A continuation of previous post “Disdain for the Law“ We keep on hearing about new ways to train the police and body cameras. Well these guys are shooting brothers dead LIVE ON CAMERA!! What can be the difference between a civilian camera and a police camera? The only thing different is who is in control of the camera. In regard to the engagement between a police officer and a “કાળું” suspect, there is no difference. At any time a police officer can wake up on the...વધુ વાંચો


    The Son of God. But the Brother of the Devil.

    I wrote this poem in 2011 when I was in Bergen County Jail fighting this federal case. I was being accused of everything under the sun. Even while being on a tier by myself for 2 1/2 વર્ષ, I never allowed their thoughts of me to become facts. I’m not an animal, just a young man who thought that he could fight things from the inside. Now I know that in order to fight a war you must be on the side of the souljas who want change. This poem reflects all the times when I thought God...વધુ વાંચો

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