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  • Hallitus nimi: Quaheem Edwards
  • Rekisterinumero: 10800-084
  • Ikä:28
  • Aika Toiminut:6 + v.
  • Kotikaupunki:Paterson, NJ
  • Lause:20 v
  • Nykyinen Charge:Conspiracy voi levittää, Aseet, Todistajien uhkailu
  • Alias:Ox-Splish
  • Vuosi:2024
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Veri
  • Circle of Influence:Charles Taylor Jr., David Drone, Joshua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Laitos:USP Tucson
  • Nyt tiedän mitä haluan elämältä itselleni, perhettäni ja yhteisön. Olen ehdottomasti noin uudelleenrakentaminen ja muutos. Paperilla, Olen aina sidoksissa. Otin valan! Mutta minä Bang todellinen syy nyt, tai muutamia syitä: MUUTOS, Upliftment ja hyvinvointi. Herättävä!



Transition is the most uncomfortable experience I have endured, and in turn it has been one of the most beneficial.

When I took a hard look at my life I was able to point out a number of things I disliked. Of course I do not mean things like my height or the size of my nose. Those are simply things that separate from the rest. Let’s talk about my height and unhealthy eating for instance. Sisään 2009, Olin 192 kiloa, the heaviest I have ever been my entire life. It may not sound extreme, but for me it was. At five feet nine inches tall, I knew I knew that I was overweight. I was stuffing my face every chance I got, and there was no definition to my physique. The only thing that kept me from tipping the scale at 200 pounds was the fact that I played basketball everyday. I often found myself winded and short of breath. After a trip to the doctor I was put on an inhaler for the first time and considered a chronic patient. Around May 2009 I began a vegetarian diet and switched out my sweets for proteins. I cut back on the carbs and slowly but surely became a workout machine. As I faithfully exercised to improve my health and stay alive, other incentives followed. This change took discipline. Weight gain was something I did not like. I wasted no time to do something about it. I learned that change starts with self. I was told during this transition, “If there’s something you don’t like about your life, do something about it.” This new change also sparked a fresh start in other areas of my life.

Knee-deep in the gang-banging lifestyle, one of the best things that a mentor ever pointed out to me was, “No matter how sweet the lifestyle may taste, the consequences will always leave a longer lasting taste of bitterness.” He was right. I constantly found myself down to act on these irrational beliefs I held. If I did not remove myself from this lifestyle, the penitentiary would forever be my home; if the grave did not come sooner. I did just that. I wanted something different, but the company I kept did not share this desire. I knew that to change I would need a supporting cast. As I prepare to return to society, finding new company is something that sticks out to me. I do not believe that I have another bid in me. Coming back to prison is not an option. I want to live a normal life. When I say normal, I mean not having to look over my shoulder for police and rivals. I am also aware that I as I prepare to return to society that temptation can be much stronger than the discipline I have built, if I allow it. So I constantly remind myself that I need to put myself in the best position to win. That begins with relocating. If I return to my hometown to live after prison, I would be setting myself up for failure. I would be right back in the mix. I plan to test the waters elsewhere to build a stronger sense of discipline.

When I entered prison my mindset was I’m Blood. Can’t nobody tell me shit! I soon learned otherwise, but not before this irrational mindset increased the difficulty of the already long prison sentence I had. Those rough experiences sat me down, and I was very much exhausted. As I began this straight and narrow line of transition I lost plenty of friends and even more enemies. Eliminating those who were not on my path made doing time easier. In a five year span I accomplished more than I had in thirty-one years. I got my GED, completed a few adult education courses, enrolled in community college, and wrote seven books. I am inspired to share my experiences to help others. There are more books to follow. It took a great deal of humility to sacrifice. And for the most part, I could not have done it without a support team who believed in me. The transition was mandatory if I wanted to move forward.

My advice to others who might be struggling with change is: it’s never too late, but one must be honest with self. You must recognize that nothing good can come out of living a lifestyle of destruction.



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