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    Mr. White Privilege and the Black Masquerade

    Kuten aloitamme pitkä kävelymatka vapauteen meidän täytyy paljastaa niitä, jotka voivat estää matkaa toimimalla välittäjänä yllyttävät meidän Nemesis Mr. valkoinen Privilege. Kuten kaikki mustat ovat osoitus, mustilta ei ole vain ihon sävy, joka takaa kiistaton rakkautta ja uskollisuutta. Yksi esimerkki tästä on Michelle Obama. Ei ole väliä mitä ajattelemme miehensä toimettomuudesta tietyistä asioista, me kaikki yhteisömme ihailla hänen todellisena musta nainen. Tiedämme hän rakastaa ihmisiä ja on edelleen hänen ...LUE LISÄÄ


    Back in Solitary Confinement

    People, I would like to apologize for my inconsistent contributions to Live from Lockdown and the #RaiseUP movement as of late. I have been placed back in solitary confinement for allegedly speaking language associated with a gang. Väitetään, I was directing something. That is how the powers that be came at me. Joka tapauksessa, it was more political than that. Minut siirrettiin takaisin Trenton [New Jersey] State Prison alkaen Rahway [East Jersey State Prison] and locked down. Vietin kuusitoista päivää ...LUE LISÄÄ


    Institutionalized: Not Really Living but Alive

    Waking up inside of a prison everyday for many years has lasting effects on a person. Yksi tulee institutionalisoituun alkaa tuntua kuin robotti, not really living but alive. I struggle daily with the impact incarceration has and will continue to have on me. Prison is straight up ripping and robbing me of any emotion. I could not even cry if I wanted to. I hear about my homies getting killed out in the streets, brothers who were recently released from prison, like Black Wes (RIP) kuka oli...LUE LISÄÄ


    Joe Champs from Chicago, Illinois

    My name is Joe “Sultan” Champs. I am 47-years-old and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I was a member of a street organization, the Moorish Hajars, that is structured deeply in Islam. Auktorisoitu uskonto rakennettu pois periaatteita maurien Science Temple of America. At this moment I am 100% Muslim who follows the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and no longer ascribe to the dead state of mind of my street life. I have outgrown that, ja nyt olen keskittynyt ...LUE LISÄÄ


    Not a Citizen

    I can’t be President I’m not a citizen not an Amerikan, I’ve never been First I was a slave, now I’m a felon criminalized for my skin complexion I’m not a citizen I can’t vote for President sit on a jury, or license a business Old Jim Crow calls it felon disenfranchisement But what of the 14th Amendment? That makes you Amerikan, makes you a citizen No, the 14th Amendment only legally subjects us to the laws of this nation as a resident, so we can be sent to...LUE LISÄÄ


    Kirjoittaminen on kuin Release

    Mikä on hyvä minun kansani? I’m sitting at this computer thinking about what to write. It’s crazy because I came up with this idea for a new book, and I’m thinking about making it into a show. I will be writing movies next year. I want to direct. I love to write. Kirjoittaminen on kuin julkaisu. I never really speak on how I learned how to write. Here is a story on how a young street dude began to realize he has a talent other than putting in work and doing nonsense. Thanks for...LUE LISÄÄ


    Amerikan Penitentiaries: The Womb of Oppression

    How many months, vuotta, decades did it take the white man to conceptualize, institute and accept the dehumanization of the black race? Understanding this will enable us, the oppressed, to truly appreciate what we are up against and can teach us what it will take to combat the saturated mentality of the pigs, and Amerika as a whole, as they continue to promote, condone and spread the subjugation, oppression and intentional indifference toward the neoslaves of today. Neoslaves viittaan ovat ...LUE LISÄÄ


    My Child, My Child, I’d Really Like to Know

    Marco Miguel was an early contributor to Live form Lockdown while in solitary confinement in the the Special Management Unit in United States Penitentiary Lewisburg. Marco was a Maryland state prisoner serving LIFE and placed in federal custody because he was problematic in Maryland’s state prisons. Marco spent over 10 vuotta eristyssellissä ja valitti, että hän tunsi hän oli ansassa ja jatkuvasti perustaa laiminlyöntiä vankilahenkilökunnan jotta hän koskaan päästä pois yksinäinen ...LUE LISÄÄ


    Yksinäishuone: When Will it be Unconstitutional?

    The road leading to United States Penitentiary Lewisburg. I did seven months in the Special Management Unit (SMU) in United States Penitentiary Lewisburg before finding out I did not qualify. My custody level is 10. It takes a custody level of 23 to be in a United States Penitentiary. Moreover I have four 300 Series shots [write-ups], which are the equivalent of a speeding ticket in the free world. 4 shots in fifteen years in two of the most violent United States Penitentiaries, and I am...LUE LISÄÄ


    Yksinäishuone: Released from Darkness

    The road leading to United States Penitentiary Lewisburg. They say “Don’t nothing move but the money”. That’s a fact! However in these circumstances I find myself on the move. Another twenty-months stint in the belly of the Big House, the Special Management Unit at USP Lewisburg, has ended. By the time you all read this I will have been released from the darkness of solitary confinement and left to fend for myself in the wild (general population). A plane trip here. A...LUE LISÄÄ

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