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  • Hallitus nimi: Kenneth Key
  • Rekisterinumero: A70562
  • Ikä:57
  • Aika Toiminut:33 vuotta
  • Kotikaupunki:Chicago, IL
  • Lause:888 vuotta (Natural Life)
  • Nykyinen Charge:Aseellinen ryöstö, Kidnapping
  • Alias:Blue & amp; Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Vuosi:N / A
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:N / A
  • Circle of Influence:Jamel Miller
  • Laitos:Stateville Correctional Center
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

Still Hustling


This conversation takes place on the corner at the bus stop. Nip-T is still in the game, hustling everyday, still living in the projects with his moms, two sisters and a baby brother. His girlfriend and their son share his room.

Mo Money now calls himself by his real name Brian and is on his way to a new mentoring program called #RaiseUP.

The corner is crowded with hustlers.

Nip-T: (Hollering) Mo Money, Mo Money, my ni**a, I aint seen you in a minute son, mitä hyvää?

Mo Money: Mies, you know I don’t go by that name anymore. Call me Brian. Feel me? Man I got locked up a while back and caught a four-year bid, had to do two. But I was facing fifteen, tuntea minut? I’m back though.

The Crowd: Dude then changed Nip-T. Shake-’em not on the hustle no more.

Nip-T: Man what’s really? I’m about to go on the Boulevard and get this money. Where you headed?

Brian: To a program called #RaiseUP It’s a mentoring program for lil homies in the street. I’m a part-time counselor there now.

Nip-T: A counselor?! What the hell is that? A mentoring program?

Brian: Yea. It’s a program to provide other ways to hustle without the risk. Give the lil homies the basic tools needed for success like career planning, writing resumes and business plans.

Nip-T: So what you out the game now?! Gave up hustling, for what? A mentoring program? Bruh we getting this money, and I for one would love to have you on my team.

Brian: Joo, I feel you Nip. You still pitching for Big Smooth?

Nip-T: Joo, I’m pulling like four racks on the Boulevard every two days easy-peasy, tuntea minut? Making that bank.

Brian: What Smooth driving these days?

Nip-T: Bruh just flipped the Audi truck with all the trim.

Brian: Must be nice. Here comes the bus.

Brian and Nip-T get on the bus.

Brian: Smooth still say on Fifth and Sixth Ave?

Nip-T: Lähellä, he got this crib on Blessed Hill.

Brian: Entä sinä? Where you at these days?

Nip-T: Still in the hood with moms, trying to help her. Feel me? Ever since the old man caught that body on the Ave and caught that life-bid, it’s been rough. I was trying to go to school and hustle but that wasn’t getting it, so I dropped the school thang. You know I gotta stay fly in these streets. Feel me?

Brian: Nip, how old are you now?

Nip-T: Just hit 22 last Monday. Had a lil bread saved up for a car and spent it all popping bottles and shit. We turned up! Feel me? But what you been up to Mo? — I mean Brian.

Brian: I came home on early release and this brother that was coming through the joint speaking to us on the perils of the game and how it affects everyone directly and indirectly really got me thinking, so I got in the GED program.The brother came through every week and put some heavy science on your boy. Talked a lot of business stuff; how we are all really entrepreneurs and just need to tune our skills and ventured into other things besides selling drugs, stealing and robbing.

Nip-T: Mies, aint nobody got time for that with all this money out here.

Brian: Joo, you getting money, but look at all the risk. Man I remember when you got robbed, then you got shot, and the brothers on the Boulevard beat you down. Plus the money you making aint moved you anywhere, Only person living good and taking less risk is Big Smooth.

Nip-T: Yea, olet oikeassa, it’s risk involved. But dig, the game is all I know. Feel me?

Brian: What you need to do is sit in one of these meetings and hear what’s going on. I started a business a lil over a year ago because of #RaiseUP It’s called Sweet Success. I’m already seeing the fruits of my labor.

Nip-T: What you talking bout?

Brian: I went to a meeting one day and there was this female bee-keeper who lectured the group on all the products you could make from honey and through the mentoring program they would provide anyone interested one bee box. Bro, I started with that bee box in the yard and next thing you know I was selling four-ounce bottles of honey. Now I’m making soap, honey moisturizer and next year I’m bout to open a small store and increase production. That’s what #RaiseUP did for me. Took me off the street, reduced my risk, my stress and helped let me get legit. The bank just approved me for a $15,000 loan to expand my business. Now I’m tending 30 boxes in the back yard.

Nip-T: Man that’s solid. Maybe I’ll come to one of those meetings.

Brian: Tsekkaa. There’s all type of lectures and professionals coming through. You still doing your music?

Nip-T: You know I’m still writing bruh!

Brian: You need to come through. There’s a lot of money in the jingle business. Maybe you can link up with a mentor and learn the business. Get your life moving in a different direction. Nip, to change, you gotta change the direction you trying to go. You gotta realize all hustles involve struggle, sacrifices, ups and downs, but the real end reward for dudes like us is getting out that jungle of stress and death.

Nip-T: Bruh, Imma give it some thought and probably hit a meeting with you. This my stop! Stay up bro. Rauha!

I would love to say that Nip came by the mentoring program and changed direction, but that did not happen. Itse asiassa, three weeks later, he was shot three times in a robbery attempt. And of course Big Smooth didn’t have his back. His number one money-getter was in a wheelchair for life. All Nip-T was left with was medical bills, more problems and more stress.

The only person to come by to check on him, take him out of the projects and to the mentoring program to show him that even under dire circumstances you can #RaiseUP was Brian. 6 months later Nip-T got his GED, linked up with an advertising mentor and produced a jingle for a major food chain. With his first check he was able to get his moms and entire family out of the projects.

I know there are a bunch of Nip-Ts out there and some may even be reading this. I don’t want you to get shot, robbed and jailed before you take action to change your circumstances. I want you to make the choice now to #RaiseUP Link up with those programs in your city, get that GED and turn it around! There are many Brians out there willing to help you. You simply have to want change and take the first step.

What do you want to do?

Chances are there is a program out there to help you.

Your world is an outer-manifestation of your inner-thoughts and attitudes As within, so without.

My son Michael is 36 and has served 16 years in prison. Biggest Regret: not being there to take care of his granny (second mom) when she needs him the most. Message: Everything you are today or yesterday doesn’t have to be who you are tomorrow. Change your destiny by changing the choices you make!

Dorion is 39 and has served 19 years in prison. Biggest Regret: inability to control the situations of his own life. He also regrets being separated from his loved ones. Message: Every decision we make has a cause but it also has an effect on our lives and others, whether long-term or short-term, hyvä vai huono.



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