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  • Hallitus nimi: Tommy Edelin
  • Rekisterinumero: 01206-748
  • Ikä:44
  • Aika Toiminut:N / A
  • Kotikaupunki:Washington D.C.
  • Lause:LIFE
  • Nykyinen Charge:RICO
  • Alias:Brother Menes
  • Vuosi:N / A
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Itsenäinen
  • Circle of Influence:DJ, Massa
  • Laitos:USP Lee
  • Aloin kamppailla ajattelutapa että tajusin ollut minun, and thus my quest for knowledge began.

Uskonto: Be Smart Not Prejudiced


Uskonto: Kukaan ei voi väittää tietävänsä asia, mitään, having not studied its history and its origin. Mere speculation and guesses that are not supported with sound research and mathematical facts is nothing more than conjecture.

Kuunnella! We have all been told, not taught about religion. And when you are told something, as opposed to being taught it, there is usually a hook attached. Sometimes you can see the hook and sometimes you can’t. But it is always there. There are those who will tell you what to believe without offering you anything to prove their theories. And they themselves may believe what they are telling you, but that does not make it true. Those who know, know that which they do not know is dangerous and should be avoided.

We often fuss and sometimes we fight about religion based on our feelings and the impression that society or someone we trust has had on our psyche, which causes chaos and confusion. We must study. But few take the time to do that because of the fast pace of society; yet we want our opinions about something we have been told but never research or studied for ourselves to be taken into consideration. And when the target of our frustration, i.e., the person or person(s) we are arguing with, doesn’t listen to us, we feel hate and disdain toward that person. But most times neither person is correct. They both get emotional and their emotions cause them to react and they fail to objectively analyze the content of what the other person or person(s) is trying to convey to them. This is also called Tunnel Vision.

How can one support a cause they have little or no knowledge about? To have been indoctrinated and mis-educated is a dangerous thing, and to stand on falsehood is even more dangerous. When our foundation is challenged, we get defensive. We put up a wall.

Don’t be afraid to challenge what you have been told. And if you find out that a different direction is what is best for you, then take it without fear of what society or those close to you may think. Most importantly, don’t argue, fuss or fight. Be wise. Don’t offer an opinion without having done any sound research about the subject matter, no matter what the subject may be. Be smart not prejudiced. Your religion is what you do and not what you claim to be. Based on what you do, what is your religion?

Challenge your self. And if needed, don’t be afraid to accept the challenge to change for the better. This world has corrupted all but a few.

Peace and Love,

Master Mansa Djhuiti Menes, formerly known As Tommy.

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