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  • Hallitus nimi: Jermaine Ray
  • Rekisterinumero: 10960-010
  • Ikä:30
  • Aika Toiminut:2 vuotta
  • Kotikaupunki:Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Lause:111 kuukautta
  • Nykyinen Charge:924(c) Use of Firearm in drug trafficking; 922(g) Use of Firearm by a Prohibited Person
  • Alias:Murda
  • Vuosi:2020
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Veri (Lime Hood Piru)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Laitos:USP Beaumont
  • It's not who we are, but what we do that defines us in life.

Nosta UP: Kasvu ja kehitys on Mando

Se on 2016! Uusi oikeuskäytäntö! Nosta UP!

Rauha Gorilla Convict Nation ja vapaan maailman seuraajia, jotka jakavat totuuksia elää lukitus. Kun kirjoitan teille, my cell door has been locked for four days due to another set of Gorilla Convicts governing their own. Joka päivä kamppailut sisällä peto jatkaa.

“Vastoinkäymiset on ravitsevaa ruokaa niille tarpeeksi vahva sulattaa sitä.”

Sanomani: We must transform from top criminals into genius businessmen. Sanon tämän koko sydämestäni. Ihminen on mielentila, joten kasvu ja kehitys on mando. Se merkitys uhraa samalla kun rakentaa.

Pitää sen 417%, se nykyajan ihme, että vartijat kotiin joka päivä elossa. Tahansa voi asettaa miehen pois kaltereiden takana. Kuva miehen kolmekymmentä plus-vuotias LIFE tai 55 vuotta aikaa, jolla ei ole mitään ulkopuolista tukea. SMFH! Aikapommi kahdella jalalla, erityisesti maksimaalisen turvallisuuden Yhdysvallat rangaistuslaitosten.

Vartijat yrittävät parhaansa hallita meitä uhkia ja pelkoa. Se tekee vihaa ja pelottelun täytetty ilmapiiri.

Joskus olla muutama syvä Hengitä räjähtänyt. Kukaan voittaa tällaisessa ympäristössä. Vihamielinen kasvualusta, jossa jokainen ruokkii kurjuutta toistensa. Tämä on USP [United States Penitentiary] Beaumont! Ja mikä hämmentää stand-up- TTG- hyvä ihminen eniten on ruma totuus, että se on yleensä samat miehet soitat veljeäsi, AHK, veri, Kinfolk, Itse, paikka, ja homie, jotka tuovat sinulle eniten stressiä ja haittojen.

Taistelu ei ole rajoja.

Jokaisen uuden väylän ja $ Tamp tehty kirjoittamaton lakeja toveruus muutos. Neuvoni kaikille kotikatuni sotilaat, hyviä miehiä, Gorilla Vangit: Pidä uskonto sisällä sydämen ja pitää todellisuuden lautasella. Paitsi että vangitsemisen syövät sinut elävältä, suurvalta nimeltään Amerikkka tekevän samoin kun olet ilmaiseksi. Survival on rotu taito useimmille ihmisille kuvusta.

Maine on kaikki yhteisessä.

Before I proceed with spreading the struggle news and dropping jewels, for the record, let me define Stand-Up. Most street people aren’t honorable, and like my Damu from Brooklyn say, “That’s fact!” niin stand-up is the biggest compliment a guy can get. It means, among other things, that you’re reliable and can be depended on; you’re not a rat or snitch; you’re closed mouth; you’ve got your shit together; you’re straight with the count; you can be trusted; you haven’t burned any bridges. Now ask yourself, who is stand-up among your team?

Self-awareness is a powerful weapon against treachery, especially when snakes poison prison politics.

I hate losing good men to bullshit and foolishness created by a sucka’z bad habits and lack of convict manners! Never inmate! SMFH! Before I attack the unjust judicial system and those who literally suffer at the hands of its advocates, in prison and outside these walls, I want to say this Blood. When an honorable man makes a deal, whether it be verbal, a handshake, or written contract, he always keeps his word. You see it’s not for them that you keep your word. You keep your word FOR YOU. On surullista, but not many men live by this principle. Every day on some prison yard tension rises, cars crash, and riots happen because of one fool’s habits or the next man’s greed.

LOYALTY- I give it. I expect it. I demand it.

Ego can be your undoing.

Mouthing-off means nothing.

A big mouth hides a vacant mind.

Never lower yourself for a zero nothing-ass individual with something to prove. Altercations always evolve when you respond to fools. Learn from mistakes. Don’t be sorry. Just understand. If you don’t understand, life will be full of sorry. Free jewel!

Pushing this Damu Main-Line in the Feds and socializing with good men from all over has taught me life aint about having fun. It’s about building, living, and dying with honor. Loyalty shows strength and courage. It’s something you can’t teach a man. Inherent loyalty is the rarest of all traits. It’s either in a man, or it’s not, and no man can ever take that away from you.

Now let’s chop true game and build within the Live from Lockdown cipher.

This country hasn’t changed. It only found better ways to operate its white power structure. Police that murder unarmed people in this country are assassins with badges. The public servants who are hired to protect and serve the people of this great country, and are paid by taxpayers, have imposed themselves as judge, jury and executioner. And when they are taken to court and charged with MURDER, ignorant jurors who have been brainwashed by the ever-constant cop shows on TV run by Hollywood on a daily basis acquit them. Society in general in this country has been misled to believe these cop shows and that the police always tell the truth and that if they MURDERED someone they had just cause to kill.

Bullshit aint nothing!

We write on Live from Lockdown. We talk that talk. Blah, blah, blah. Then WE get released and WE do nothing to help the oppressed people and soldiers of the struggle and WE get caught up in selfish crimes against our own people and ourselves.

It’s time to #RaiseUP Are you down?!

My past is ugly. Throughout my teens and late-20s I had no knowledge of self or understanding of black business, black money and black power in Amerikkka. Everything I was and am still reflects on my Ray family and my Lime Hood Piru Bloods in Hot Springs and Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as my LHP brothers in Bompton, Kalifornia. Does that mean I can’t raise up and go from incarcerated to incorporated when I get free?

The man is just as important as the soldier, and I never judge how any man puts food on the table. Like my Damu from ii QSB 235 sanoi: “Better late than never.”

A boss is never deterred by the words of hypocrites and haters.

I’m a franchise player, so when I win, we all win, but when we lose it’s my fault. My vision is bigger than the ‘hood. I will never let a fake ass nigga use anything against me. I speak Gangster, think Muslim, and move Militant. This King Jermaine- the first-born of Ruthie Ray. This Big Murda- the P-Funk rida that the streets fear and respect in Arkansas. And this is your comrade in the struggle who continues to stay sucka-free, protest at will and #RaiseUP beside my fellow Gorilla Convicts when the vankeja catch they cells or jump in showers- LOL! You know who you are! LOL!b- In the midst of the storm.

Before I fix this nacho for me and my celly- City from 9 Trey- BBA- Jengi- Imma leave you with thoughts of black crisis alias statistics:

The policies and actions of the criminal justice system, both state and federal, reflect purely the sentiments and desires of the politicians.

When this became true is when the system became broken.

A black boy today has a 1 sisään 1,250 chance of being an NFL player

A 1 sisään 4,600 chance of becoming a NBA player;

A 1 sisään 2,000 chance of getting a PhD in engineering, mathematics or the physical sciences;

A 1 sisään 548 chance of becoming a doctor;

A 1 sisään 195 chance of becoming a lawyer; ja

A 1 sisään 53 chance of becoming a teacher.

That same black boy has a 1 sisään 13 chance of going to prison before he turns 10;

A 1 sisään 6 chance of going to prison at least once before he dies;

A 1 sisään 3 chance becoming an ex-felon;

A 1 sisään 7 chance of never graduating from high school;

A 5 sisään 6 chance of never graduating from college;

A 1 sisään 2 chance of becoming a drug-abuser.

A black male adolescent is 46-times more likely to go to a juvenile detention facility than a white adolescent.

A black girl today has a 1 sisään 6,000 chance of getting a PhD in mathematics, engineering or the physical sciences

A 1 sisään 155 chance of becoming a lawyer;

A 1 sisään 390 chance of becoming a doctor; ja

A 1 sisään 125 chance of becoming a crack-user;

A 1 sisään 28 chance of going to prison before she dies;

A 1 sisään 8 chance of never graduating from high school; ja

A 4 sisään 5 chance of never graduating from college.

If truth is the first metaphysical casualty of this war and movement to mass incarcerate black men, then clearly African-American children are the first physical casualties. They are our future generations to come and will be responsible for carrying on the struggle foe the effective incorporation of the black populace’s voice into the authoritative vice of the Amerikan and world systems. How can they do it if they stand a greater chance of becoming inmates than anything else? Instead of marching and trying to reach the conscience of the oppressors, the Jews unified and employed the proper tactics to gain access to true autonomy and power. The Jews developed a strong and defining sense of community, socially and economically, have armed themselves, and aggressively utilize their leverage to benefit themselves first and foremost.

“Circumstance does not make the man . . . It reveals him to himself.”

I tip my hat to all the single mothers who stand strong and remain loyal to their relatives and men behind bars in the struggle.

To KB, I salute you big brother. If you don’t know who he is just look on the cover of Amerikan Massacre. That work!

And to my Damu comrade Mass: Keep doin’ your best shit!

Live 4rm Lockdown

The struggle is REAL



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