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Dear Mr. Puheenjohtaja: Look into the penal system


This is an un-edited letter as part of our #DearMrPresident sarja of letters to President Barack Obama from inmates in B.O.P (Bureau vankiloiden) laitteet.

Dear Mr. Puheenjohtaja,

As the leader of this great nation, I ask that you look into the penal system; to get a clear and very strong insight on the conditions of prison life. Many organizations and the sentence commission have voiced their opinions on the sentencing guidelines being unjust. There’s a lot of good Men & Women that have converted their lives from being losers to certified inspirational people; either thru self-improvement including being leaders and leaning a helping hand in very life threatening situations. For many of us life has shown us firsthand that you can not do wrong and not expect to be punished. We have respect for this concept. ‘The thing isthat even now at this moment with no parole or any good time, Men & Women are moving in the direction of a more mature and positive lifestyle, and this is with no outlet of a earlier release.

I ask that you weigh in the fact that most of these Men & Women can & will have a very strong impact on the youth. (Miksi?) Because we have understood and implemented a more sophisticated way of dealing with violence and emotional problems. To be given another shot at freedom and being a productive citizen would be a necessary blessing. Some of us build ourselves up on a daily basis to stay strong and motivated to continue to be productive and a positive example to the ones that are lost but paying attention to our demonstrations. Self-change exercise is what keeps us pushing for the future. We don’t just do push-ups, jogging, weightlifting, cordial workouts to stay in physical shape; but we workout our minds to be in mental shape. We know what it will take to change and get out and be effective at bringing front change! To the community and the at-risk youth.

Mr. Puheenjohtaja, all we ask for is a chance to put to work the goodness that keeps us fueled to continue as someone seeking to improve self and others.

Don’t just bring back parole or good time.

Please look into the hard punishment that most of us have received due to living a foul lifestyle but grew into a good lifestyle.

Kirjoittaja Info: Elliot C. Toles #08847-031, an inmate at USP Atwater (Kalifornia). Vuosi: 2084 (not a typo)


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