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  • Hallitus nimi: David Drone
  • Rekisterinumero: 04338-090
  • Ikä:35
  • Aika Toiminut:17 vuotta latausvirralla
  • Kotikaupunki:Chicago, IL
  • Lause:25 v.
  • Nykyinen Charge:Conspiracy jakaa kokaiinia ja heroiinia
  • Alias:Lil Dave
  • Vuosi:2017
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Gangster opetuslapsi (Kasvu ja kehitys)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler, Quaheem Edwards
  • Laitos:USP Hazelton
  • To all my sotilaat, apinat, soturit, roistot, gangsterit, hustlers, ja naisten kollegansa: Illest ase voit ladata ei ole asetta minun G. Laita aivot. Jotta nousta, Meidän täytyy tajuta! Peace (Positiivinen energia luo aina Korkeus).

Cosmic Thought: Muuttaa

MUUTOS. Määritelmä:
1) Jos haluat soittaa tai tulla eri: IKÄ
2) Korvata toisella
3) Siirtää yhdestä muodosta, state or level to another


Rauhan ja rakkauden kaikille. Ensinnäkin minun on annettava kiitosta ALLAHILLE; Herrani ja luoja, joka jolle kaikki asiat tulevat ja palata, ja kartuttaa minulle TIETO, SINCERITY, Lujuus, ja sitoutuminen koettelevat tätä liikettä eteenpäin. Toiseksi, Kiitän YOU (katsojat) for your support and dedication for following us at LIVE FROM LOCKDOWN and RAISE UP. It is because of my LOVE for you (HUMANITY) that I will tirelessly strive,never wavering in my efforts to EDUCATE, LIBERATE, and UNIFY all of God’s children.

Quoting a phrase by Ronald and Patricia Potter-Efron:

Change begins with a vision of the future.

In this passage I will paraphraseVISIONto mean: a critical study of our past in order to give proper direction to our present, with a POSITIVE image of what our future must become.

We are in a world where CHANGE is inevitable! We were created to GROW and EVOLVE. Because CHANGE is a base part of nature; siis, nothing in nature remains the same and the ability to grow and develop lies within every individual naturally. Our SURVIVAL depends upon our becoming re-educated with the proper KNOWLEDGE, achieving a new awareness and establishing a mental core of MORAL VALUES! Everyone goes throughTranscendental Growth”, even if one isn’t conscious of itWe all experience different situations and circumstances which reveal man (humankind) to his true self, providing a LESSON; in that lesson we learn our STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES, what works and what doesn’t work. This is a form of ELEVATION and GROWTH! The question is often asked, “How does one know when they have changed?” One will know that he or she has changed when confronted with the same situation but the results are different, eg. if one of your FRIENDS calls you requesting your assistance in PUTTING SOME WORK IN on someone he identifies as an ENEMY. Instead of abetting him in doing wrong, you would encourage him to resolve the situation using an INTELLIGENT and DIPLOMATIC approach rather than exhibiting VIOLENCE and ASININITY.

The problem we encounter with CHANGE is, being beings of the external sphere, we become deeply entangled in material objects. In doing so this creates a feeling of COMPLACENCY and FEAR; fear of being separated from what provides you COMFORT from what you know rather than what you don’t know, what you are certain of rather than what you aren’t sure of. We’ve all heard the terms, “Fear what you don’t over(under)stand” ja “Fear of the unknown.This fear stems from the left side of the brain which is sometimes called theSafe-keeping Self”. It’s primary function is to serve as a SAFEGUARD, keeping a person where they are familiar, safe and from non-threatening territory. The right side of the brain, which we use least is sometimes called theExperimental Self”. Its primary function is to lead us into new ADVENTURES, EXPLORATION of uncharted territory and CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is easier to deal with uncertain ground when your feet are firmly planted on certain ground!

If you are a person of FAITH, reaffirm your self the certainties of God’s capabilities and ask him to guide you through to CHANGE.

How many of you remember Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign push? For those who may not remember, it was the push for CHANGE, which lead him into the Oval Office; so let’s continue to push for CHANGE. We must become the bearers of light, carrying the torch of INSPIRATION, bringing the LIGHT (totuus) into the DARKNESS (evil) of man’s (humanity’s) hearts and minds. This light shall serve as a constant reminder and MOTIVATING force within each of us; also instilling DEDICATION, DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE to CHANGE. If we are ever to CHANGE our actions, we must first CHANGE the way in which we think. Lopulta, the desire to CHANGE must come from within!

We’ve already wasted a significant amount of TIME and ENERGY on insignificant matters, niin I’m calling on all qualified individuals to step forward and help lead us into the transitions of CHANGE.

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If not you, then who? If not now, then when?


I will be a BETTER person, ystävä, veli, sisko, isä, äiti, hänen, tytär, setä, aunt, aviomies, vaimo, and neighbor starting this very moment.

Remember readers these are only reflections of my personal opinions, beliefs, ajatuksia, katselua, suggestions, and limited knowledge that I share with you. Take this seed and grow into something greater so that others may eat of your tree.


One love to all my brothers and sisters!

P.E.A.C.E. (Positiivinen energia luo aina Korkeus)

I am a living testimony that CHANGE can happen if you allow it to.

Nosta UP!



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