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  • Hallitus nimi: David Drone
  • Rekisterinumero: 04338-090
  • Ikä:35
  • Aika Toiminut:17 vuotta latausvirralla
  • Kotikaupunki:Chicago, IL
  • Lause:25 v.
  • Nykyinen Charge:Conspiracy jakaa kokaiinia ja heroiinia
  • Alias:Lil Dave
  • Vuosi:2017
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Gangster opetuslapsi (Kasvu ja kehitys)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler, Quaheem Edwards
  • Laitos:USP Hazelton
  • To all my sotilaat, apinat, soturit, roistot, gangsterit, hustlers, ja naisten kollegansa: Illest ase voit ladata ei ole asetta minun G. Laita aivot. Jotta nousta, Meidän täytyy tajuta! Peace (Positiivinen energia luo aina Korkeus).

Rakenna ja tuhoa

Rakentaminen on lisätä Jumalan positiivinen luominen. Tuhota on vähentää luvusta, vahinko, jne. tyhjentää., Jumalan positiivinen luominen.

Rakkaat veljet ja sisaret,

In this mental blackout WE are going to have to strike the match of self-expression to light OUR own candles for liberation, koulutus, yhtenäisyys, vapaus, rakkaus, rikkaus, ja poliittista ja taloudellista tietämystä. This light of guidance shall forever be lit in OUR hearts and in OUR minds serving as a constant reminder and motivating force within each of US.

In order for US to break the chains of mental colonialism that WE have suffered, for over five hundred years of oppression, persecution, prosecution, self hate, lack of unity, and nescient mindsWE nust examine OUR thoughts; undergoing mental and spiritual refinement, auto-suggestion and edification through God’s divine truth and infinite knowledge. To protect the foundation and existence of OUR future generations, WE must understand OUR thoughts, sanoja, actions, purpose, and create OUR own conditions so that WE can live up to OUR greatest potential—— overcoming, accepting and acknowledging a healthy appreciation of ourselves. Here in the north shores of America, i.e., Amerikan Yhdysvallat, there are five institutions designed that WE as citizens will experience throughout OUR lifetime, i.e., koulu, hospital, military, church/mosque/synagogue and prison.

I am no angel.I’ve done my fair share of evil, but no man or woman was created to spend their life incarcerated or enslaved in jail. Each day is spent with an up-close view of betrayal, vihata, jealousy, vilppi, disease, ja kuolema. At all cost my brothers and sisters WE must cease, self hate, epäkunnioitus, pelko, lazyness, blaming others, nefarious actions, and going to prison.

Let’s assume responsibility for OUR selves , OUR children and OUR communities.

“Vapaus” is what I represent; to free the dome of mental shackles.

Remember once you own the Truth it can never be stripped from you.

To all my sotilaat, apinat, soturit, roistot, gangsterit, hustlers, ja naisten kollegansa, PLEASE be conscience that you areCREATORS, ARCHITECTS, EDUCATORS, INVENTORS, LEADERS, KINGS, and QUEENS of Ancient Royalty.” Illest ase voit ladata ei ole asetta minun G, load your brain. Jotta nousta, Meidän täytyy tajuta! Leave you in PEACE (P.ositive E.nergy A.lways C.reates E.levation).

Shout outs to Mass, Raise UP and the movement.

Keep God first and Faith strong!

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2 responses to “Rakenna ja tuhoa”

  1. kiana drone winston says:

    hey bro! it’s good to see you doing your thing. I see you need all the support you can get, so i am going to be your main supporter! I miss you so much words can’t even express how much I miss you. Bro I got to tell you about this DVD I saw it’s called Zeitgest. It breaks a whole bunch of things that the Goverment is doing, for instance it talks bout how we don’t have to pay taxes to the IRS there is no law that states we have to give up our hard earn money. The whole 911 happened, yo i’m telling you it opened my eyes to thing that i never really care or gave a second thought too. Now i see things in a different light

  2. kiana drone winston says:

    bro whts good man!!?? we love and miss you out here!!!

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