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Book Review of America’s Massacre by Tewhan Butler

Americas Massacre Book Cover Amazon

I give the book Amerikan Massacre five stars! I believe it breaks down the barriers of how people view urban youth and life in urban America. Even when people see the cover they may jump to a conclusion and forget to finish reading the title a Message of Hope.

Tewhan Butler is a creative person who I don’t even believe society was ready for. He speaks for many who live and have lived this lifestyle and, for one reason or another, do not have a voice. Butler’s courage to share his story and publish such a book is history in the making itself. I appreciate him for speaking up for and among us young black men. He admits his mistakes but America has failed to acknowledge its part in his history and the history of young black men growing up poor and disenfranchised in urban America. Covering up and ignoring error only brings more disaster, but Butler adds hope to a young society that lacks identity in an America that doesn’t want to confront its true verilöyly.

Kannustan Amerikan-iso askel ulkopuolella mukavuusalueen hetkeksi ja kumoaa mitä he saattavat ajatella olevan vain yksi kaupunkien romaani nuoren mustan miehen ja objektiivisesti etsiä viestin tarjoaa yksi tehokkaimmista äänet nuori musta Amerikan modernin ajan.

Much respect to Tewhan Butler and everyone who helped make this book a reality. Can’t wait for what’s next . . .

Parker Coleman #26110-058

a prisoner at United States Penitentiary McCreary


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