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  • Hallitus nimi: Jamel Miller
  • Rekisterinumero: R19483
  • Ikä:37
  • Aika Toiminut:12+ vuotta
  • Kotikaupunki:Chicago, IL
  • Lause:60 vuotta
  • Nykyinen Charge:1st asteen murhasta, Aggravated Battery w/ a Firearm
  • Alias:Buck
  • Vuosi:2057
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Kasvu ja kehitys
  • Circle of Influence:Perääntyä, Labron Neal Bey
  • Laitos:Stateville Correctional Center
  • As I got older I realized that I could use my influence to have a positive impact in prison as well as on the streets.

Back in the Day


Remember when you were younger and your elders would begin a conversation with the phrase back in the day? Chances are you would immediately say here we go again and wish you could plug your ears because you thought you knew it all and did not feel like being preached to.

I find this to be ironic because nowadays at times my conversations begin with back in the day. Funny, häh? In many instances yes, but not today.

Back in the day you would have had a better chance of seeing a bear walking in boots than hearing repetitive news reports of kids and innocent bystanders being murdered throughout Chicago. Not to mention all of our women who are being sexually assaulted by these tree-jumpers. Stop playing! The reason this was not common back in the day is because organizations that dominated governed by a certain code of conduct that did not allow for this to happen. In the rare cases when it did happen, swift and severe punishment was dealt out. And that’s not to mention what happened to those who made it to the County jail or State prison. Word is bond; those unlucky individuals wished they were double-jointed. That way they would have had an easier time kissing their ass goodbye. It was a wrap for them. Aint no guns in prison, just a bunch of starving African wolves watching you come through the door with pork chop drawers on. Your ass got ate up. The ones who were on location with misdemeanors and were released spread the word about what happened in prison to individuals who raped our women or killed innocent people. These stories spread fear in the streets and made people walk a chalked line because they did not want to end up the next person with pork chop drawers on. The powers that be were aware of this and decided to lockup the leaders of these different organizations and tell the public they were fighting crime. All the time they knew this would result in complete chaos in our communities because there was no longer any discipline administered. And in any and everything we do in this world there must be discipline. Don’t believe me? Well stay home from work for two weeks and see what happens. It’s discipline that keeps things in order. And the lack of discipline is why every time we watch the news some woman has been raped or some innocent person has been murdered. There is no fear of being held accountable. Nowadays these chumps are better protected in prison than the children and citizens on the streets. Touch one of them if you want. You’ll be transferred to a prison hours away from the city, put in seg [yksinäishuone] for up to a year and all of your property will come up missing. I’m not trying to brag but this has happened to me on several occasions because I despise rapists and murderers of innocent people. Several of my Facebook friends have seen my rap sheet in here and can vouch for the fact that I walk it better than most talk it. And although I am a great man, it’s going to take more than me to get things in order.

I have reached out to Mayor Emanuel, Father Pfleger and several pastors in attempt to share my blueprint to decrease the loss of innocent lives and sexual assaults by 33-50% within two years guaranteed. None of them responded. I have detailed the reason why in previous posts on Live from Lockdown. I wasn’t surprised because this system is designed to destroy the blacks and browns while maintaining and increasing the power and wealth of the powers that be. Our taxes are constantly raised while our neighborhood schools keep getting shut down and teachers are laid off. Then they take this money to hire more police officers who are killing us and planting evidence to lock us up for life. My blueprint does not require hundreds of millions of dollars to be wasted on things that have proven to be ineffective. That money could be used to re-open and improve neighborhood schools, re-hire and hire quality teachers and attract businesses to our communities that will create jobs and further decrease violence.

Lopussa päivän, poverty is the problem.

Katso, I need y’all to share this with your friends on Facebook and send me the info for #BlackLivesMatter, The Black Youth Movement and anyone else I can politic with to save our communities. I’m no angel, and I’m far from perfect, but I’m older, smarter, and at my best.

When you know better, you’re supposed to show better.

Be safe, blessed, and inspired.

1 Rakkaus,

Jamel “Buck” Miller

Jamel Miller #R19483

P.O. Laatikko 112

Joliet, IL 60434


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  1. Candy says:

    Tietää paremmin on tehdä paremmin.
    Vähempään kuin on mitätön!

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