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  • Hallitus nimi: Mark Dixon
  • Rekisterinumero: R-01558
  • Ikä:32
  • Aika Toiminut:14 vuotta
  • Kotikaupunki:Chicago, Illinois
  • Lause:35 vuotta
  • Nykyinen Charge:1st asteen murhasta, 2 Laskee murhan yrityksestä
  • Alias:Sitten Bo
  • Vuosi:2034
  • Prison yhteistyökumppanit:Gangster opetuslapsi
  • Circle of Influence:LaBron Neal Bey, Perääntyä
  • Laitos:Pickneyville Correctional Center
  • Jokainen lapsi murhattiin kaduilla, Napakymppi päähäsi kasvaa isompi.

After You

I know you see me, “four people killed at a party, News at Ten.” Jos ei, there I am at your local drug-house, probably high my damn self, waiting for my dough to stack so I can move on to bigger things. You recognize me. In and out of prison multiplying all of the negative stereotypes about black people. Making babies and not claiming ’em. That’s me a real piece of dirt. But yo, these kids raise themselves. I did, oikea?

Look at my life, I live life to the fullest everyday. Mostly cause I know death coming for me. Naw, I aint got AIDS or cancer. My disease is poverty and being black in this white man’s world. If it wasn’t for the system, I wouldn’t even be in this position. Mitä?! What about responsibility?! You trippin’ nyt. I tell you what, I’ll admit my wrongs when white folks admit America was built on the backs of my ancestors.

I know you aint think I was paying attention, but that’s one of many things you got wrong about me. Like, I want to be a good person, but good people get preyed upon. So what’s the point? I just don’t see the logic in playing make believe. Working a 9-to-5 even though it aint barely keeping me afloat. Pretending like those law-abiding citizens aint crooked in they own way.

If you want the truth I’m just following in the footsteps of America’s forefathers– lying, cheating, stealing, and killing. Helvetti, I live in the only state in the union (Illinois) to have corrupt governors go to prison back-to-back. Toki, everybody say they’re good people, but you aint seeing the reports of white folks being shot and killed every week; are you? No sir, you don’t. You see me . . .

That’s what and who I am a reflection of you. I’m that ugly reflection in the mirror. I’m that bad side you try to hide in photos. You can try to disguise me all you want, still I show. I show in your thoughts, your words, and your actions. I’m the truth behind your façade of honesty and compassion. I’m gone keep doing what makes me feel good, no matter who it hurts. Loppujen lopuksi, I’m following your lead. You want me to change? Show me how!


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