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Fall Back

Fall Back was formed by Labron Neal Bey, an inmate in the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), and is active at the Statesville Correctional Institution and other facilities in Illinois. In one calendar year, Fall Back was responsible for more than 200 inmates renouncing their gang affiliations as part of the Fall Back Plan. Governor Pat Quinn has acknowledged the positive impact FALL BACK has had within the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The Fall Back Plan is an inmate-led initiative to combat the drug induced gang culture that is responsible for destroying the moral fabric of our communities.

The Fall Back Plan calls for criminals, gang bangers, drug dealers, ex-cons, etc. to simply “Fall Back”, which in this case means to turn away from or withdraw from all criminal and destructive activity.

The Fall Back Plan calls for these individuals to take full responsibility for their actions and the state of affairs in their communities and to begin working with community leaders and anti-violence activists.

Additionally, the plan calls for public officials, pastors and community leaders to oversee this initiative by working with ex offenders and inmates who are participants in the Fall Back movement. There must be some form of productive dialogue between community leaders and ex-offenders/inmates if we are to end this cycle of criminality. Therefore, ex-offenders must be willing to speak out against crime and community leaders and public officials must be willing to listen, amplify and offer support.


FALL BACK and its supporters recommend several concrete steps to help stop the violence:

For Inmates: All prisoners who desire to become members of the FALL BACK movement must first renounce any and all affiliation with any security threat group (gang or criminal organization) as defined by the Illinois Department of Corrections. After becoming members of the FALL BACK movement, prisoners must enroll in an educational program at their current facility or via mail (correspondence courses).

For Legislators: Pass legislation that would require every parolee to participate in community service programs relevant in nature to the crimes they have committed, by making community service a mandatory aspect of parole. In other words, if a person is convicted of selling drugs, guns domestic violence, and gang violence, he or she would have to participate in a prevention program that relates to his or her crime. Additionally, pass legislation that requires all parolees who test positive for drug use to commit to a substance abuse program.

For Community Leaders: We ask that all community leaders and clergy become familiar with the gang recognition test that is offered by the FALL BACK movement. These same individuals must speak on behalf of reformed prisoners to get the message out to the youth. We ask that community leaders and clergy arrange to meet with prisoners (and/or our designee) via telephone or in-person visits to address the violence in our communities. Visits can be arranged via the Contact Form at the bottom of this website.

There will be more information available on FALL BACK via its forthcoming website on LIVE from LOCKDOWN.

FALL BACK is currently looking for community partners working to address gang violence in their community. There is specific interest to work with organizations in Chicago and throughout Illinois. However, the efforts of FALL BACK will not be limited to Chicago and Illinois.

You can contact the founder of FALL BACK:

Labron Neal Bey B80805
P.O. Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434


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