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  • I began to struggle against a mindset that I realized was not mine, and thus my quest for knowledge began.

Why Hillary?


So much emphasis has been placed on whether or not Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and likable. And yes, Bill Clinton was a part of the orchestration of the mass incarceration of so called African Americans (of which I AM a Survivor); and yes Hillary Clinton referred to young African American males as super-predators without taking into consideration the social engineering of Black males that caused so much carnage and destruction in the Black community. I get it. But I also know that those policies and that statement were due largely to ignorance and a serious disconnect from the reality, not to mention prejudice as well as racism and/or explicit biases. Of course, I get it. But do you?

There are more so called African Americans in elected office in this country than ever before. What are they doing? Are they trustworthy, or have they bought into a system that ignores and neglects the best interest of those at the bottom of the totem pole? Do they promote the same policies that destroy us (Black and the oppressed alike) as a whole? Do they suffer from and or even acknowledge what Dr. Joy DeGruy diagnosed as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome? Are they more concerned with carrying a title and pseudo power than actually doing something for the people they are supposed to serve?

Hillary Clinton was out of touch with reality, and Bill Clinton even referred to Barack Obama’s candidacy for President as a fantasy because he didn’t think that a Black man could or would ever get elected President of the United States of America. And the reality is that most of us so called African Americans thought the same, but we kept hope alive. And hope manifested. But we need more than just hope.

We need more than hope

We need to put forth a true and valid effort to fight for the change we want to see from the bottom up and from the inside out. We need to protest with a platform, and offer and implement the solutions that we want to see on whatever scale we have the ability to do it. Protesting with no platform is frivolous. I have seen many protests in prison and in society, some of which carried a list of demands, but had no serious platform, infrastructure, organization or plans to carry out those demands and bring about change they wanted without the help of anyone but the people and institutions they sought to change. All these people with no legs, eyes and ears. Handicapped! They have the physically ability and in some cases the finances to change their reality overnight but lack the mind and will to do it.

Intelligence is what intelligence does.

So many churches and civic and human rights organizations but so little progress. Miks? Because we are waiting for others to do for us what we can very well do for ourselves. Which brings me to my point. But before I make my point: WHY HILLARY? I AM going to explain to you what I have done to make change from the inside out: In short, I have either started or have been a part of several re-entry programs geared specifically to change the minds and train of thought (Social Engineering) of the so called prisoners/convicts. I first started with myself. Then recognizing that no one can reach me better than I, I approach educating and reforming others from the perspective that I know works best: Personal Experience with the in-depth understanding that I share with some or most of the same experiences the so called prisoners. I AM them and they are I. I sought a firm and sound education. Then I sought consciousness, which led to political awareness. I recognized that most of our problems and or the crimes that were committed were political crimes, st, based on bad, naive and or malevolent political decisions, policies, economic and political opportunism, hypocrisy; and the lack of education, economic deprivation and the environment of the so called criminal and convict. I do recognize that some who have all the opportunities in the world still fall by the wayside, but at least they had a chance. Most growing up in poverty stricken, crime ridden neighborhoods do not.

The world is changing, and so are people.

Hillary Clinton has changed. Hillary has evolved. She is rising above her personal prejudices and seeking to do for the people what she is required to do as President of the United States of America. We must personally get involved in the fight for a better America. Talking and doing nothing gets no results, and faith without works is dead.

Pay attention to what is taking place. Look at the choices before you. Observe the attitude and character of the two presidential candidates. Politics aside, who has the mental stability to run this country? Who has the experience to face other world leaders who seek to manipulate our president with flattery and hollow words full of trickery and deceit?

WHY HILLARY? Lihtsamalt öeldes, she is the best and most qualified person to do the job as President of the United States of America. But we have to push her, and all of the members of both houses of Congress to get what we want. But we must first define what it is we want, know what we need to do to get it and get it done. Mobilize, organize, create a platform, strategize, and then go to work.

WHY Hillary? Because she will work with us and her opponent will not. He will talk at us not to us, over us not with us, and around us and invade our neighborhood and wreak havoc on our communities, placing our families under siege.

Dr. King said: “People who try to solve the problems of a people whose problems they don’t understand become more of a problem to the people whose problems they are trying to solve.”

At least Hillary will listen to reason and learn from us. WHY Hillary? Not just our future is a stake, but the future of America.

Respectfully, Tommy D. Edelin-Mc Eachin, now Mansa D. Menes.

Peace and Blessings. Lahing jätkub. Struggle in Unity.


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