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  • There is no honor in coming to prison. It does NOT make you a man.

What A Prisoner Thinks About Prison Reform

Prison reform

Martin Luther King Jr. in his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” stated, “in any [ ] campaign there are four basic steps: collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist, negotiation, self purification, and direct action.”

Ma ettekäändeks selle blogi postitus selle mõtte, sest ma olen olnud saada palju küsimusi nende new bills that are suppose to help address the prison population crisis. You know I always keep it real as penitentiary steel, so here we go.

Step 1: Determine Injustice

A Bunch of Hype

Esimene, a group of billionaires made a bunch of hype about prison reform to get the media involved. Mõistma, all BIG media is politically influenced. All media present facts and events from their own unique perspective. See on lüüa publik. SO IS MEDIA.

Prison reform issues needed to be brought to the BIG media level to:

1) Teadvustada üldsusele tõsise probleemi ja ohtu Ameerika eluviisi

2) Show how quickly the problem, once identified, is being resolved.

Without media hype the public would not have been unaware of America’s prison problem. Mäletama, the judicial system must give notice to the public and protect them. This is legal policy. Because of this the public has spoken and they want prison reform. Nad tahavad Ameerika vanglas probleem lahendatud. Ju, it is their tax dollars at work. This is why Congress has recently acted.

While all this hype was being drummed up about prison reform, coincidentally, Obama made a series of hard-line speeches about the need for prison reform, and surprisingly he visited a Federal prison. His visit was unprecedented, and I applaud the president for doing something no other person in his position has done.

Step 2: Negotiation

For all who do not know, Bobby Scott is one of Obama’s mehed. This is probably why all the bills introduced by Bobby Scott would really make a difference. (Vaatama, Safe Justice Act -H.R.2944). The Safe Justice Act would actually address and eliminate America’s prison crisis as it exists. It would give the American people exactly what they asked for. Like an Act in a play, now ENTERS the new bills. They are the Senate bill called The Corrections Act (S. 467) and a new House bill I call the “Good Latte” bill. They are actually almost identical and, in my opinion, these bills do little if anything to address and eliminate the prison crisis. But you decide. Go to

The New Bills

I’ll get straight to the juicy parts.

(a.) All that talk about good-time in the Safe Justice Act is DEAD in the Corrections Act. Instead of giving prisoners an incentive to reform and rehabilitate themselves by successfully programming, the new bills would have a prisoner “cash-in” good-time credits to be used for longer periods of half-way house and monitored home placement per the Bureau of Vanglad’ (BOP) discretion. This is something another bill, The Second Chance Act, addresses, but is used sparingly by the BOP. Irooniliselt, BOP on poliitika, mis rakendab valemit, mille tulemuseks on vang läheb üle 85% of their time. Remember the law requires you do NO MORE THAN 85% of your time. Just put that in perspective.

(b). The gun provisions in the new bill are a JOKE as well. Enne riigi kuritegude nüüd võivad vallandada HARSH kohustuslik miinimumid hilisema kasutamise tulirelva. Ka, the ‘subsequent offense’ provision would not be eliminated. It would drop to a 15-year mandatory minimum. Instead of you getting 30 aastat, you would get 20 aastat. 2 decades instead of three. It also increases the sentence for possession of a firearm by a felon, BUT decreases, by five years, the 15-years mandatory for being an Armed Career Criminal. Because the United States Attorney’s Office has SO MUCH power and grades their attorneys per conviction efficiency, my educated guess is most defendants will end up with the same amount of time in every case.

(c). The drug provision now ONLY affects 6,500 üksikisikute. All prisoners who have mandatory minimums that would drop under the retroactive application of the Fair Sentencing Act can NOT apply for a reduction. This is odd to me because the U.S. Supreme Court investigated whether crack was the same as cocaine, and the scientific result was that crack and cocaine are the same. One is no more addictive than the other. Lisaks, Ameerika Ühendriike. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg chided the drug law for being seemingly prejudicial and unconstitutional. Many U.S. District Court judges have stated penalizing crack 100 times more severely than cocaine has NO place in today’s law. (See U.S. District Court Judge Norman. K. Moon). The Obama Administration believes that the crack disparity is unconstitutional. So much so they labeled it a civil rights matter. (See official White House website).

Why does one have to make a request for your judge NOT to sentence you under an unconstitutional provision? I thought police upheld the law and judges upheld the constitution?

(d). The new bills even add two new mandatory minimums which has FAMM going crazy. Nad ei ole väga rahul, and I concur.

Oi, don’t let me forget solitary confinement for juveniles is now banned. A ban that was done internationally. Lisaks, solitary confinement is outlawed internationally (Vaatama Vangla Legal Uudised) and no prisoner should be legally held in solitary confinement for more than 15 päeva, unless some exceptional circumstance exists. But the bill doesn’t go this far.

Step 3: Self Purification

According to the billionaire Koch brothers’ attorney, the Corrections Act will be the bill that passes. He states it’s not perfect but a good FIRST step. HA! This problem has existed since 1987. Probleem jõudis keemis 2001. Now it’s just boiling over. First Step?

All this makes me wonder where is the real change that was promised to us? I mean we can all HOPE, but who has the audacity to do that? Surely not a prisoner suffering through these admitted injustices. And surely not the people who are affected by these outrageously biased and unconstitutional laws and the biased and ineffective bills being proposed as solutions.

Civil Rights Movement
Per Dr. Kuningas, 1) we know an INJUSTICE has been DETERMINED, which is many minorities suffer from excessive mandatory minimum sentences, julm ja ebatavaline karistus, and draconian 20-years and 30-years and LIFE sentences for non-violent drug crimes; 2) the president and Congress have NEGOTIATED criminal justice issues; 3) many have endured SELF-PURIFICATION. There are too many stories about the results of self-purification in today’s media not to conclude we are ready for the next step, which is 4) DIRECT ACTION.

Step 4: Direct Action


Recently FAMM put out an ALERT stating it wanted everyone to contact their congressperson and request that the SAFE JUSTICE ACT (H.R. 2944) be passed. Like all the other agencies that support the passing of the SAFE JUSTICE ACT, FAMM appears to believe the Corrections Act does not go far enough, and I concur.

The Safe Justice Act, would eliminate the 25-year mandatory minimums for subsequent gun offenses and not just adjust them to 15 aastat. It would allow prisoners to earn good time credit by programming, qualifying them for 10 days for every 100 days they successfully program. Lisaks, Fair Karistuse seadus oleks kõigile, kes ei saanud seda ja ei lihtsalt 6,500 inimesed (half will probably be denied.) SMH. Minu arvates, the Safe Justice Act does more to address and eliminate America’s mass incarceration crisis.

To me only an imbecile would believe that taking away incentives for prisoners to program and keep good conduct is a better way forward to solving the problems of mass incarceration and recidivism. In federal prisons jobs are a problem. There are usually 300 jobs per every 1,100 Vangide. What’s more? Programmid on kättesaadavad neile, teel koju ning eitas, et need, kellel on pikad laused. Ei ole stiimulit taastusravi enamikel föderaalse vanglate. Tühikäigu pidada on saatana töökoda . . .

Either someone does not give a #%^@ about what the American people want, or we have a bunch of imbeciles in Congress. Mõlemal juhul, it doesn’t look promising. Loodame, et nii ei ole. Let’s all get with FAMM’s Alert and take DIRECT ACTION by calling on the House to pass The Safe Justice Act (H.R. 2944) selle asemel, et parandused seadus (S. 2123). More info @

“You can get out when you ought to get out, or when they want you to get out. It’s on you!

Eric Van Buren
Jail House Lawyer and Post-Conviction Litigation Strategist
Author of The Art of Winning Litigation


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