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  • Valitsus nimi: Kenneth Key
  • Registreeri arv: A70562
  • Vanus:57
  • Aeg Serveeritakse:33 aastat
  • Kodulinnas:Chicago, IL
  • Lause:888 aastat (Natural Life)
  • Praegune Charge:Armed Robbery, Röövimine
  • Teise nimega:Blue & Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Väljalaskekuupäev:N / A
  • Vangla Liitumine:N / A
  • Ringi mõju:Jamel Miller
  • Institutsioon:Stateville Correctional Center
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

A True Story from the Visit Hall



Babygirl comes to visit her man Carl T who has been incarcerated four years on a 95-years prison term. Carl T must serve 85% of his sentence before he is eligible for parole. Carl T is 24-years-old. Carl T and Babygirl have two children, ages seven and three.

Carl T enters visiting room.

Corrections Officer: Table twenty. Your visitor is already there. Remember the rules. One kiss. No tongue. And no picking up or holding your children. Everyone must remain in their seat.

Carl T: Yes sir!

Carl T walks to the table, meets and kisses his children and embraces Babygirl just long enough to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Carl T: Neetud, Babygirl, long time no see or hear, huh?

Babygirl: Jah, and I apologize for that. So much has been going on. Life just starting to get back to normal.

Carl T: What you mean?

Babygirl: Mees, you left me with a baby and a baby on the way. Our whole life revolved around you. When you got locked up I wasn’t working and couldn’t afford to pay twelve-hundred a month rent. I had to move back home to all the I told you so shit.

Carl T: I told you to holler at my moms, June and Big B.

Babygirl: How long you think these people were going to take care of me, and at the same time try to help you? Then we started fighting. All because you expected me to come all the way out here to visit you in prison while I was pregnant, child in hand, no help, no money. Simply because you expected it. And on top of that, keep a phone active so you could three-way all these lames who in the end wasn’t even there for you. Jah, a few came through or called but they was only trying to fuck.

Carl T: I know it’s been rough, and you know I ain’t plan for it to happen like this. Neetud, I miss you! And yo, I apologize for everything.

Babygirl: I miss you too. But how you expect us to have a relationship, raise two kids, and you’re a hundred and twelve miles away? It took me two trains, a bus and a cab to get out here. It cost a hundred and twenty dollars, plus a food card, that’s another twenty. That’s money I’ve been saving for two months to come out here and have a face-to-face with you.

Carl T: I called but the phone was off.

Babygirl: That new phone system want a $25 minimum to accept a call, and I just don’t have it. All your homeboys you said would hold me down disappeared, or give me the holler back, I ain’t got it right now.

Carl T: Neetud, that’s crazy. You know if I could do something for you and the kids I would’ve done it. Lawyers took everything I had. I’m living hand to mouth. But I miss you and love you and the kids with all my heart.

Babygirl: That’s why I came. I wanted to let you know I got a job, but it’s in another state. If I want to take care of me and the kids, I gotta make this move. I’m not trying to separate you from the kids, but ain’t no opportunities in Chicago and no help from your family or mine.

Carl T: So you just going to leave me?

Babygirl: Pask, what you want me to do? If I stay out here I won’t have a job and won’t be able to come see you. I got your last letter. You said they denied your appeal and shit was looking bleak. You really expect me to do 95 years with you?

Carl T: Hästi, it seems your mind is made up.

Babygirl: I have to. I gotta do what’s best for the kids.

Carl T stands up and walks to the guard’s desk and terminates the visit. Carl walks back to the cell-house, stops by a few cells and says goodbye and then jumps off ten gallery to his death.

This is a true story that recently happened. The scenario has been re-arranged and names have been changed. Carl T loved Babygirl and wanted to marry her, but it was a bit unrealistic. In prison we battle with relationships in all areas of our life. For some prisoners that one person is all they have. And as time moves on, we lose a lot, lähedastele, relatives, material things. Life goes on. The day-to-day mission to survive continues. Kas see on seda väärt?

You have the best examples in the world, and they have never seen the inside of a prison. There are exceptions. He or she or both parents take care of you, your siblings, manage a household with the bare minimum, and you’re in the street chasing material things at the cost of forfeiting the rest of your life.

The death of Carl T affected everyone here, especially all those housed in the immediate area and those on the ground floor where he landed and the first responders. Circumstances of the game, some may say. We all make choices, and I’m saying to you, think and make the better choices. Some of us don’t have to jump to commit suicide. We are already dead, killed by the choices we have made.

It’s time to start living, pursue your dreams, change your circumstances. Carl T’s arrest affected everyone in his life, and his death even more.

I get the hustle, and trust me when I say, I understand to be without and hustling to keep food on the table, but if it’s going to put you in a cage somewhere in America then you need to change direction. Like Carl T, you won’t be able to put food on anyone’s table from a prison cell, and the stuff they slide through your cell is not what you know as food on the outside.

Let it go!

I always remember when I first entered a correctional institution, an old man told me, “Son whatsoever a man soweth, he shall also reap.He went on to say that I must rid myself of all the hatred, anger and animosity I may have for a particular person, even toward myself. These things have immense power over you and your well-being. It could very well be the source of all the problems you are now experiencing. There is no easy solution. Life is indeed a struggle. Why struggle to be locked in prison, die an early death or be stuck in a wheelchair?

Everything we do affects everyone one around us. If you have real love for your family and loved ones, do you really want to hurt them and imprison them with your actions? It’s time for change. #RaiseUP



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