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    Letter to the Kids: Be Better Than Me

    Now before I begin I want to salute the youth who read this because that shows that you’re willing to listen and try to find other ways to deal with whatever you’re going through. For that you have my unwavering respect, from one to the next. My name is Al-Tariq Gumbs and in the streets my name was Killa Reek. I was and probably am still considered one of the worst street-gang members to come out of New Jersey. At vanus 15 I was locked up for robbery, guns and all types of...LOE EDASI


    Closing the Door: Gangs, Prison and a New Life

    Just a few months ago I sat in my cell looking ahead to the day when I will return to society. Ja, while envisioning new life, being around family and freely living without the fear of looking over my shoulder, I had to honestly ask myself am I really ready? Füüsiliselt, the answer was easy. But I knew I second guessed myself mentally. After spending the past sixteen years as an active gang member, I was stuck straddling the fence. Here in the Challenge Program at United States Penitentiary...LOE EDASI


    The Murder of Killa Reek

    Peace this is Al-Tariq Gumbs and I’m alive and well. I have to take this one post down because people have misread the post as if I died. I’m ok. My point of writing it was to shed my old self and move forward with my life as a new man. I did not mean to cause this much of a problem. In this case, ignorance isn’t bliss, so I apologize for any hurt or confusion I may have caused to family and friends and to people who didn’t get to make it to lunch. lol I’m...LOE EDASI


    Me kõik oleme Võitleb

    MINU 'hood, Minu ühendus, Minu keskkond, küla, mis enam tõstab lapse. Mu naaber ei tunne lapse mahajäetud tänavatel seismajäänud silmadega täis nälg. Uncompassionate ja ignorantne tõde, et meie võitlused on samad. Sinu kodu võib olla kaunistatud ilusam värv. Muru võib värskelt pügatud, kui mu weeded rohi on sassis. Kas see teeb teid paremini? Kas see õigustaks slamming oma ukse ees tulevikus? Do we not...LOE EDASI


    Juhtimine on sageli valesti aru

    Kus on meie juhid? Miks me ei too meie inimesi poole rohkem positiivseid tulemusi elu? Mõistmise suunas meie põlvkond on rubriik, keegi peab samm ja hakata juhtima suunas helgema tuleviku. Just praegu meie tulevik, lapsed, on juhitud ravimite, narkokaubitsejate, jõugud, räpparite, ja gangster filmid; kõik, mis on sundinud neid varakult hauda või vangistus. Me kaotame! Me kaotame oma haaret reaalsus. Samas tempos, kõik, mis meil on sünge tulevik. Our kids are...LOE EDASI


    Lõpus päeval

    Nagu te näha oma voodi triivib maha võtta rahulik uni, küsimus hõljub oma kojad mõte: “Kas ma olen lähenenud eesmärgid Olen seatud elu?” Wafting lähemale ja lähemale oma teadvuse, kuni see on ainus asi, mida näed, ta lööb oma vaimse ukse äge agressiivsus. Hüppas voodi, te vaadake kella kõrval oma voodis; olete vaevu magasin tund… Aastaid olete lubanud suruda oma elu suunas te ...LOE EDASI


    Sidurid vanglates ja kinnipidamisasutustes

    I’ve long ago been affected by the clutches of prisons and penitentiaries. Be it as a child when I wondered about the place that held friends and family for months, years and sometimes life. Täna, I am not allowed to wonder. Close acquaintances we have become. A uncomely familiarity. Nüüd, my children are left to wonder, left confused. Where have I gone? What is this place that dims the light which is known to glimmer around family, especially around the holidays. We are all...LOE EDASI


    Asfaldi mõrva

    Successfully resisting the many evils that are carefully disguised until the need for exposure is awakened. The adverse articles of ammunition thrown at the youth with the intent to assassinate. Võimas. Effective. Enough force to send even Hercules crashing into the asphalt. Veel, unequipped to the extent one’s faculties cannot overcome. Stumbling blocks are like stray bullets, they make targets of whomever. Shots fired. Obstacles thrown your way. How do you plan to overcome the...LOE EDASI


    Alates sellest ajast kuni praeguseni

    SEE YOURSELF FOR THE GREATNESS YOU WERE MEANT TO BE” Kasvades üles, there was a time I wanted to be an artist. I was very good at graffiti, and my tracing opened doors for other forms of art. I would do still-life drawings, portraits etc., but it seemed as if I was at my best whenever I was depressed. Ausalt, I didn’t see myself with a career in art. I used to dream of being in the NBA, alhough football has always been my fave sport. A few run-ins with the law discouraged...LOE EDASI


    Man Kindlaksmääratud (Osa 2)

    What we know today is that men have been misguided, koolitatavate et mehelikkus on võimalik määratleda läbi agressiivne käitumine või oma võimetust häälestada. Kõigil reaalsus mees jõuab sügavam kui füüsiline tõde. Mees on määratletud tema tegude, mitte ainult milline sõna või tegude sõjakus. Mees on õige tema tegevust ja vastutab iga mõtte. Mees on viljakas ja suurendada, progressiivne pehmelt. Mees on isetu nagu ta reise, mõistmine, et ...LOE EDASI

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