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    Trumped Out

    Right about now the entire world is focused on Donald Trump taking office. Everyone is concerned with Trump’s political leanings. By all means, we should have a space in our lives for politics. Siiski, the state of real policy and law-making exists on such a level that the masses have very little actual insight into what’s happening. We need to focus on changing our world and make the real changes happen ourselves. Politicians will never fix the income gap between the rich and the...LOE EDASI


    Armastus on, mida me vajame

    Karjuma, kui sa kuuled mind. Parem veel, stagneeruma. Olgem tulevad kokku ja siis edasi liikuda. Etapp pärast etappi. kogutud mõtted, organiseeritud müra, shared vision. Võimalikku ei saa enam Patoutua. Me peame liikuma, inimesed! Stagneerunud meeles tähendab korpusega keha. Let’s learn to love life opposed to living as dead men and women. Vahendid, mida vajame on võitlused meie ees. The obstacles we encounter are the lessons that will propel us through life giving us the blueprint for...LOE EDASI


    Nüüd on aeg

    Kui praegu läheb teile siis üllatunud. Olles lubatud ennast häiriksid nii palju muud, mida tegelikult ei olnud aega seda. Võib-olla hiljem armastus. Tänane halb minu jaoks. Hei, olete näinud mu kohe? Sa ütled otsivad seda, et tööd ja Snapchat el. “emme, saate aidata mind selle?” küsib innukas pre-teen kerjamine tähelepanu. “Mine mängima beebi. Ma aitan teil hiljem.” sa ütled seda tahtlikult vaadates oma lemmik Netflix näidata. Years...LOE EDASI


    Lahenduste päev-päevalt võitlused Inimesed

    Ma olen nii haige vaadates neid programme nende nn lahendusi vägivald vaesemates ühiskondades, eriti minu kodulinnas Chicagos. Inimesed, kes tulevad välja need lahendused elada läikiv highrises ja uhkete ja mugav kodudes ja on taju. Nad ei mõista päev-päevalt võitlused inimeste kogukondades räägivad nad. Nad on nii kiire, et öelda esmane lahendus on remont purunenud kodus või suhteid politsei ja kogukonna,...LOE EDASI


    Beautiful Black Women: I Apologize

    I apologize for being missing in action for so long. I have been busy though, and I am on a mission as well. I am finishing up my certification for Life Coaching, as well as being certified as an Offender Workforce Development Specialist. I am also facilitating a nonprofit class, an African American history class, and a few other cognitive behavior awareness classes. Praegu, I am on the waiting list for clemency, not many days left so who knows how the cookie will crumble. Besides...LOE EDASI


    Interracial Relationships: 50 Years of Loving

    Bettmann/CORBIS 2017 will mark fifty years since the United States Supreme Court struck down laws prohibiting interracial marriage in the ground breaking Loving v. Virginia case. Richard Loving, a European-American man and Mildred Jeter, a woman of African descent, just so happened to fall in love in the midst of the horrific Jim Crow civil rights era. They would eventually travel to Washington D.C. sisse 1958 and get married, then return back to Virginia where they lived. Just five weeks...LOE EDASI


    The Mis-Education of Black Children

    “The marvel of the living mind is that when it is illumined it can move into uncharted territories. It is enabled to take this step not out of reaction to the hurts of the past, but through the miracle of liberation from them…” -Indira Gandhi I read somewhere that “one of the highest most universal freedom in the world is the freedom to educate your children to live free.” But that is a freedom consistently, systematically and viciously denied the children of African descent in...LOE EDASI


    Sotsiaalselt muundatud Self Destruction

    Kas me Hukassa? Mõte eelneb tegevusi. Mõte on ema kõik teod ja põhjus kõik elulised asjaolud. Need, kes kontrollivad mõte kontrolli põhjuseks; põhjus toodab mõju. Oleme kas põhjus või tagajärg. Sa ei saa olla nii, sest päritolu mingit mõju põhjustab. Ja efekti põhjuseks on nn asjaolu. Teisisõnu, me ei ole probleemi (meie probleemid), oleme tulemuste probleemi. Probleem me ei loo. Kuid, we either...LOE EDASI


    Boss Talk: Amerikkka’s Prison System

    Raise UP ↑ Su-Whoop to my Damu-komrades in the struggle who remain solid and real right despite the family loss, institutional disrespect and the betrayal from those who look, talk and used to believe in duty, honor and loyalty like us! I’m stayin’ up and ready, anything else is beneath me. When you need me, I’m here loved-ones. And Salaam to all my brothers stayin’ spiritually grounded and walking in the light of truth. I salute and admire any man of honor and great...LOE EDASI


    Armastatud: What Is Our Plan of Action?

    Dear Beloved, With love and solidarity I send this missive because I know you are confused, disillusioned and in fear at the election of Donald J. Trump as Amerikkka’s President. Thousands of you have taken to the streets in major cities to protest the election result, and although confined to this cage I hear you. I feel you. The world hears you and feels you too. But the one chump you want to hear and feel you, does not. He is deaf and genuinely could care less. Trump and all his...LOE EDASI

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