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    Legal Lookout

    I would like to officially introduce myself to Live From Lock Down. I know a lot of you are familiar with lookouts, either from experience or word of mouth. Almost every criminal was once a lookout. Rest assured, you have a legal lookout in me. Conspiracy The first thing I want you to lookout for is Federal Conspiracy cases. Mõistma, if you are a female who has a baller for a boyfriend, most likely your legal acts can be used against you to prosecute you under the RICO Statute (Racketeering...LOE EDASI


    Kenneth Key

    Shalom community, My name is Kenneth M. Võti, A-70562, resident of Stateville Correctional Center, Postkontor. Kast 112, Joliet, Illinois, 60434. My street name was Blue, and for a long time on the street I was affiliated with the Black Gangsters and for a while in prison as well. Tahan 57 years of age, no longer affiliated, and now known by my holy name Ananyah Ben Yisrael. I grew up in Chicago on the other side of perfect. Now I am serving 888 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. Täna, I’m...LOE EDASI


    RIP Garland Tyree: Prison or Death

      Facebook It’s crazy when you keep hearing news of the people you know dying to the streets or at the hands of police. A good brother, S.I. [Garland Tyree], died today and it’s hurtful to know this life we live keeps taking our strong black men. He was just released from prison last year and chose not to return to prison. He went all out in a gun battle with the police. Mõningal, in the streets where I come from, it will be considered a gangster’s honor to die like a G....LOE EDASI


    Police N The Hood

    The system must be kidding around when they speak of better relationships between the police and the community. That will not happen as a result of body cameras on police uniforms and cameras inside the cop cars. The relationship between law enforcement and the ‘hood has ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS be exactly what it is today. The roots of discord are so deep. The hatred, umbusaldus, hostility, and treachery that exists between police officers and the ‘hood is evident on a daily basis....LOE EDASI



    Transition is the most uncomfortable experience I have endured, and in turn it has been one of the most beneficial. When I took a hard look at my life I was able to point out a number of things I disliked. Of course I do not mean things like my height or the size of my nose. Those are simply things that separate from the rest. Let’s talk about my height and unhealthy eating for instance. Sisse 2009, Ma olin 192 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been my entire life. It may not sound extreme,...LOE EDASI


    Kas Poliitika End Politsei tulistamine?

    Ma tahan, et täname kohal kõik rassid, mis on tulnud kokku, et protestida viimastel politsei tapmiste peamiselt relvastamata mustad mehed. Kuna tapmise mustad mehed on Mis on meedias kajastatud, on riiklikul tasandil, Ma ei tea, kas see toimub muul kogukonna üle Ameerika. Ja kuidas muster õigustatud tapmine? Kuidas peatada seda juhtub? Poliitika, not just voting but educating our children about the political process and the role...LOE EDASI


    Police Shooting: They All Look the Same

    After a night out on the town celebrating their anniversary, a man and a wife walk to their home. Pulling the lapel of his peacoat closed, Frank blows warm air into his hands. “Whew! This hawk aint playing tonight. We gone have to walk up,” he tells his wife Camille about the freezing wind Chicago is famous for. Camille moves closer to Frank and says, “We’d be home by now if we would’ve driven like I said.” Kissing her cheek, “I wanted a romantic...LOE EDASI


    The Get High

    Jaheim and his childhood best friend Rick sit in a parked car and smoke blunts and sip a bottle of hard liquor. Jaheim inhales the marijuana smoke, “See I get high to take me out of this chaos; Turn up,” and exhales. “You a lie. You get high cause it feels good,” Rick replies as he takes a sip from the bottle. “Huh, aight, sa parem. But still, once I feel good, my situation don’t look so bad,” Jaheim says as he passes the blunt and receives the...LOE EDASI


    Could This Be True?

    I remember after the Rodney King police beating and the Los Angeles riots in 1992 many Crips and Bloods declared a peace treaty [known as the truce of nine-deuce]. During this time it was widely speculated that Los Angeles police officers in unmarked cars would drive through rival neighborhoods shooting and disrespecting gang members to reignite the hostilities. Minu arvates, the unity of all races is becoming more of a reality. But I wonder if the disproportionate killing of unarmed black...LOE EDASI


    Shawn Wright

    Welcome to my page. Now is the time I take you through a lil bit of my life and what I became and where I am going as a man. I was born in Harriman, Tennessee, and moved to Louisville, Kentucky, when I was nine-years-old. Growing up I played sports and loved football and basketball. But as a kid I was raised around drugs and saw a lot in my young life. I saw my mother get abused by my step-pops, and I couldn’t do anything about it because I was too young to understand. When I moved to...LOE EDASI

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