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  • Valitsus nimi: Omar Austin
  • Registreeri arv: 204603C
  • Vanus:31
  • Aeg Serveeritakse:alates 2001
  • Kodulinnas:Newarki, NJ
  • Lause:60 yrs + 7 järjestikusel aastased
  • Praegune Charge:Double Murder
  • Teise nimega:K.O.
  • Väljalaskekuupäev:2043
  • Vangla Liitumine:Veri (Kallim)
  • Ringi mõju:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Pele Brown, Tewhan Butler,
  • Institutsioon:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • Kui reaalne G ei saa panna sa youngins, korras, on see ya viis, kuid vähemalt andke prep teid teele.

Prison Culture: The Same Ole Slave Games


“No such thing as rehabilitation, just the same ole slave games”

There is a constant battle, psychological in nature, that is always being waged between those in authority and those under authority. Those in authority have done such a number on prisoners. They can even plant seeds and have “gang buddies” feuding with each other. It used to be an FBI tactic during the J. Edgar Hoover days to infiltrate organizations and break them down from the inside. No matter how peaceful the origin and intent of a particular organization. But now that science has been modified and centralized and passed around to all levels of policing form security guards to rookie correctional officers. Straight up rookies come into maximum security prisons under the blind assumption that he can manipulate so-called convicted gangsters. Ja, shamefully, it actually works. I mean these guys do shit like this. They let you get away with small shit, might even bend easily bendable rules to gain your trust to a degree that a prisoner will say some shit like “He’s only here to get paid. He’s not really a CO.” The ignorant prisoner, without thorough training, buys into that goofy stuff. Then the officer will start testing their power with the prisoner and tell the prisoner bad things about other prisoners that he [the officer] doesn’t like. Or if a prisoner files a grievance against the CO, the CO will then spread a rumor that the prisoner who filed the grievance is a rat. Some dumb prisoners without discipline buy into that. It is absolutely crazy what I am witnessing take place in here [general population]. By taking the true strong prisoners, with true leadership out of the mix there are a host of wanna be guys who do not internally possess the mentality to withstand the temptations of selling their soul and self-respect for an extra food tray or a few extra minutes out of their cell.

So it hits me. How can this kind of man who literally stands for nothing be a father to someone out there? I mean some people are actually out there thinking that their loved ones in prison are strong and are going to come home to be the backbone of their family. But these guys are in here sneaking around with other guys having sexual relations. They are using drugs, being humiliated on daily basis. They never stand for anything. These are the men who are supposed to come out of prison and be fathers to a community.

The prison culture is destroying whatever is left of the morale of men of our community. There are guys who are bitter because they are not getting the kind of attention they think they deserve. No mail, no pictures, no money, and no visits. It creates a dangerous mind set of revenge. So when the guy is released he has no love for anything or anyone. In his mind he thinks that everyone turned their backs on him. And furthermore, he has no respect for women. He only sees them as bitches to be slapped around, beat on, choked, vägistati, pimped, or tossed to the side.

No form of rehabilitation can take place because the prison administration and staff are so occupied with getting stripes by controlling gangs. And the gang members are busy playing these ole ass slave games. People with sense know what is going on.



One response to “Prison Culture: The Same Ole Slave Games”

  1. Jerrell A. L says:

    Yo, Your level of undeniable knowledge is appreciated, and an additional eye opener for me and others like me. Salute to you and your genius.

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