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  • Valitsus nimi: Marco Miguel Robertson
  • Registreeri arv: 62151-066
  • Vanus:38
  • Aeg Serveeritakse:15 + yrs.
  • Kodulinnas:Loorber, MD
  • Lause:LIFE +24 yrs.
  • Praegune Charge:Mõrv
  • Teise nimega:Marco Miguel
  • Väljalaskekuupäev:Keda pärast süüdimõistva leevendust
  • Vangla Liitumine:Õigeusu sunniitide
  • Ringi mõju:Tewhan Butler
  • Institutsioon:USP Lewisburg (SMU)
  • Olen Marylandi osariigi vang Special Management Unit föderaalse vanglasüsteemi viieteistkümnendal aastal LIFE + 24-aasta lause. NOPE, Ükski ta oli seda väärt!

Pessimism on kurb tõde

Minu aeg on läbi, kuid ma olen endiselt ummikus, trapped in hell it seems/ The past is forgotten, kõik, mis mul on kinnipidamisasutuste unenäod, ja vanglate olukorda / Nii palju on muutunud, tänavatel isegi ei vaata sama / Ma kahtlen, kas ma tean, kuidas tänavat ületada, või sõita, üleminek sõidurajad, valu on viisteist ja loendamine / Väidan seda valjult, must ja uhke, meeleheitel / Ma olen elanud, ei tee nagu need teised poisid, riputada ise, FROM, või saada tapetud / veel elan mõis, a mansion I long to build!/ Standing on firm foundation, I ain’t crazy yet, I know I got problems, so I can work on solving them/ Don’t give me no pills, like candy they wanted me to pop, then stop, cause they went for sale, like block retail fishscale, burning nose hairs, screaming I don’t care, I ain’t an abuser/ I used to drink, kiss Mary in her paper wrapped skirts to think, flirt with female staff, after taking a drag, pause half court for nicotine, dream of PCP, reminisce of chasing peanuts, cause I never had money, awaken to blasts in bed, stab to keep my head attached to my shoulders, a boulder it rests/ Setting, I’m getting older, tried to get over, it never worked/ I’m a jerk, but they got songs and dances called the Jerk/ Off I spit, plenty of DNA on my fists, only to flush my babies down the toilet with a rinse, swoosh so loud, it’d draw a crowd if it wasn’t the normal in jail/ I would’ve skipped, but they ain’t give me a bail!/ In a cell I sit, with a world full of wishes, I’d like to climb a mountain, then once I’ve reached its peak, give thanks to God for existing/ Reflecting back, if it wasn’t a few stacks, I wouldn’t have had nothing to borrow, then steal my freedom, rabbit in me, running no more, still I feel victim/ I fell, but didn’t get dropped six feet yet, with dirt tossed on top of my chest, mud covering my pores, no more sweat or breath left/ If I would’ve, if I could’ve, I should’ve/ I’m flat broke, without a president, in this residence to note, dwelling on empty irrelevance, who you telling, it’s a joke, no sympathy, so laugh/ I’m the only one who’ll be sad, when the crabs grab and the leeches suck me dry/ they like it here, wonder why I don’t, hate me cause I try/ Institutionalized, but my incarcerated emotions seek relief otherwise/ How can I be optimistic????


One response to “Pessimism on kurb tõde”

  1. Seungmin says:

    Ma m ilmselt ainult reidang ning vastates seda sitta sest s on mulle määratud, but I m still literally amazed by these stories. It s insane to me that these people, these lifers, have such a limited view of what the word LIFE really means. I can t comprehend their perspective of what existence is. I can t wrap my mind around the idea of taking someone else s life, of having the power to extinguish something so incredibly pure and beautiful and limitless. It s equally perplexing that by murdering someone, this person actually did something that s somehow worse than the worst physical or emotional pain they took away the victim s ability to feel, to know, to love, to hate, and to live. I guess it makes sense, siis, to lock the perpetrator up to essentially rob them of their life in every way besides killing them. Or is it worse? At least the victim is dead, and has no sense of how much has been taken from them. The murderer is all too aware of what they are limited to. Elu, Pealegi, is NOT life without freedom. Õigus? Mõlemal juhul, I can only imagine that the lifer s sense of morals is skewed. It would have to be, õigus? As far as I m concerned, life does not exist behind bars. Life as we know it does not extend into prisons. Prisons are islands only a minute s walk from the real world, but still somehow millions of miles segregated from the average man s experience. It s sort of a cop out to say this, but for argument s sake you could say that we ll never know whether a lifer s moral compass is on course we ll never experience what they do, ja vastupidi. How could we know? How could we judge? Nonphilosophically speaking, siiski, I believe that the people who commit murders are exactly like the people who don t commit murders in many cases. One slip up; one stupid moment of complete thoughtlessness; one second too long spent in an emotional, judgment-blocking haze is all it takes to change a life forever. Murder has become too accessible for this generation sometimes all it takes is pulling an index finger a couple millimeters. This man should feel as confident in himself and his morals as any of us, if only because he is made of the same flesh and blood that we are. He can only know what his life has given him the opportunity to experience.

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