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  • Praegune Charge:Marihuaana Distribution; Conspiracy to commit Armed Bank Robbery
  • Teise nimega:G-Tone
  • Väljalaskekuupäev:2019
  • Vangla Liitumine:Veri (Black P. Kivi)
  • Ringi mõju:DJay, MEN STOP
  • Institutsioon:USP Beaumont
  • To give and understand are some of the greatest gifts given to you by God so don’t be afraid to return it to your fellow man.

Relv vägivald

Päeval traagilist surma need kakskümmend last avas mu silmad, et midagi: kuidas vale me nagu kogukond on. Nüüd, enne kui ma alustan, et selgitada, mis juhtus Newtown, Connecticut, lubage mul väljendada ilma ebakindlust, see oli kohutav ja mu süda läheb kõigile peredele, kes kaotasid lähedasi.

Miks on see, et seal on tragöödiad püstoli vägivalla meie asulate kord nädalas, et ei saa riigi tähelepanu? Näiteks, in Chicago there are twenty to forty shootings weekly due to gun violence. And yes, most are child fatalities. I feel that the issue of gun violence should be addressed nationally and not just when these sorts of tragedies happen in suburban white America.

Please don’t misconstrue this for being an issue of race. Because as I see it, bullets are colorblind. I just feel that anytime there’s a precious life lost due to senseless gun violence it should be spoken of on a national level, no matter where the problem lies. President Obama said that since he’s been in office there have been four incidents of major gun violence. That’s incorrect. Like I said his home state had more murders from gun violence than any state in the nation this year. It’s a shame it took the incidents in Newtown for President Obama to even mention the gun violence in his hometown of Chicago and cities like Philadelphia.

Me, as a nation and as parents, must start paying attention to our youth, our kids and the mentally ill. We must not disregard the warning signs of distress that they send before these sorts of incidents happen. The signs are there. Siiski, for one reason or another, we just aren’t paying attention and/or taking them seriously.

Thank you for your time. Ma jätan teile, kui ma tulin, rahus.

Stone Love,



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