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To the Fathers In and Out of Jail

Eelkõige, I want to send my love to everybody out there dealing with the madness that never seems to let up. Nüüd, I want to salute the fathers in and out of jail who are holding down their position, even in adversity. We have to make sure we do our part. This is for the fathers who are doing that and more. I want y’all to know y’all inspire me to do better and keep pushing and doing what I’m supposed to do. In prison you here guys say f*** Father’s Day, and it speaks volumes on who they are to their kids and to society. The fathers who can do something more, must do more. Every kid needs to know they have a father who loves them and is there to help bring that strength they didn’t know they had. To the ones who are doing that – Happy Father’s Day. And to the women who are picking up the slack from the dead-beats, I salute you and send my strength your way. Sorry for the extra weight you have to carry.

Fellas: Happy Father’s Day, and treat everyday like it’s Father’s Day.

RIP to my brothers Quan and Herman. And i got my two nieces, that’s my word!

Happy birthday my sista Verlinda the activist! 🙂

Good morning, good afternoon and good night. Enjoy your day.


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