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  • Valitsus nimi: Marco Miguel Robertson
  • Registreeri arv: 62151-066
  • Vanus:38
  • Aeg Serveeritakse:15 + yrs.
  • Kodulinnas:Loorber, MD
  • Lause:LIFE +24 yrs.
  • Praegune Charge:Mõrv
  • Teise nimega:Marco Miguel
  • Väljalaskekuupäev:Keda pärast süüdimõistva leevendust
  • Vangla Liitumine:Õigeusu sunniitide
  • Ringi mõju:Tewhan Butler
  • Institutsioon:USP Lewisburg (SMU)
  • Olen Marylandi osariigi vang Special Management Unit föderaalse vanglasüsteemi viieteistkümnendal aastal LIFE + 24-aasta lause. NOPE, Ükski ta oli seda väärt!

Põrgulik Tale of Life in BOP

Dear Sir / Madam,

Kuidas läheb? Loodan trahvi! Ma hingest tervitused!

Töötajad USP Lewisburg (Pa) ei suuda professionaalselt tegeleda minu tõsine ajukahjustus, mis ma olen olnud alates detsember 26, 2011, või õigesti lahendada minu ohutusega seotud / elu / eestkoste klassifikatsioon staatus. Lihtsalt öeldud, nad toimivad läbi oma isiklike tunnete rassismi, armukadedus ja üldine teadmatus, kui nad vabalt, aastal innukas mood, lööma, mõrv, vägistamine, asetsema, ja võltsida dokumente, et täita eespool märkis kiimaline soove.

Pean meeles, et silma ja kurdiks on pöördunud seda võimalust sisemine ülemine ešelon personali ja väliste reguleerivate asutuste. Nad tegutsevad realistlikud vabad käed võitmatuse ilma muretse kriminaalsüüdistus või tõsiseid sanktsioone. Tõstma küsimustes ise, silmis töötajad ja kaasvange, on, et paljud naissoost töötajaid vabalt väljendada läbi oma naiselikkus loomulikult, "Ma tahan teda näha / Ma tahan teda / Ma tahan teda vedama oma riista välja mind (sest minu 1-31-97 vangistus, Ma ei ole kunagi masturbeerinud ees naine, kuigi ma olen väga palju heteroseksuaalne). Pigem, Ma kirjutan luuletusi, erootiliste fantaasiate, esseed, novellid (jne), mis hõlmavad erinevaid valdkondi ja žanrid. A body of my works are featured online at http://marcomiguel.livefrolockdown.com. Ka, online is my original poem entitled “Changing Prayer” featured on the “Solitary Watch” website on 11-7-11. My original poem for mothers entitled “Our Love Is Good,” and an essay dedicated to the Special Management Units “Millions Misspent” were featured on the November/December 2011 issue of the ICAN Newsletter (Vang Creative Arts uudiskiri). A news brief on my “Live From Lock Down” blog was featured in the April/May 2012 issue of the ICAN Newsletter.

On paper and computer frames I’m an official “bad guy,” as stated earlier I’ve been incarcerated since 1-31-97. I’m serving a Life + 24 year prison sentence for 1st degree murder (the extra 4 years on the 20 is due to a stabbing on an inmate in 2002 and courtesy of Ann Arundel County Circuit Court in Annapolis (Maryland). The incident took place at the Maryland House of Corrections Annex in Jessup (Maryland) but the docket entry reads like it was an assault on staff. The Life + 20 year sentence was courtesy of Prince George’s County Circuit Court in Upper Marlboro (Maryland). I believe I have served the complete sentence for the Assault With Intent to Maim for Anne Arundel County in which I was given a 15 year sentence after I represented myself in court due to my assigned public defender, (name omitted) toying with me. Seega, I had to trick myself into the courtroom to fire him in open court around 1998. I had a myriad of other charges dating back to 1995 once I was let out of Prince Georges County Detention Center in Upper Marlboro (Maryland), all the way up to that late night/early morning of January 31st 1997 in Beaufort County Lil Washington (North Carolina). I’ve been in federal custody since March 16th 2007, as I was effectively put out of the Division of Corrections of Maryland since that time.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt I’ve displayed an active aggression towards inmates as well as staff (most notably in the Federal system in Federal Correctional Complex Victorville in California), earning my way to the Special Management Unit program. I felt very much slighted by the staff’s continual and arbitrary antagonisms and even angered by the attempt at taking my mind/life via witchcraft. I state of sound mind now though varying shots are being taken at me. A downwards spiral took place approximately July 28th or 29th for an exchange with a six foot three, three hundred pound Spanish guy which wasn’t my best day. After I kicked the party off, due to feeling the need to act on my survival instincts and noticeable staff collaboration, the big guy jumped on my head. They ended up bopping me in the big nose, and the Spanish officer slammed me like it was Sunday football at USP Atwater (California).

From that fateful day onwards, I’ve been treated as if I’d done something to a staff member in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP/BOP). Even my Sunni Muslim brothers jumped me while there. It was an unsaid thing, but I was supposed to get in multiple random fights to get caught up while there (USP Atwater, California) as a means to keep me on lock up (the Special Housing Unit) and hold me indefinitely. It was also an unsaid thing that I was supposed to choose a side to stand with as in DC inmates (DC, MD, VA) or the Sunni Muslims, as boundaries/gangs/regionalism are very much sponsored by the staff and administration of the BOP. Inmates collaborated with the staff to run various games of harassment, in short using me to cozy up with the staff and/or transfer to a less adrenaline driven facility/region. All I wished to do was create through writing and work on my case and get closer to my family. Respectfully so, all weren’t with the shenanigans as respecting my ultimate peaceful position. I ended up going on a 37 day hunger strike beginning ironically December 26th 2008 when SHU Lieutenant (name omitted) stood over me red faced with a mouthful of tobacco saying, "Sa üritad manipuleerida süsteem Robertson". Läksin 27 päeva ilma toidu ja veeta minu omal soovil, Mõne päeva ilma midagi, kui psühholoog dr. (name omitted) tahtis jääda asus seal, isegi peatumine meditsiini / eestkoste töötajaid sobivalt kõnetab mind. Käisin väljaspool haigla kahel korral saada hüdreeritud, ja ehitada oma naatriumi / kaaliumi taset. Päädyin tulevad välja näljastreigi, kui mulle öeldi, et ma minema ühend, kus ma saaks minna. Meeles pidama, Ma ei saa keelduda, et ühend ja nad tahtsid lahkuda mind luku taha seal asemel kandes mind. Nad sattus saates mind USP Victorville (California), kus ma sain panna üleminekut eraldamine üksuse (kaitsva vahi), kui nad ei võimalda (DC, MD, VA) inmates on the compound there due to an alleged incident between DC inmates and the Crips as told by Captain (name omitted) in early 2009. Seega, I continued in my stance and the indifference seemed to follow. I fought back this time with feces/urine/and fists. Jah, I did feel indifferent due to my treatment, based out of the personal racism, dislikes and jealousies (staff often were encouraged by inmates).

Though I’m a prayer offering Sunni Muslim, I’ve always functioned on my own accord; addressing all situations myself, never relying on a clique/gang/crew or region. One African American SHU Counselor (name omitted) always actively stopped me from transferring, even coming in one time at 2am saying, “I ain’t gonna let no rat start a race war.” Never have I been a government agent or an internal set of eyes for the staff and administration of any prison I’ve been in. Edasi, nothing was ever discussed openly about the reasoning for my mistreatment. But the further you go west in the BOP, race and region matters. Where as a lowly black staff member or inmate can instruct others outside of your race how to deal with you. He stood on these factors, which baffled me as I questioned him “you came from out of your comfort of a mini-mansion, laying beside I’m sure your soft and pretty wife to stop my advancement”. Ei, Ma ei tea,, nor did I know his family, I was simply baffled by his motivation.

Myself and 18 other men from FCC Victorville (Ca) on May 13, 2010 opened up USP Florence’s SMU program, under the helm of African American Warden (name omitted) and Captain (name omitted). They weren’t ready for us. They deprived us of our property and, esialgu, escorted us with batons wielded over our heads. Varsti pärast seda, some inmates arrived from Oakdales’s (SMU) programm. Unruliness must’ve been the deciding factor, as we from Victorville were on getting the program behind us. The other guys were on we don’t care. Nii, it wasn’t long before everyone was transferred. I accepted a cellmate there, and stayed out of the staff’s way. But in varying ways they functioned in the same manner as the staff had at Victorville. As the others filed out, I was left each time. “Racism” I cried! On the absolutely last ride out I was left with an American Native Indian. He pulled up the SMU Lieutenant (name omitted) asking why. Lt. (name omitted) made some calls and, afterwards, he got put on the ride out of FCC Florence (Colorado). A white guy was they only one left with me. About a week and a half maybe later, we were sent to the Transit Center in Oklahoma.

On August 11, 2010 I arrived here USP Lewisburg’s SMU program. Esialgu, I felt relieved. I thought I was going to move forward. Kuid, to the contrary, multiple games came my way, even battling my various cellmates (tearing their mail, telling them I was a rat, telling them “I was a piece of shit”, taking their magazines, Unit Manager (name omitted) would repeatedly question one cellmate “do you get along”? Lt. (name omitted) asked the same, then told him, “you shouldn’t be”. One was told to move out of the way to take a picture of the wall by Special Investigations Services Officer (name omitted) when they took up the indifference. I requested to separate from them, and we were encouraged to fight. After having an indifference with a guy who doesn’t program (as I was placed in their with him intentionally), I refused to come out of the locked shower and expressed why and noted my programming to Lt. (name omitted)/Case Manager (name omitted). Kuigi, there were several vacant cells, and cells with one inmate, I was placed in ambulatory restraints via lies and falsified documents on 1-29-11.

On approximately 8-14 või 8-17-11 Officer (name omitted)/Officer (name omitted) had me placed in ambulatory restraints, after I refused to enter back into the cell. He bought into what he was told, “I was a piece of shit.”

On 8-29-11 I had an altercation with a cellmate, as he had bought into being told he was being mistreated because of me. A guy with assaultative behavior on cellmates was out to recreation, and they attempted to place me in his cell. I refused and was told, while in the D Block law library on 8-29-11by Officer (name omitted)/several Lieutenants, “were gonna smash you nigger,” before being put into ambulatory restraints until 8-31-11.

Prior to that, on the same day, they attempted to place me in a cell with a guy who was butt naked and was known for being filthy and crazy. While in the restraints I was told several times by Physician’s Assistant (name omitted), “you need to find a cellie, you’re going to miss your towntrip”. After repeatedly telling several Lieutenants I was ready to come out of restraints and the above situation, I was told repeatedly “you need to find a cellie” (including Lt. name omitted).

Upon filing letter/grievances, on September 15th I was taken to Evangelical Hospital (Lewishburg, Pa) by two white officers and a Spanish Lt. (name omitted). While there getting prepped for a colonoscopy/endoscopy, an older white guy showed up. He was heavy set in plain clothes, audibly telling the prison staff just tell the truth upon being sued. Even after brushing my teeth, a foul taste and odor remains in my mouth. which can be smelled from lengthy distances. I can only assume some benign tumors rest in my colon as there was always problems there though I’ve been told beginning in Maryland 2002 -It’s worsened to this- that I haveirritable bowel syndrome acid reflux.On approximately November 19, 2008 a Gastroenterologist examined me while housed at USP Atwater (California) on a towntrip and discovered a hiatal hernia among other conditions). General Surgeon Dr. (name omitted) performed the colonoscopy/endoscopy. Upon awakening the plain clothes guy was gone, and a wild eyed nurse along with the three escorting prison staff were yellingyou’re okay, you’re okay”. I knew this was wrong, but upon filing grievances/letters I was told that nothing was wrong. The highest noted slight prior to the scuffle of October 27, 2011 with my cellmate, per Associate Warden (name omitted) coming from Case Manager (name omitted) that his phase level three status was taken for someblah-blahreasoning. He was set back in the SMU program two to three months, then and/or along with others. Multiple inmates throughout the institutions phases were taken.

Two cellmates later, the Number One Officer told me I was getting a Jew cellie, in which I said okay. I welcomed the guy straight off the bus into the facility, supplying him with stamps and giving him the framework of what the SMU program is here. That same late night/early morning my new cellmate nudged me, in a manner I had been in altercations with other inmates. He didn’t have the opportunity to speak heavily to anyone with the exception of staff. Knowing all of my previous dealings, and within earshot a guy or two noting their indifference, which didn’t necessarily concern me the day he arrived. My aura I’m certain precedes me. Seega, with that combination I spoke to the guy. I did notice he made sure he noted his indifference with me to various staff members, upon being escorted to recreation especially. He was concerned with me, as I noticed in speaking to others briefly that he had spoken to them about me. Via my antennas I overheard some officers speak about a note stating, “I’ll play games with him for tobacco (my cellmate).” Veel, I didn’t stand on my toes. The afternoon of December 26, 2011 my cellmate told me (after I asked him respectfully in the small matchbox cell to use the bathroom) “you’re nitpicking”. I explained, “the cell ain’t but so big.He came with, “it’s like you’re nitpicking (jne).” ma ütlesin, “I ain’t no bitch!” I was still flat footed, thinking it was an assertive stand off (frustration). Seetõttu, I had my federally issued glasses on. The guy caught me a couple times right on the big clunky federally issued glasses, which I wore literally. Ain’t no question I unleashed my hands on him! He stopped, backing up to the wall between the sink and the wall. I went past feeling woozy, and began washing my face asking, “what was that about?” Ta ütles,, “get your bitch ass on the door.I repeated, “what was that about?” Ta ütles,, “don’t worry about it get your bitch ass on the door.I asked the same question. Ta ütles, “you gonna holla at them peopleas Officer (name omitted), the same officer he’d given the note to, passed noticing blood dripping from my face he kept going. My cellie repeatedyou gonna holla at them people?” At that point, I went to the cell door, waited for Officer (name omitted) to come up the other side of the tier. I tapped on the door (feeling like I was leaving to go somewhere), and saidget me out of here.” Siis, I went straight to my cellmate whom was still standing with his back to the wall, and put my hands on him. He grabbed me, I pulled his plaits, then bit him. He pushed back to the rear wall of the cell, I then cuffed up as the officers lined up at the door. Then he cuffed up (submitted to handcuffs).

I was escorted to Health Services, as Emergency Medical Technicians tended to me, I told them several times, “I feel like throwing up.EMTL.(name omitted) told me lay back, in which I did. I was taken out on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance. Soon after, I complained repeatedly to the Paramedics I felt like throwing up. She looked, but didn’t say anything, as I kept saying the same thing. Lõpuks, as I was strapped to the gurney and Officer (name omitted) yelled, “shut the fuck up you file grievances nigger!” I did that, and hoped I’d be okay. Once pushed inside Geisinger’s Hospital Emergency Room (Danville, Pa). My clothing was cut off. Varsti pärast seda, Officer (name omitted) appeared. As I jumped around on the table, he forced his finger in my rectum. Kuigi, hospital records state differently. I was sutured, given several shots and put to sleep or lost consciousness. I received and MRI/CT Scan which revealed among other things (two broken eyes ockets and a broken nose) a hiatal hernia.

The following day I received a major surgery. An incision was made across the top of my head, my face was pulled down, my forehead was knocked back in place, a plate was put over it in my forehead with several screws, and several screws were placed in my nose. Post surgery I rested in a neck brace, from what they said was whiplash, with a brace on my nose. About the second day, I vomited blood in a bag filling it. As up to that point I couldn’t eat. Siis, from there on, only nibbles.

On the late night/early morning of 12-28-11, the prison staff kept snatching my sheets to hurtfully awaken me. Once the nurse appeared I asked her to explain to the officers that I was hurting because they were pulling my sheets. Of course they denied, and although a post surgery MRI was scheduled for the 29th, I was put out of the hospital on 12-29-11.

Upon returning to the facility I could barely roll over, and placed in a cell by myself right here on D Block 329. Two days later, Officer (name omitted) brought a guy to the door, in which I refused as he went on that I was medically cleared (jne). A day or two later, (name omitted) the younger brother of Counselor (name omitted) of D Block, said my brother asked were you cleared to take a cellie in which I told him yes. I told him, I’m never going to take one after this. Ta ütles, et ma peaks rääkima tema vend. Dr(name omitted) eesistujaks kahe mehe meditsiinipersonali liikmete üks oli arsti assistent (name omitted). Võib-olla nädala pärast, ta juhtis neid peatada pärast eemaldati umbes viis mitu pistet; ütlen neile, et nad tahaks kukkuda. T

Kuna minu 12-29-11 tagastama, töötajad siin on aktiivselt levitada, et ma olen kuum / pealekaebaja / rott kinnipeetavate seas üle kogu rajatis. Nad on premeerida mitu kinnipeetavatele telefonikõnesid / toidualustele, jne. ülekandmiseks nagu nende nimel. I esitada erinevate täht / kaebused selle kohta, et mingit kasu. Ma isegi taotlenud kavale ja eluruumide üksi. Olen ainult duši / raseeritud kord sest mu tagasi tänu minu peapööritus, vääratav, tuimus, valu, viks välja (jne). The single shower stalls we walk to are covered with flesh cutting steel in which we could be left in for up to two hours. I’ve spent a lot of time lying down. And the fact is that the officers, randomly and at will, freely beat then restrain ethnic inmates, even forcing them in cells to make them fight after being gassed, or slamming them to the floor, breaking their limbs, which don’t get any attention for up to three days.

Upon visiting Geisinger Medical Center for a post surgery consult earlier this year, I was told that I was getting my nerves back, and I was being referred back and to an Opthamologist (eye doctor). On the second visit an X-ray showed everything was in place in early April, and one of the operating surgeons said he was referring me to a Neurologist (Nerve Doctor), as I complained of numbness, valu, vääratav, dizziness, and blacking out. I noted that I almost fell on my face after doing light exercise, yoga – sun salutations, which bore a forward momentum so powerful I couldn’t stand up straight ending up catching myself with outstretched arms. About a month prior to that, after attempts at exercising and shadow boxing, I had fits of extreme dizziness. In spite of my multiple requests to have an MRI conducted to check for contusions, as told by Emergency Medical Technician (name omitted) to request from PA (name omitted) I was denied. Siis, upon return from the second visit to Geisinger, Dr. (name omitted) and PA (name omitted) met me in the basement transition area of the facility. Dr. (name omitted) then said he’d refer me for an MRI, and from there after about 7 months he’d refer me to either a Neurologist or Neurological Surgeon. I then commented that I had asked the surgeon “what if I’m struck on my head or face?” noting his comment was “it’s your brain.” Dr. (name omitted) from there said “protect the head at all times.” Counselor (name omitted) has consistently denied me of BP8’s (initial filing grievance forms), stating cause I didn’t accept a cellie.

Slowly but surely, medical staff have ignored me, arbitrarily lowered my medication dosage, took me off the chronic care list, and have refused to give me new eyeglasses (very fully aware that I don’t have any). They’ve even ignored the Eye Doctor’s recommendation for glasees, as I visited him approximately 5-15-12.

On 5-15-12 a trailer was ordered for me, which I’m certain had an MRI machine in it but didn’t have any cameras inside. More than likely, it was ordered by Doctor (name omitted) hoping I wouldn’t sign the paper which read “eye and cheeks,” as the test didn’t cover the entire head where there’s swelling (jne). Muidugi, one of the “do dirt Liutenant’s (name omitted) and Officer (name omitted) escorted me there. There were three women including one recognizable as the local X-ray Technician. After spending about 20 minutes inside the machine, I was let out, as as I attempted to read the forms before signing I was screamed on by Lt. (name omitted) saying he’d zap me with the stun belt. His threat was accompanied by screams from all present. Officer (name omitted) has been dying to beat me, and referred to either myself and/or the guy with me as “deer.”

While being beaten definitely ethic inmates are called “nigger, monkey, loom,dog, etc.” The ratio of ethnic inmates beaten, gassed, restrained is eye opening and in stark contrast to the white inmates. It is very much noticeable! Hiljuti, I was told by my assigned care provider PA (name omitted) that the scan was okay. Kuigi, I noted it didn’t cover my entire head and that I was referred to a Neurologist by one of the operating doctors. He said he’d see me tomorrow, and though he makes it his business to visit others with much less serious injuries than my brain injury (when he rarely makes rounds) I haven’t seen him and that was maybe Monday or Tuesday. Officer (name omitted) has threatened to “whip the shit out of me.” Dr. (name omitted) has gleefully told Officer (name omitted) and other staff “I want a fuckboy out of him.” Officer (name omitted) stood at the door and yelled “fuckboy”

On 5-21-12, as he took 4pm count, numerous staff came by saying “we’re gonna have to rape this nigger like we did (name omitted, headlining inmate on lawsuit filed against the SMU Program here). We’re gonna have to take his asshole, gas him then put a bag on his head.

In spite of my serious brain injury, much more attention is given to outright foolishness. I’ve neither threw any feces or urine on staff, nor have I struck them with my fist. Meeles pidama, I’ve been around them several times for medical testing. My food is played in, as having salt in cold cereal (jne) and rubbing alcohol in meals leaving me to not have any trust in the staff here, not even being able to take “Gabapentis” which is used to treat “cervical radievlapathy/ulnar neuropathy.” My treatment is predicated on the instruction of various inmates and even the emotional lusts of mad women. Officer (name omitted) was instructed by Nurse (name omitted) to put robbing alcohol in my food.

Often times games of no purpose are ran on everyone just to get me, so that I can’t claim indifference or racism (jne). There isn’t a doubt in my mind they want me dead, even if they have to do it themselves. As via transfer, the BOP is saturated that I’m a snitch. In short, they’ve noted their dislike for me, as I don’t, nor ever have worked with the government. But Federal prisoners collectively exude the thoughts of the administration. I do have a healthy fear for my life, safety and health in this facility; and now for my mother, whom I love dearly, whom the staff of the BOP has taken to toying with basically out of premise that she’s my mother and a nigger. Without question, they’re searching for ways to kill/set me up (jne), even saying to each other and inmates “this nigger has to take a cellie or we’re going to kill him. This is after they began a campaign saying and paying inmates for relaying I’m a rat.

Due to the events of 12-26-11, surgery of 12-27-11 where I still have severe complications (even blacking out during walking, tuimus, swelling on top of my head, valu, jne) and overall ill advised refusal of treatment, I am and will refuse to cell with anyone in the BOP. The staff here actively pursue destroying me out of racism and jealousy, even relying upon the handful of ethnic staff and getting what I call nigger approval to continue with their antics. Hiljuti, they had African Americans visiting more than likely from SMU Talladega, Alabama. Each letter I write is examined by all departments here and even inmates. Hiljuti, I’ve given instructions to my mother to contact various agencies about my healthcare and treatment as the brothers Dr. (name omitted) and Counselor (name omitted) lead the way in my deprivals where the upper echelon staff refuse to firmly put in line a white staff member over a nigger. Collectively, they seize the opportunity to stricken files, records, phone records, computer entries (jne) mitte ainult piirkondlik büroo kuid keskasutuse abi.

Kirde Regional Director (name omitted) oli FCC Complex Victorville (Ca) Complex Warden, kui ma olin seal. Ma viskasin uriini Captain (name omitted) seda võimalust ja andis oma töötajatele sobib, kui ta oli Special eluaseme leitnant USP Victorille (Ca). Palju, kui mitte kõik, on absurdne mängud on tingitud relee selliste töötajate poolt eespool viidatud personal.

Minu ema pisaraid ei ole oluline, et need abitult nii rassistid, kuigi ta on olnud seaduskuulekad maksumaksjad kogu oma elu. Samuti ei oma püüdlustes positiivne muutus küsimus, oluline on see, et ma olen näidanud, et ma olen halvem neeger. See üksinduses ja ümbrus on kohad, kus nad saavad ennast väljendada kriminaalvastutusele. Ma olen kindel,, if left in other communities outside of this one, they’d be under a prison with the quickness. The staff of this facility are white supremacists with generations of family upholding this place known as the “Big House” since approximately 1932. As I stated earlier, under the prison because they work here to rape, mõrv, rob (jne), under the umbrella of the federal government who could care less about lawsuits. It seems the FBI in Williamsport (Pa) must work with protecting them in varying stages.

This may not go out as they are vying at ways to beat me, restrain me, get me beaten, or stabbed. Counselor (name omitted) has pulled stickers off of legal mailings, and may have inmates lying in wait to hold my mail, and as in the past, peel the stamp off for them. Some of my actions leading to my present survival are frightening in any number of eyes, which may be a problem. Kuigi, all I want is a better life for me and my mother. Based on the shenanigans I witness and experience daily (as the officer has even said tomorrow is a holiday so there isn’t any mail going out) I’m sure the love of my life, my mother, has experienced some rotten game played on her feminine emotions.

If and when this gets the exposure it needs, she may need her phone records traced and/or actual protection placed on her well being, as at this point I know of no open beefs nor am I looking for any. I do seek an examination of my brain and a normal prison life before hopefully re-entry into society.

Please contact my mother Vanessa Washington (410) 674-5755 with able assistance. She’s more than likely experienced indifference courtesy of the BOP staff and even inmate(s) on their behalf. A message would be nice to leave, so she may be able to get in contact with you. Ka, feel free to write me at current location: Marco Robertson #62151066, USP Lewisburg, Postkontor. Kast 1000, Lewisburg, Pa. 17837. She and I need able assistance to ensure I receive proper care for potential permanent brain damage, brain disease, jne. All help would be much appreciated. I anticipate being beaten (maybe to death), tied up, and/or sent somewhere.

The destruction will continue as, definitely,they wish death and dismay for me here. I’m sure files, records and computer entries have been deleted, altered or changed to soothe the almighty powerful presiding staff of whom all need to be investigated as in relation to my case BOP wide, along with all of my letters and grievances filed with all of the BOP agencies about the indifference I’ve experienced.

I need to find out what’s going on with my brain injury, and the barbaric staff here intimidate local hospital staff at random with their antics which is why I’m in question about my serious brain injury. “No one cares about your brain injury,” is said by the collective white man here, as several of my incidents leading me here to SMU Lewisburg were on white staff members.

Vajan abi, as my aura and character are strong enough to cause arbitrary dislike, hatred, jealousy and indifference. My mother wants a grandson. I changed my wish of wanting a daughter, to wanting to give her a gift of a grandson. These people wish to destroy me inside and out, and any external bodies aiding me. They go as far as, out of ignorance saying, “I want a book out of him,” as if they’re saying something without giving light to my health concerns.

Again I note, the body of staff here aren’t capable of addressing anything for me as their incapable of separating their personal sentiments of racism, jealousy and overall ignorance to deal with me professionally. My case isn’t of Trayvon Martin status (my sympathy and condolences go out to his family and loved ones), nor am I a famous ex NFL’er of notoriety (the same heart felt warmth goes out to Junior Seau’s loved ones), but I’m a criminal seeking redemption feeling I have the God given talent and power to change lives not just my own.

Ka, I more than feel I’m worthy of the best available healthcare in this situation and not the continual victim of heartless racists and whimsical indifference. Thank you so very much for your precious moments I love and will pray for you all, as I look forward to become friends, and your ever caring human assistance. With much appreciation- once again I warmly thank you, immensely!!!!

Lugupidamisega ja Lugupidamisega,

Marco Miguel

Marco Miguel Robertson #62151066

Maryland Prisoner ID 273573
USA vangla Lewisburg
Postkontor. Kast 1000
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837


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