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  • Gobierno Nombre: Omar Austin
  • Número de registro: 204603C
  • Edad:31
  • Tiempo de servicio:desde 2001
  • Home Town:Newark, Nueva Jersey
  • Frase:60 años + 7 años consecutivos
  • Corriente de carga:Doble Asesinato
  • Alias:K.O.
  • Fecha de la versión:2043
  • Prisión Afiliación:Sangre (San Valentín)
  • Círculo de Influencia:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Piel Marrón, Tewhan mayordomo,
  • Institución:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • Si un verdadero G no puede disuadir a youngins, bueno, tenerlo ya medio, pero por lo menos déjame prepararte para el camino.

The Reconstruction and Restoration of Values and Morals

raise-up-Baltimore-prisonThe times we live in demand and require the reconstruction and restoration of values and morals. The expectations of the youth are fostered by the capitalist nature of the society they come up in. These youth are flashed all day long by 2Chains, Rick Ross, and T.I., and the celebrity lifestyle of mega mansions, helicopters and private jets. The music, the movies, the TMZ, Access Hollywood, and even the national news outlets reserve a space strictly for celebrity news and gossip. Don’t ever assume that this does not have a psychological affect on society as a whole, on down to our babies in the hood. Back in the days the publications of high society were not all in peoples’ faces. We knew it existed, but it was considered a whole other world. Now that world over is literally in your face all day. Then the youth also must deal with the capitalist culture of bullying and shaming poor kids for not having or being able to keep up with the Jones, or the Kardashians for that matter. All this makes younger cats want everything right now, without the hard work required to get what they desire. That is the sole, core reason why dudes hustle. Usted ya sabe. Dudes are trying to taste the lives presented to us by One Direction, Justin Beiber, Wayne, and them. The old school kingpins made everybody think they could be a kingpin. But today these young cats have little to no business sense. They don’t even know how to illegally hustle properly. There is proper procedure and protocol even for a street hustle. But it just shows the strength of the gravitational pull of outside forces. It’s so strong that at least a hundred thousand young cats, each year, nationwide, do back-flips and land on their faces and necks going about things the wrong way. Rushing and not respecting the process of anything. . .

What does this mean for us who supposedly know better? Bien, we must have an exceptional level of patience to even confront the cycle and start chipping away at today’s social problems. When the Berlin Wall came down, the governments on the eastern side and the western side handed the people pickaxes and hammers and things to do it themselves. Most of the wall that told two contrasting and life-affecting stories for generations was to be broken down chip by chip by none other than the people. The symbolism there, to me, is that those people are us, and that wall represents the division among our people and the division between the hood and mainstream society in North America. And the chipping away that must be done is educating ourselves, encouraging others to do so, guiding the youth, helping the youth; babysitting for the young teen mom who cannot pursue work and her dreams because she already has two or three children, helping transport ex-felons to vocational buildings, pressuring and exposing businesses that discriminate and all who do not believe in a a fair chance for ALL to become productive members of society. #RaiseUP


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