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    George Frison

    Mi nombre es George Frison también conocido como G-Ball. Quiero 50 años de edad y fue criado en el sur de Chicago en el área de Auburn-Gresham, en el límite de Englewood. Vengo de lo que muchos considerarían una familia acomodada,,en,ya que mis padres poseían y operaban un negocio de tapicería en nuestro vecindario alrededor,,en,y Loomis,,en,También me crié en una Iglesia Luterana y canté en el coro,,en,Tuve una pelea con un chico sobre una chica,,en,Después de una serie de represalias de sus hermanos mayores en mi contra,,en,y la facción rival en mi barrio contra ellos,,en,Me uní a una de las pandillas callejeras más famosas de Chicago,,en,Los discípulos Black Gangster,,en,En un intento de hacerme un nombre,,en,Empecé a cometer horribles actos de violencia para demostrar que no era solo un niño rico mimado con una cuchara de plata en la boca.,,en, as my parents owned and operated an upholstery business in our neighborhood around 79th and Loomis. I was also raised in a Lutheran Church and sang in the choir. En 1980, I had a fight with a boy over a girl. After a series of retaliation by his older brothers against me,...LEER MÁS


    Bear Witness to America’s Massacre

    It was seven when I heard the sirens I had to get away, but my legs wouldn’t move. I was running nowhere fast. De repente, I was face down. 1, 2, 3 officers hard tackled, knee in my back, arms wrestled behind me. My rights were never read; was told I had none. To take another man’s life is said to be the most egregious sin, and so is the denial of justice. Head mushed down, cop car door slammed shut. “We got ’em Capt!” Mistaken identity, my guilt...LEER MÁS


    Masacre de los Estados Unidos: More than a book title

    “CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE LIVING IN A WAR ZONE!“ – words from rapper T.I. There’s a war going on and no man seems to be safe. The daily guns shots, the police sirens, justice coming out the barrel of a gun. Children slain in the streets, men gunned down in front of their wives and kids. Video footage of cold-blooded murder, shortly thereafter comes the news conferences to justify injustice. What are the times we’re living in? EXCUSE ME AMERICA, MY NAME IS...LEER MÁS


    Legal Update: Criminal Sentencing

    Traditionally, it has not been the guilt or innocence of a defendant, but the SENTENCE, thereto imposed, that has shaken the very foundation of our communities. 2016 may be one of the best years in ALL the history of criminal SENTENCING. All of you who follow me know why I believe that the criminal justice system has been ONE OF THE DRIVING FORCES behind the decimation of minority communities. The UNIT in the home makes up the NEIGHBORHOOD, the neighborhood the COMMUNITY, la ...LEER MÁS


    Building Our Communities

    How are we supposed to feel a part of this country when the powers that be just do what they want to our people? We need money for everything, but the sad reality is that we need money to keep our families together. Without money we are considered dead. But when we get money, we just buy materialistic shit to show our worth. In reality, we could have all the materialistic shit out there and front like we got it, but our families will be fucked up. Parents are acting like their kids don’t...LEER MÁS


    Intoxication Rape

    The Stanford rape case compelled me to write this post. Imagínese que usted está hacia fuera con un amigo. Los dos se deciden golpear una barra de. A medida que avanza la noche, Menciona que tenía una semana difícil y necesita descansar. “te tengo,” usted dice a medida que tratan de llamar la atención del camarero. “Dos cervezas, dos disparos de tequila y mantener 'em coming!” Usted y su amigo se sienta en la barra de risa, drinking and making a game of trying to figure who will give in to the shots of...LEER MÁS


    The Glasses We Wear

    imágenes falsas ¿Alguna vez has oído a alguien decir que otra persona estaba mirando el mundo a través de lentes color de rosa? Maybe not. Maybe you’ve heard someone looks at the opposite sex through beer googles. Whenever I hear these phrases I understand them to mean that someone’s way of thinking shapes their perception and how they view the world. In the case of someone who views the world through rose-colored glasses, su visión idealista de cosas les ciega a la negativa ...LEER MÁS


    Ramon Montague

    My name is Ramon Montague. I was known on the streets of Chicago, Illinois, as Rico Mac from Roseland, infamously known as the Wild Hundreds. I’m incarcerated for murder, attempted murder, and home invasion. I was given natural life, a sentence that was unlawful and unconstitutional. I am fighting to have it overturned. In March 2016 I will have been incarcerated for 32 years of the 57 años de mi vida. I have spent more time in prison than on the streets. The lifestyle that I led set the...LEER MÁS


    Letter to the Kids: Be Better Than Me

    Now before I begin I want to salute the youth who read this because that shows that you’re willing to listen and try to find other ways to deal with whatever you’re going through. For that you have my unwavering respect, from one to the next. My name is Al-Tariq Gumbs and in the streets my name was Killa Reek. I was and probably am still considered one of the worst street-gang members to come out of New Jersey. A la edad de 15 I was locked up for robbery, guns and all types of...LEER MÁS


    A Man with a Plan to Decrease Violence and Save Lives in Chicago

    “Reaching Back” Artist: Kenneth Key A70562, Live from Lockdown writer serving LIFE at Stateville Correctional Center (Joliet, Illinois) At this very moment Tyshawn Lee should be arising out of a peaceful sleep and preparing for another day of school. Kaylyn Pryor should be in front the full length mirror in her bedroom getting her vogue on as she prepares to turn the modeling world upside down. Desafortunadamente, they are no longer in their rooms or apart of this world, and I have a huge...LEER MÁS

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