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  • Gobierno Nombre: Kenneth Key
  • Número de registro: A70562
  • Edad:57
  • Tiempo de servicio:33 años
  • Home Town:Chicago, Illinois
  • Frase:888 años (Natural Life)
  • Corriente de carga:Armed Robbery, Secuestro
  • Alias:Blue & Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Fecha de la versión:N / A
  • Prisión Afiliación:N / A
  • Círculo de Influencia:Jamel Miller
  • Institución:Stateville Centro Correccional
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

Prison Shakedown

Photo by Busterrr

Photo by Busterrr

In a cellhouse at Stateville Correctional Center (Joiliet, Illinois). Despertado por un prisionero que se levantó temprano y se fijó en el agua, incluyendo aseos, había sido de corte – the signs of a soon to come prison shakedown.

It’s a level one shakedown. It’s statewide, which means officers from the thirty-plus prisons in Illinois will converge upon us to search for contraband such as knives, homemade wine, drogas, teléfonos, etc. Hay más 400 oficiales.

Inmates are awakened at 6:45en. All water us cutoff – sink and toilet. There are four units – B, C, D, and E – 290 men per unit. They will only shake one to two units per day.

Two men dressed in orange riot gear, bulletproof vests, oak sticks, tear gas, and large containers of mace are at your door. “Inmates,” he hollers, “on the floor. The other to the back of the cell. Face the wall.” This is when you are required to strip butt-ass-naked. The officer commands, “Abre la boca. Move tongue. Stick fingers in. Lift your nuts. Turn around. Spread your cheeks. Squat. Cough.”

You are not allowed to wear underwear or socks, only a shirt and pants and shower shoes, whatever the weather. You are cuffed from behind and told to face the back of the cell while your celly goes through the same humiliating routine.

There are 29 cells to a gallery. Not one door will open until all inmates have been searched and cuffed. When all inmates are cuffed, all doors open and we are marched to a location such as the gym, chapel or gym and made to stand along the wall for a minimum of three hours. There are no bathroom breaks. Mind you, we just woke up and the water was cutoff so no one was able to use the bathroom or wash up.

Some prisoners are randomly taken off the wall for drug drops [tests]. There is no talking, just silence, like death. There are huge masked officers with sticks who often tap you and punch you with those oak sticks if you are moving or seem to be irritated by the standing. Any feedback will automatically have you removed from the line and taken to segregation immediately.

This is about power and intimidation.

This is done several times a year. It’s something no one ever gets used to. You will return to your cell and, depending on the type of offices you draw, your cell will be completely ransacked. Your property and and your celly’s will be all mixed together on the floor. Your food will be opened, containers taken, and anything else they feel you should not have, despite your having purchased it from commissary or it being sent to you in an approved package. Depending on why they are there determines the extent of the damage. If an officer was assaulted, man get ready. If it happened in your cellhouse, you may have your TV smashed and cassette player thrown off the gallery. One thing is certain, everyone will be affected by their actions. It takes several hours to clean up and take inventory of your things and determine what was taken or destroyed. As a jailhouse lawyer and one who is considered an agitator, I’m always prepared for the tsunami of the prison shakedown.

Off to court you go and even if you win, you are given money to replace your property from the Inmate Benefit Fund, but it’s not money from the State or employees’ dinero. It’s your money, used to purchase commissary, books, etc. This is another thing you will have to, but never get used to. Confía en mí, after 33-years, it still bothers the hell out of me. Here your girl, esposa, familia, or friend sent you $280.00 for a 13-inch digital TV and it’s been smashed. And if you sue, you will only get $100.00. It’s called depreciation. And the claim could drag on for a year or more. In the meantime you are without a TV or whatever property you had that was lost, unless you have another $280.00 to get another, or if your celly doesn’t mind you looking at his until you get another.

Aquí hay una demanda real de la mina, uno de los treinta y además me he presentado. algunos de won. algunos perdida. Esta fue una demanda de $ 1.600 más.

Prison Shake down Claim 1

Prison Shakedown 2

Prison Shakedown 3

Esta es una de las muchas shakedowns prisión que tienen lugar. Hay shakedowns que se producen cada treinta días. El shakedown al azar y el vino. Los shakedowns delación. A veces puede haber shakedowns cuatro a cinco veces en una semana o un mes y se puede perder algo cada vez. Desafortunadamente, esto es parte de la vida en prisión.

El año pasado, tomaron todas las máquinas de escribir de prisiones de máxima seguridad en Illinois, claiming they are a security threat. Imagine the brother who saved $300.00 or whose family sent the money to buy the typewriter and it was confiscated by the State, no refund. Sí, it happened! Now everything is done by long-hand. You are allowed to purchase two rubbery four-inch pens from the State. And trust me they do not hold a lot of ink, so imagine having to do legal work.

In prison your property is not your own. It can be taken at anytime on the whim of prisoncrats, and you can’t go on the offense about it. Go ahead and try, they have something for that as well. I’ve witnessed and have been the recipient of a 6-man tactical unit beat down, and I promise you’ll feel that ass-whipping many years afterward.

If you want a life of disrespect, humillación, dehumanization, and to be treated as if you and your property is of no worth, then come to prison and experience the wrath of the prisoncrats. This treatment is guaranteed, and everything you thought you were is left at the door. Te lo prometo.


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  1. anne-valerie says:

    It is a text about war. North and South. Colonization. Brutality, cruelty, barbarism, savagery. About power. Intimidation, humillación, dehumanization. It is a metaphor of our(s) sociedad(ies). Rich and poor, white and non-white, dominant and dominated. It’s a text about control. Enslavement. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The biggest democracy in the world and its hidden part. It’s about emasculation. About fear. Violencia. Ignominy. Rape. Abjection. Indecency. It is a definition of the word “obscenity.”

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