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  • Gobierno Nombre: Jamel Miller
  • Número de registro: R19483
  • Edad:37
  • Tiempo de servicio:12+ años
  • Home Town:Chicago, Illinois
  • Frase:60 años
  • Corriente de carga:1st Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery w/ a Firearm
  • Alias:Buck
  • Fecha de la versión:2057
  • Prisión Afiliación:Crecimiento y desarrollo
  • Círculo de Influencia:Recurrir, Labron Neal Bey
  • Institución:Stateville Centro Correccional
  • As I got older I realized that I could use my influence to have a positive impact in prison as well as on the streets.

Jamel Miller

A long time ago I was told that a story has no real value unless it is shared with others so they can learn, be motivated and empowered by the story. With that said I would like to share my life, my dreams, and my feelings with the world in the hope that it gives some game that people can actually learn from. When I say game I am not referring to the streets. I am referring to the game of life. Before you put on your comfortable shoes and walk with me, let me give you my 4-1-1.

My name is Jamel Miller. For the past 15-plus years I have been unlawfully incarcerated in all of the maximum-security prisons in Illinois. I am currently at the Stateville Correctional Facility in Joliet, Illinois. I am serving a 60-years sentence for 1st Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. In the coming months I will detail my situation to show the world just how crooked the Illinois justice system is. I will also post court documents to support my position. God-willing, this will teach the youth about the other side of the game. The part that will never be talked about by today’s gang leaders or rappers in their latest song.

I am thirty-seven-years-young. I was born on the far south side of Chicago, better known as the infamous Wild, Wild 100s! For over twenty-five years I have been an outstanding member of the G.D.s, which stands for Growth and Development, as taught to us by our Honorable Chairman Larry Hoover. In the early 90s I was nicknamed “Buck” because I was so buckwild in the streets. When I came to jail my legend continued to grow for that same reason. As I got older I realized that I could use my influence to have a positive impact in prison as well as on the streets. Everyday I watch the local and world news, and it kills me to see our youth being killed by one another and by police officers.

Placing blame is not the solution.

I am the solution. Ho so? Well because I will give it to you live and direct, raw and uncut from all angles so my brothers and sisters can see a situation with the slightest potential of becoming a problem and remove themself from a situation before the problem can come to fruition.

The harder the challenge, the greater the thought.

I’m out for now.

Be well, and stay safe.

1 vida. 1 amor.

Rock with me!

Your fam,

Jamel “Buck” Miller

Jamel Miller #R19483
P.O. Caja 112
Joliet, Illinois 60434


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