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  • Gobierno Nombre: Ramon Montague
  • Número de registro: N-62212
  • Edad:57
  • Tiempo de servicio:32 años
  • Home Town:Chicago, Illinois
  • Frase:VIDA
  • Corriente de carga:Asesinato, Tentativa de asesinato, Home Invasion
  • Alias:Ben Khayil fka Rico Mac
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  • Prisión Afiliación:Hebrew Yisraelie
  • Círculo de Influencia:Kenneth Key
  • Institución:Stateville Centro Correccional
  • It is incumbent upon me now to give to the communities from which I took so much. My motto now is Each one. Reach one. Cada uno. Teach one.

The Ill Effects of Inhumane Prison Policy

Prison life is abnormal, and in order to maintain a semblance of sanity, you must be abnormal, which in of itself is oxymoronic. The abnormality of prison is exacerbated by ill-advised prison policy. Por ejemplo, eighteen years ago the maximum-security prisons in Illinois were put on 23-1 (23 hours on lockdown and 1 hour out-of-cell time) and prison administrators were contemplating ending contact visits, and I composed a letter to several prominent people in Illinois who were fighting to keep contact visits to show support for max prisons. In the letter I explained that I truly need the physical contact from my mother, that her motherly touch is what keeps what sanity I do have from prevailing over the excuses I could use to be incorrigible. That touch of a loved one keeps convicts in touch with their emotions and how to interact with society at-large. Even though I have life in prison, I will see the free-world again, due to the unconstitutional way in which I was given a life sentence. It’s a must that I know how to interact and blend back into society, or I will fall back through the cracks of the ills of this society. If I don’t have contact with my loved ones or friends, I would become even more anti-social, which is an abnormal trait.

When you remove a human from its natural habitat and put that person in an abnormal environment, prisión, and cut off all means of affection, contact visits, with loved ones and friends, you create an anti-social condition that will have to be addressed later on down the line. The majority of convicts will return to the communities from which they came, not to the communities of prison administrators and legislators, so it is our communities and our families that will continue to suffer the ill effects of inhumane prison policy.

Due to the over-criminalization of the African-American male, prisons have become a multi-billion dollar industry, with us in mind, which many regard as modern day slavery. Let me give you an example. In San Francisco a study was conducted by the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) titled Despedidos clase that found there were five times as many African-American males in California prisons than in its state universities, and while funding for higher education has decreased, the state’s prison budget has skyrocketed. According to another JPI report, African-Americans make up 6.5% of California’s population, but account for 30% of the state’s prison population. And while 47% of California’s population is white, sólo 29% of its prison population is white. According to the California Legislature, en 2008-2009 it cost approximately $47,000 to imprison one inmate for a year, up by approximately $19,500 desde 2001. There are some states that have begun to spend more on prisons than higher education.

The prison industry has gotten so good to the Caucasian Power Elite who run this country that they now have private investors investing in building new prisons with minorities in mind. These private investors have no experience in corrections. They are creating a powder keg.

This country complains about crime and overcrowded prisons, but it seems politicians keep the poor on this very same path.




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