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  • Gobierno Nombre: Emmanuel Jones Ausar
  • Número de registro: 28486-050
  • Edad:29
  • Tiempo de servicio:N / A
  • Home Town:Jersey City, Nueva Jersey
  • Frase:30 años
  • Corriente de carga:Asesinato, Secuestro, RICO, A. Asesinatos, Violaciónes de armas de fuego, A. El asesinato de un informante federal en la cárcel
  • Alias:Killer-E
  • Fecha de la versión:2030
  • Prisión Afiliación:Sangre (Borde)
  • Círculo de Influencia:Tewhan mayordomo, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Brown
  • Institución:FCI McKean
  • Conseguir Bloods para unir en la causa para el crecimiento y desarrollo de nuestra juventud para evitar una mayor encarcelamiento.

¿Cómo romper el ciclo de encarcelamiento?

There are many men who walk out of these prison doors just to come right back. I speak with some of them to get an understanding of why they choose to make the same choices. Why would a person want to do the same acts that lead to incarceration when they have the choice of freedom or prison, and know the penalties of his actions if caught for breaking the government’s laws?

Sometimes I wonder, would I do the same thing after all this time I’m doing? I just can’t see it, but it forces me to wonder about the pressures of survival in society. It must be that we look for an excuse or someone or something to blame for our own failures, and the feeling of guilt, and letting your loved ones down by chasing your own desires.

Can accepting responsibility alone change this cycle of incarceration? I believe it will take more than that! When I speak to some of these brothers they don’t speak about developing their minds to learn to do different. Más bien, they speak of going back home with a plan, an illegal plan that someone else has already failed at. In all actuality, they make plans to return to prison before their current sentence is complete.

Why do we have to suffer so much before we learn? Growing up most of us honestly believed that we knew it all, some still do. We believed we could do what we want and didn’t care if we lived or died. Generation after generation we place all the pressure on the next because of the present generation’s failures to move forward. Many might really believe we are moving forward, but the reality is everyone is still on food stamps and dependent on other government handouts.

Después de todos estos años, ¿Qué hemos logrado, ¿qué hemos aprendido de nuestro pasado? We are not placing ourselves in position to have control over the circumstances of life. A black president alone can not change our communities. It takes a team working together as a unit. Other positions must be filled or things will be as it is, an African-American president with no help.

Así, Me pregunto, what needs to change for us to stop coming to prison? I wish there was just one simple answer. One that I can give is that we must change the way we think and act. For it is the mind that creates vision and gives us these stupid ideas that lead to our incarceration. If we can just get control over our thoughts and focus on our responsibilities the right way, we won’t subject ourselves to this prison lifestyle.

At the end, the government is giving out all this time and everyone is telling on each other and there’s no loyalty.

What can you honestly say that you’re getting from the streets besides prison and death?


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