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  • Gobierno Nombre: Quawntay Adams
  • Número de registro: 06534-025
  • Edad:40
  • Tiempo de servicio:
  • Home Town:Compton, California
  • Frase:35 años
  • Corriente de carga:Possession of Marijuana
  • Alias:Bosco
  • Fecha de la versión:2034
  • Prisión Afiliación:Prisión Afiliación
  • Círculo de Influencia:
  • Institución:USP Canaán

Sentenced to 35 Years for Marijuana and Clemency Denied

Following the recommendation of the Pardon Attorney, the President denied my petition for clemency.

Many people had high hopes in the President setting me free, especially given the fact that I am serving a harsh sentence of 35-years for ATTEMPTING to possess marijuana during a time when marijuana is legal in half the country. That alone should have warranted a commutation of my sentence. So when we throw in the fact that: (1) I haven’t committed an act of violence since I was 17 años; y (2) the courts seem to constantly and blatantly disregard the law when it comes to me, many were hoping the President would save the day.

Irónicamente, I suspected this would happen. Después de todo, the President doesn’t read the petitions that are presented to him with a recommendation of denial. The Department of Justice does all of the work. These are the same people who work so hard to put young black men in prison. Why should they now recommend to let us out? These are the same people who hire bigots to turn keys and keep us behind bars. And they themselves seek recommendations from the same judge and prosecutor who fought so hard to put us behind bars. Sí, some judges fight to put us behind bars by disregarding the laws that could set us free. And since I don’t have the connections, riqueza, or resources to gather 100,000 signatures and get my petition sent directly to President Obama, I am not surprised by the outcome.

What’s next for me? Quién sabe! Perhaps I’ll find me a “Black Lives Matter” partner and unify the people to force the change that is needed. Certainly I will need someone out there who is dedicated to the struggle just as much as I am. I need someone who can be a voice for me, for I am still in the house of the devil, and at any moment they could lock me in a cell where my voice couldn’t even be heard by the guy in the cell next to me. But as long as I have a pen, a person to write and speak for me, they can never silence me.


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