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  • Government Name: Marcus Martin
  • Register Number: 38109-007
  • Age:30
  • Time Served:10 years +
  • Home Town:Washington D.C.
  • Sentence:624 months (52 years)
  • Current Charge:Conspiracy, Murder 1st Degree
  • Alias:Marquise or Salahudeen
  • Release Date:2052
  • Prison Affiliation:Muslim
  • Circle of Influence:Only men with something on their mind.
  • Institution:USP Canaan
  • I am a black male whose life was destroyed due to the glorification of the streets.

Poem: Dreams

Growing up I had dreams of doing it big.
I wanted the fast cars, beautiful women, major bucks, yet I was still a kid.
You get what you give,
so I planted seeds knowing what I reap would be sweet.
But once I made my dreams come true,
I realized there’s no real love in the streets.
There’s nothing but problems,
and I’d die first before I let anything get out of line.
What I wanted was something to claim,
like a neighborhood that’s not even mine.

My dreams as a kid, done made my reality a living hell
Because I’m alive
without those things, even my freedom,
and today I live in jail.

To all the younger ones with the intelligence to make your own dreams come true–
Fill your dreams with success, freedom, and love
and let my life be your proof;
the streets ain’t what they seem.
They destroy and demoralize,
and these are my truest words,
from me to you.


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