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  • Government Name: Mark Dixon
  • Register Number: R-01558
  • Age:32
  • Time Served:14 years
  • Home Town:Chicago, Illinois
  • Sentence:35 years
  • Current Charge:1st Degree Murder, 2 Counts of Attempted Murder
  • Alias:Chyna Bo
  • Release Date:2034
  • Prison Affiliation:Gangster Disciple
  • Circle of Influence:LaBron Neal Bey, Fall Back
  • Institution:Pickneyville Correctional Center
  • With every child murdered in the streets, the bullseye on your head grows bigger.

Do you work for the Klan?

Another imagination-laced thought….

“This here’s Rasheed Jenkins,” the hooded klansman says introducing the subject to another klansman.

Cocking the pump on his shotgun, another klansman smiles, “We got ourselves a lynching tonight.”

“Get your hands off of him!” the taller klansman in the black robe that contrasts all of the white robes surrounding him says.

“Jim Bob,” the second man says irately, “You taking up for this N*gger?”

“Jim Bob, you don’t know the half. Sit down and shut up!”

Ready to rebel, the shorter klansman takes a seat. Approaching the middle of the circle he tells Rasheed, “Come on, you’re fine.”

The mumble of disdain can be felt, as tension rises in the circle of men and women who’ve been taught all of their lives to hate everything about Rasheed and that he and those like him are the source of all their problems. Raising both of his hands, as if to press down the apprehension in the air, he speaks, “I know many of you are wondering why this N*gger is in our home without a rope around his neck.”

“Damn right!!” growled another man

“As you all know, our tactics have hardly, if ever, worked. We go on hating, while our enemies keep prospering. Well, one day it hit me: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Another klansman grows frustrated and snatches off his hood, “Dang-namit Earl, we gone string this coon up or we gone have a civil rights march?”

The old man’s comment sparks hearty laughter and eases the tension a bit.

“No, Jeff, just listen. You and I may kill two or three, hell, maybe even ten black people a year and never do as much destruction as this boy.”

“What in the?’

“Ooh yeah,” Earl brags, “this boys has thirteen kills in 2013 alone, his own people- babies, grandmothers, pregnant women; he even shot a three year old in the face just last week.”

Catching on to Earl’s thinking, the crowd grew quiet.

“Dan, when was the last time you shot a spook in the face?” he asked the klansman directly in his face.

“Well…I…chased one in my truck a few months back. Didn’t catch ’em though.”

“Ya see,” says Earl, standing next to Rasheed with a proud hand on his shoulder, “We got this all wrong. All we need to do is support three or four young reckless killers like Rasheed and we’ll wipe the spooks out in no time.”

“Earl,” Jim Bob says, “that just might me pure genius…”

Do you work for the Klan? Sounds crazy, right? But it’s an actual known fact that in many major cities, young, drug hypnotized youth murder each other in greater numbers than even the most dedicated klansmen. That hopeless fury takes on the power of prejudice; only it is disguised by a mask of survival or “being all about the money.”

Looking to shutter the picture of self-hate cast in the frame of other young men who look just like you, you lash out with lethal precision. Problem is, you’re really killing yourself.

Now, don’t get mad! I’m not here to condemn you or judge you. I’m here to tell you that the sniper on the roof fingering the trigger is you; taking careful aim, you target the heart. In the back of your mind is Earl, the imaginary klansman, filling your head with all the vitriol needed to motivate the sinister actions to come.

While the Klan meeting starring Earl is fictional, the premise behind this skit is all too real. Our worst enemy looks us square in the face every time we view a mirror.

What are you doing to make sure you aren’t putting the target on you and your people?

You excuses don’t matter; only your actions do.

Mark “Yohanan” Dixon is an inmate at Stateville Correctional Center and a leader in the Fall Back Movement.



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