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  • Government Name: Tewhan Butler
  • Register Number: 26852-050
  • Age:34
  • Time Served:11 years
  • Home Town:East Orange, NJ
  • Sentence:30 yrs.
  • Current Charge:RICO
  • Alias:Massacre
  • Release Date:2029
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Double ii/QSBG)
  • Circle of Influence:Altariq Gumbs, Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Marco Miguel Robertson, Pele Brown, David Drone, Jermaine Ray, Marcus Martin, Michael Simpson, Omar Austin, Quaheem Edwards, Torvos Simpson, Vincent Gamboa
  • Institution:USP McCreary
  • Here, my life behind bars offers understanding for those of you who venture into ‘the life’ with no understanding of its consequences: the adversity, the obstacles and the journey one must travel alone when the gavel is slammed, your cell is locked and the lights go out.

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

This is inmate # 26852-050. Please, Mr. President pardon the generic introduction but, as the Federal government would have it, I am told that I am nothing more. Since the day those who vowed to protect and serve placed iron cuffs around my wrists, it is as if my rights as a American citizen have been reduced to next to nothing.

But anyway Mr. President as I was sitting inside my cell with nothing but idle time (a result of the tremendous lack of rehabilitative programs on the inside) I began to think of a few things that may be helpful for those of us who, at the present time, have no choice but to remain incarcerated. Maybe, just maybe, if we were to invest a few of our hard working American citizens’ tax dollars on actual programs targeting the youth before the problem arises, as opposed to waiting until the problem has already struck. Then, maybe then, America’s incarceration rate would decline.

With America being one of the wealthiest countries, I question- How is it that we, here in the land of the free, lead the land in incarcerated citizens? Pardon, but it seems to be somewhat of a contradiction. Let me not get too far ahead of myself. Mr. President, again i am nothing more than inmate #26852-050. However, one thing that inmate #26852-050 knows is that we on the inside are being served a horrific injustice and our crimes are being used as justification.

Today, the Federal system is so far behind with what they give us to improve ourselves. Now, certainly, I don’t know it all, or I wouldn’t be here. But i do know that something should be and needs to be done to assist those of us who deserve another chance. And I do believe nearly 85% of the United State prison system are worthy of a second chance, if not more.

Why do i believe we all deserve a chance? Because the fact that many never had a chance in the first place and, in many cases, that’s exactly what led many behind these doors.

Mr. President, I am one of many who believe in you, but one who has lost belief and faith in the justice of the United States government in its entirety. Mr. President, when one is the recipient of injustice on behalf of the United States government, where do you seek justice? Should we believe that justice will be served by the same hands which dole out the tortuous injustices, which often make bad situations worse? Who can we turn to?

Still an American citizen,

Federal inmate #26852-050


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