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  • Government Name: Benjamin Williams
  • Register Number: R32989
  • Age:27
  • Time Served:10 yrs +
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:41 years
  • Current Charge:Murder, Robbery, Agg. Discharge of a Firearm
  • Alias:Ben Ben
  • Release Date:2045
  • Prison Affiliation:Growth & Development
  • Circle of Influence:Fall Back, Labron Neal Bey
  • Institution:Stateville Correctional Center
  • My goal is to inspire and promote change.

Change is Needed

America, America, sweet home America!

When one says that phrase, to whom are they referring to as America being the home of? It can’t be the Blacks, or America’s poor, because the rules and regulations that apply to the rest of America don’t apply to us. I am so mad and disappointed at the fact that we are in the year 2014 and we are still dealing with the same post-segregation issues of fifty years ago. It’s sad that black lives are still not valued in America. How could you have such compassion for injured and abused animals, but so little for black lives? Isn’t that crazy? The lives and well-being of animals are valued more than black lives in America. Kill a dog or a cat and see how fast they persecute you and call you every gruesome name in the dictionary. Hell, even celebrities get called out, ridiculed, and even attacked for wearing fur. But it’s justifiable to kill a black man. You hear so many Whites say that this point is exaggerated, and, frankly, we black people need to get over it and let go of the past. Well, I counter that statement and say to them, let go of the racist, dogmatic, and superior views that you inherited from your forefathers who built this country on the backs of our forefathers. Or better yet, be subject to slavery for hundreds of years, be brutalized, have your history stolen, and families destroyed, and then let me tell you to get over it. Then, maybe you will see how insensitive your remarks are.

My brothers and sisters, we cannot allow these people to murder and incarcerate us and get away with it. We are facing extinction, if we do not stand up and take action. To the young generation who is raising up and taking action, don’t get discouraged, don’t be deterred, and don’t get distracted, because you are gonna bring about the change that’s needed in America. And in the words of the late great Malcolm X, this change has to be manifested “by any means necessary” for our brothers and sisters to survive, live, and prosper here in North America.

Peace and love in our continuous struggle.


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