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  • Government Name: Cedric Brown
  • Register Number: 29077-050
  • Age:31
  • Time Served:6 years (state), 6.5 years (federal)
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentence:151 months
  • Current Charge:Conspiracy to distribute crack & heroin
  • Alias:Bleed
  • Release Date:2018
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (793 Thug Life)
  • Circle of Influence:Emmanuel Jones
  • Institution:FCI McKean
  • I want to help break the cycle of losing youth to the streets and prison.

Cedric Brown

Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of Live from Lockdown. I pray my words of encouragement along with my story are helpful to the youth as well as individuals my age seeking change.

My story isn’t any different from the many other you may have read. I grew up in Newark, New Jersey. My father died when I was three-years-old and my mother was abusing drugs so the amount of love I was looking for wasn’t there. At the age of nine I went searching for that love and found it in the streets. With no positive role models to look up to the streets provided role models as well. Growing up with five brothers and four sisters poverty played a major role in my next decision in life which was to deal drugs. Growing up without didn’t sit well with me. Not being able to get a job, at the age of thirteen-years-old, the life of selling drugs seems promising. You could say I was a product of my environment. A childhood was out of the question. I had to grow up fast. I was helping to pay bills before high school. I was in and out of detention centers from fourteen to eighteen-years-old. In 2000 I thought I was going to make a difference in my community by joining the Bloods but actually I was heading nowhere even faster. I became more of the problem than the solution. I accelerated through the ranks and became a top member in the organization. I caught my first State case at eighteen-years-old. I did two years then came home for about one month and caught another bid. This time it was four years. I came home from that bid and within a year I was fighting a losing battle with the Feds. In the end I received 151 months. This being the longest I’ve ever been locked up, I gained time to think. I knew I needed a change in my life and fast. I realized that I needed structure. I needed to find who I am and what I wanted out of life. I had to stop with the excuses and take responsibility for the choices I’ve made. I gave my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that took care of the structure part. Since i’ve been in federal prison I’ve been participating in a lot of positive functions that speak on positive change. I’ve been through a lot and I’m looking forward to letting my voice be heard via Live from Lockdown. I want to help break the cycle of losing youth to the streets and prison.


2 responses to “Cedric Brown”

  1. Sha Beven says:

    May blessing be upon you. I appreciate what u stand for my big brother, Your message means alot everytime i read them! #Salute

  2. Young money says:

    This young money we was in MCCI together blessing to you and the growth you making

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