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  • Government Name: Marco Miguel Robertson
  • Register Number: 62151-066
  • Age:38
  • Time Served:15 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Laurel, MD
  • Sentence:LIFE +24 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Murder
  • Alias:Marco Miguel
  • Release Date:Seeking post-conviction relief
  • Prison Affiliation:Orthodox Sunni Muslim
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Lewisburg (SMU)
  • I am a Maryland State Prisoner in the Special Management Unit of the federal prison system in the fifteenth year of a LIFE + 24-year sentence. NOPE, NONE OF IT WAS WORTH IT!

Can I trust you?

Can I trust you to grip my hand firmly in the storm’s eye,
never letting go,
keeping me strong by your side,
if my palms aren’t gripped by you affectionate fingertips I’ll be swept away consumed by the gloomiest gray day’s
and bitter cold nights

Can I trust you to be my sunshine,
the crystal blue sky in my mind
Responsible for every ivory-white cloud I see,
adoringly smiling upon me,
winking with care,
I’ll share heartbeats with my twinkling star,
with each heave of my chest your soft breasts are never far

Can I trust you to go deep
journeying into your soul’s abyss–
kiss me with gentle lips through the harshest hard times,
Missing you I’ll be
never wanting to worry if you’re mine;
fine I want to feel traveling upon troubled waters,
safe on my passage with you as my life raft

Can I trust you though we both may be lonely,
I’m only for you,
Please for me stay only,
consoling each other with the vibrantly warm beam from our eyes seen in the rise of dawn
and dusk’s setting in the sky

Can I trust you to embrace me hooked by forever’s line
with an eternal connection bound in love as our shelter and protection

Honestly, I must question
can I trust you in my most vulnerable state to not give your spirit away in this cruel lean world
I need you to be abundant in being my Queen, lady, princess, wife, woman, and girl

So much I ask,
much more
I want to give in this

I do want to sincerely know,
if I can place my genuine faith and absolute complete trust in you???????


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