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  • Government Name: Demetrius Hill
  • Register Number: 68133-053
  • Age:35
  • Time Served:10+ years
  • Home Town:New York, New York
  • Sentence:20 years
  • Current Charge:Felon in poss. of firearm; Interference w/ Commerce via robbery of narcotics traffickers; conspiracy to robbery of said narcotics traffickers
  • Alias:O.G, Panther
  • Release Date:Release Date
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (95KShine)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:Special Management Unit at USP Lewisburg
  • When will u break free and take away this pain

Blacks Must Bear Arms

second-amendment-right- to-bear-arms

“A precept or general rule of reason that every man ought to endeavor peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it that he may seek and use all helps and advantages of war.”

– Thomas P. Hobbes (1651)

America is the most violent nation on the face of the earth, and, historically, black people have been the main victims of this violence. Can we name a single pig who was given the death penalty for executing an unarmed Black or Latino person, or more importantly faced a death sentence at trial? Black people have been executed, lynched and bombed with impunity– Medgar Evers, 16th Street Baptist Church, Fred Hampton, George Jackson, and the list goes on. Knowing history, I ask any civil rights leader of today, how many more sermons, protests, prayers, and screams of “No justice! No peace!” before the victim has the right to no longer allow themself to be victimized? I say no more time is to be wasted. It’s time for true black Christians to get out the Cadillac and condo and leave their capitalist churches and get their sermons from preachers of old like John Brown, Nat Turner and Denmark Vessey, who knew revolutionary violence is the only language the oppressor understood.

Harriet Tubman may have loved her Bible but she traveled with her shotgun to free the slaves.

White suburban society defends itself by bearing arms. They exercise their 2nd Amendment right to own and use a gun to protect themselves, their family and community, as exemplified by Cliven Bundy. Why should poor people, generally Blacks and Latinos, do any less for their lives, their families and their communities?

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of the free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

– U.S. Constitution Amendment 2


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