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  • Government Name: Ahmed Judge
  • Register Number: 41145-050
  • Age:35
  • Time Served:since 2001
  • Home Town:Camden, NJ
  • Sentence:LIFE +10 yrs to run concurrently with LIFE + 10 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Conspiracy to Distribute 5 Kilos or more of crack cocaine; Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE or Kingpin Statute); Murder inside of CCE; Felony Gun Charges
  • Alias:Eidi
  • Release Date:Seeking Post Conviction Relief
  • Prison Affiliation:Islam
  • Circle of Influence:Chucky Taylor
  • Institution:USP Terre Haute
  • Please read (in life in general). I am open for all topics, questions, comments, quotes, advice, etc. I encourage people to write me if they desire. PEACE.

Black Widows

When I think about this topic, it is a hard topic for me to tackle because of the respect that I have for the black woman. It is just something about our mothers that I just don’t understand. I tossed and turned on this subject all night because, actually, it has taken years for me to go at this subject. What is it that I don’t understand? It is how our mothers have less control over our communities. It is like they have given up on us. They have turned us over to the oppressor, and when they read this, they may turn up their faces but just hear me out.

Now, we have come to the conclusion that there are “knuckleheads” running around in our streets, but when I was coming up I was trying everything under the sun. I guess that there was always some lady in my projects or on my block who was tougher than I was, who didn’t care what I was doing because if she saw it, then she would have put something on me- “Not Call the Cops!!!” Not only are our mothers calling the cops, but they are going to the law and giving these lawmakers reasons to pass new laws on us. See, what you all fail to understand is that when we were brought up north from the south at the end of slavery, when everybody black ran up north thinking there was more opportunities, and we filled the ghettos up, our mothers were the head of our communities and it remained that way for years, decades. Everything was handled in the community(ies). Now, our mothers are giving up that guardianship and have given it to the oppressor. That is why they come into our hoods and take us to jail so easily. That is why we, as young black men, feel that it is so easy to just do as we please, taking each other’s life in the blink of an eye. We don’t fear, or should I say respect, our mothers anymore.

I remember a time not too long ago when I was caught stealing when I was supposed to be in school. The cops were brought to the scene to arrest me, and I wasn’t scared of what the cops would do. But I was petrified of what my mother was going to do when she found out that I wasn’t in school. That fear isn’t there anymore because mothers aren’t instilling it anymore.

I know that is hard without the presence of a man, but what is harder than being oppressed for 400 years? In my city (Camden, NJ), which is not that highly populated, 85% of the residents are under the age of 35. This means that all of the elders have left.


One response to “Black Widows”

  1. Gage says:

    was it worth it? The dealing i mean. Do you think if you had your mom to support that you would’ve done something else? Why the anger toward everyone but the black men and women? Do you blame current issues between races on current generations, or do you blame the racist whites of the past. will whites always be devils in your eyes?

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