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  • Government Name: Tommy Edelin
  • Register Number: 01206-748
  • Age:44
  • Time Served:N/A
  • Home Town:Washington D.C.
  • Sentence:LIFE
  • Current Charge:RICO
  • Alias:Brother Menes
  • Release Date:N/A
  • Prison Affiliation:Independent
  • Circle of Influence:DJ, Mass
  • Institution:USP Lee
  • I began to struggle against a mindset that I realized was not mine, and thus my quest for knowledge began.

Black Gods

The oldest race on the planet is the Black race,
search the ancient four corners of the earth you’ll find a black face.
We were the first to circumnavigate the globe, we covered every space.
We left ancient signs, symbols and cultures in every place.
I need just a moment of your time to give you a taste
of the origin and evolution of the entire human race.
Some scholars say that we all evolved from apes-
not us- but most scientist and scholars agree that we all evolved from lakes
in Central Africa, real name Alkebulan.
Let me bring light to the hell, this modern day Babylon–
The Pygmies and Nilotic Blacks spread all over the world.
Blacks are the cradles of civilization, and we must teach this truth to our babies, boys and girls
Scholarship and science, two foundations of culture
one gathers, one experiments, technology and structure is what we taught cha
Blacks were the first to use tools made of wood and stone,
then we mastered copper, bronze and iron, we were the first to build homes;

We evolved into different colors, we are in fact the origin of all races.
We cover all complexions, all hues, we cover all races.
Before Adam and Eve was a thought we had culture and religion,
Before the modern day prophets we made righteous decisions;
in fact, the prophets were educated by Blacks.
All the world’s revelations derived from a nubian text-check
We possessed the knowledge of all ages, wisdom of the sages
We gave civilization to the Caucasians and martial arts to the Asians.
There were sixty Black kings before the reign of Black Menes,
for each there was a queen, these are Black facts not Black dreams;
There was Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Tye, there was Queen Makeda
and there were strong female warriors, Queen Nzinga and Kahina.
We’ve waged battles, won and lost wars
We’ve lead conquests and we have been conquered, read Golden Age of the Moors
We created and then re-discovered our off-spring, no one discovered us
We traveled to all lands first, read They Came Before Columbus
This is a history lesson and a blessin, no Smiths no Wessons,
reminding you of your greatness before carnal worshippers stepped in
and deception crept in, teaching us falsehoods like we were all born in sin;

No allegories or enigmas, time to erase the stigmas
Gods are who we are, we have never been niggas
We taught the Russians to speak Russian, a Black named Alexander Pushkin.
The whole world worshipped Blacks as Gods before racism pushed in.
It was Bohdiharma for the Asians, Tiquire for the Japanese.
Yeah, the first ninjas was Black, these Black facts not theories
Jupiter, Hercules, Apollo, Black Gods of the Greeks
Kind Minos gave civilization to the first europeans in Crete
around 1400 BC, it was a splendid culture
laid to ruins by some un-cultured vultures
now; Herodotus was a historian, but not the father of history.
He was a student of Black Gods and that’s not a mystery.
Even the Phoenicians were Black they invented two alphabets.
Blacks gave the world its first written text- your schools didn’t teach you that;
the world gives much praise to the great mathematician’s Pythagoras’ theorem
but it was black Gods of the Nile that gave him a part of the serum
and Hippocrates is not the father of medicine, its a Black God named Imhoptep
he was the world’s first recorded genius, now its time for this Black God to step.


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