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  • Government Name: Demetrius Hill
  • Register Number: 68133-053
  • Age:35
  • Time Served:10+ years
  • Home Town:New York, New York
  • Sentence:20 years
  • Current Charge:Felon in poss. of firearm; Interference w/ Commerce via robbery of narcotics traffickers; conspiracy to robbery of said narcotics traffickers
  • Alias:O.G, Panther
  • Release Date:Release Date
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (95KShine)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:Special Management Unit at USP Lewisburg
  • When will u break free and take away this pain

Beloved: What Is Our Plan of Action?

Dear Beloved,

With love and solidarity I send this missive because I know you are confused, disillusioned and in fear at the election of Donald J. Trump as Amerikkka’s President. Thousands of you have taken to the streets in major cities to protest the election result, and although confined to this cage I hear you. I feel you. The world hears you and feels you too. But the one chump you want to hear and feel you, does not. He is deaf and genuinely could care less. Trump and all his alt-right KKK and white nationalist followers only hear, fear and respect violence!

Beloved, because I’m in love with our struggle and care deeply for our liberty and pursuit of justice, progress and equality, I must for that reason be brutally honest! The neo-Nazis and white nationalists have already declared war and are killing us every 28 hours, if not quicker, on the frontlines of this war. Think of Dylan Roof walking into one of the oldest Black churches and executing nine innocent, defenseless and unarmed Black men and women. Then think of the Sheriff who brought him food from Burger King prior to his arraignment! Think of the pig Daniel Pantaleo who choked Eric Garner to death, deaf to his pleas of “I can’t breathe!” Then remember how he waived to the camera and smiled afterwards. Think of that pig Ray Tensing who reached into Sam Dubois’ car in Cincinnati, Ohio, and blew his brains out at point-blank range! He was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag. His case just ended in a hung jury! Think of George Zimmerman still riding around free after executing seventeen-year-0ld Trayvon Martin. He just made over 250 Gs selling the gun he used on eBay! Walter Scott was executed and the pig planted a hammer by his body. Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Jamar Clark, Laquan McDonald, when do we start to think?

Beloved, this war goes deep. 66-year-old Debrah Danner was described as a threat with a baseball bat. She was executed in her own apartment! The punk pig Ed Mullins defended the coward Hugh Barry in a N.Y. Times advertisement. He said the Sergeant did follow his training, and I bet he did! Sandra Bland. . .

Beloved, what is our plan of action? Your voice has to be hoarse after 400 years of screams, 100 of those yelling “No justice! No Peace!” Your legs have to be tired after fifty-plus years of marching. Beloved, mama’s eyes cried enough tears to recreate the Red Sea, but I’d like to know when do we flood the streets, flood the streets with the blood of our common enemy? When do we defend our right to life, liberty and the Black Folk Dream? When do we have the right to protect our own communities, just as Cliven Bundy, and be declared Not Guilty.

Beloved, I’m still in pain and heartbroken over the SILENCE after the execution of Koryn Gaines. Say her name! Here’s a sister who took up arms to protect her life and the life of her beloved son, but not one Black man picked up one gun to avenge her execution! Her honor and courage! Instead she is forgotten because mainstream corporate media don’t want her celebrated and acknowledged.

To those who call me extreme, I AM! We are living in extreme oppression, extreme repression, extreme tyranny, so I present extreme solutions for the survival of our humanity. Voting has never and never will free a slave. When you’re the next one executed and in your final resting place, be sure to ask dishonest Uncle Abe. Won’t matter, by then it will be too late! We must act today.

Beloved, I declare we are revolutionaries! Reform and revisionism is nothing more than a facade to safeguard the status quo and maintain the system. A two party system, Democrat and Republican, founded and sustained on racism, subjugation, exploitation and ultra-Capitalism.

Only fools are surprised that a billionaire bought the White House. Amerikkkan democracy has always been for sale! That’s a fact! Now Democrats are claiming to be upset a racist is in the White House. Didn’t Michelle tell you Black slaves built that house. Democrats are acting outraged that the dyed in the wool bigot has filled his cabinet with like-minded racists from Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, a neo-Nazi hangout, to Rudy Giuliani. The man was endorsed by David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan; Richard Spencer, Founder of the Alt-Right movement; The Fraternal Order of Pigs; and countless racists! So of course hate-mongering racists are who Trump is empowering to be master and overseer of the poor B.L.A.C.K. [Black, Latino, Asian/Arab, Caucasian, Knative American] masses. Only the deaf, dumb and blind are surprised!

If Democrats are so enraged by Trump and his emerging administration, call every Senator and Congressman and woman and demand their resignation. If they are serious about a progressive agenda, let’s have a mass resignation of every Democrat in office on January 20, 2017. This would bring the entire Federal government to a halt, but the Democrats will never do this. After all, they are the party of Robert KKK Bird! They embrace and represent the status quo. All the Obama years will be flushed down the toilets of forgotten history.

Beloved, we have serious questions that demand serious answers. Here are a few:

Will we continue to allow out mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters to be mass incarcerated on neo-plantations to sustain rural white communities?

Will we continue to allow gentrification, unemployment, mis-and-undereducation, and poverty to define our communities, or will Trump’s election as 45th President be our awakening- the 2017 Birth of a Nation?

Salute Dr. King, but we must bury his dream or die with it. In the words of Elaine Brown, bury the “Plantation Mentality.” From our enemy we will receive no mercy. As he is infected and motivated by an incurable disease- racism! And there is only one cure, 400 years and Donald Trump have made this clear, Amerikkka must be brought to her knees by force. Arm yourself beloved!

In struggle,

O.G. Panther


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