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  • Government Name: Jermaine Ray
  • Register Number: 10960-010
  • Age:30
  • Time Served:2 years
  • Home Town:Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Sentence:111 months
  • Current Charge:924(c) Use of Firearm in drug trafficking; 922(g) Use of Firearm by a Prohibited Person
  • Alias:Murda
  • Release Date:2020
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Lime Hood Piru)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Beaumont
  • It's not who we are, but what we do that defines us in life.

Boss Talk: Amerikkka’s Prison System

Raise UP ↑

Su-Whoop to my Damu-komrades in the struggle who remain solid and real right despite the family loss, institutional disrespect and the betrayal from those who look, talk and used to believe in duty, honor and loyalty like us! I’m stayin’ up and ready, anything else is beneath me. When you need me, I’m here loved-ones. And Salaam to all my brothers stayin’ spiritually grounded and walking in the light of truth. I salute and admire any man of honor and great self-discipline. Each one, teach one; who returns the blessing by helping another that has lost their faith, fokus and fire to overcome the struggle Keep Raising UP ↑  one day and one move at a time. Boss talk.

Amerikkka’s Prison System

Today I’m droppin’ jewels about the belly of the beast and those who worship the beast we kall Amerikkka’s prison system.

The trick question, or the trick situation for those in my position, is how kan you serve your time without akkumulating more time, by eliminating enemies that simply appear right in your face for no right reason, when you get back into population after doing 18 or more months in the box (Special Management Unit)?

The Rule-Book

Don’t over think it, is what I tell myself. The rule-book they gave me when I kame- should I read it when it’s already krystal klear that no one is following any rules, not us or the keepers? I decided to open it up. It’s better for me to learn their official policy than not learn it. This way I would understand the konsequences of each thing and how to possibly make moves in my own favor. Art of War: Know your enemy as well as you know yourself.

“An inmate shall obey all orders of Corrections Officers, personnel, and staff at all times and without argument.” Now I knew thinking was forbidden. I also knew the underhand power trips that C.O.s be on.

“Good time for good behavior/programming can reduce an inmate’s sentence.” This sounds like a trick. Yet they were trying to give us the carrot to chase, something to strive for in a place where in order to survive you would have to disobey at least a few rules and knock out at least a few men, if not kill them outright. So that reduction of time is something available that kan’t actually be obtained, unless a new law passes or your appeals overturn your conviction.

Some of the rules don’t match the nature of men. They label sparring and “play fighting” as assault, punishable by a “shot” and trip to the SHU. Thinking how the rules are worded and set in such a way that any inmate kan be accused of anything at any time and he would be guilty, because what he is being accused of is normal everyday happenings. He would have no defense, although he would get a “hearing.” What a joke. Even before reading their rule-book I knew this system was a trad, not a place to expect or receive justice, not even if a man was honest and true about the unlawful aktions he actually did commit. Not even if a man simply wanted to do what the facility was built for, serve his time … and nothing extra.

As a businessman, I understand this hustle. Each prisoner is a captive consumer. Out in the world businessmen have to attract a customer by having an excellent product, or a very well advertised, popular and accessible product, or a fairly priced affordable necessity product. But in federal prison, according to their rule-book, everything an inmate buys “must be purchased” from BOP [Bureau of Prisons] “commissary.” Anything you possess that belongs to another inmate, during shakedown (cell search) is illegal and they label it  “contraband.” Brazy!

I learned that in the federal prison system you could buy food. The food is only legal if it’s purchased from commissary. That’s a mean hustle. There is only one supplier providing products, setting prices, controlling and monopolizing the market, which is definitely not a free market with competition at all.

There are other rules that are even stronger. “No group demonstration, boycotts, or work stoppages or interrupting the routine (orderly function of the prison) in any way.” Same as saying “We know we’re robbing you and fucking you over, but just let it happen.” SMFH! Bullshit ain’t nothin’ Blood, and the devil is a lie!

“No exposing your private parts or asking or paying for sex.” That rule, not to expose your private parts, (except rule 205!), was pure bullshit. I was part of a line up of naked men, after having been stripped in Oklahoma. Some of the same dudes that rode up on the same bus with me chained and cuffed together were there too. Men who were already humiliated prisoners became visibly insecure, embarrassed, and mad enough to curse the guards out loud. I didn’t say shit. I’m not shy. That’s a feminine trait. Moreover, I’m not shy standing before men who, although they are still in uniform, physically have the same as me. I’m not going to let these authorities raise any emotion in me. Fear or otherwise. Instead I pity the Correction Officers. I thought about just how miserable and desperate a loser, a man, would have to be to take a job staring at other men’s dicks and balls and then asking them to bend over so you could take a look up their asshole. SMFH! To take that job, a man would have to be a complete failure at business, which is the backbone of Amerikkka. He’d have to be either too lazy or too dumb or too broken to have developed a product, opened a store, or dealt in trade, import or export. He would have to be a man whose father left him nothing- no land, no jewels, no gold, no ca$h. He’d have to be a man who had no other choice and in debt everywhere. So I was calm during the naked search. I feel despite my present situation that I’m still above all of the men hired to do what they are doing right now.

A person should always know who they are and what purpose they serve. A person should also know who they are not (slaves), and what they will and will not do or allow to be done with them or to them.

We are at war!

Not because we ain’t got nothin’ better to do, but just because we are. We’ve been set up! We’ve been sucker-punched! We’ve been south-pawed. We’ve been stabbed from behind. We’ve been blindfolded. We’ve been gagged. We’ve been wronged. We’ve been wrong. We’ve been gunned down. Blood brothers and Soul brothers, we gotta get our hearts right. Love the right things. Hate the wrong things. Brothers we gotta get our minds right. Read the right books. Write the right words (Shoutout to America’s Massacre). Rhyme the right lyrics and sing the right songs to put the masses and our communities on point about the struggle. Word of mouth mixed with social media is a powerful tool. Speak the truth, brothers! Live from Lockdown and straight off the blocks of Amerikkka! We gotta get our souls right for the battle ahead of us. Praise the right God (Allah)… because if you are telling me that you are God (Allah), you “better” be the solution and not the problem. Str8 up!

Fight your enemies. Not your friends. Not your family. Not your people. Handle your business! Every man knows that every man has to do that. Who’s pimping you? Now, who’s dressing you up and forcing you to spread your legs for paper? The prison system in Amerikkka, cheap forced labor. They dress you up in these green jumpers, orange jumpers, brown jumpers, and odd stripped jumpers. They make you spread your legs and raise your hands and shut your mouth and spread your cheeks and get out there and work the whole day for them everyday (Arkansas Department of Corrections is the worst!!). You earn less than a whore on the stroll. SMFH!

Check the labels!

The real pimps are in government and corporations. Sometimes, they’re on in the same. They’re collecting the money you earned and not giving you your cut. Check the labels. At least know who’s getting paid off of you. Who got the contract to build these prisons? Who got the contact for the heavy machinery, the prison vehicles, the prison weapons, the prison furniture, the prison inventory? Who made those prison jumpers you’re forced to wear? Who got the contract for the horrible food they serve? Who made your bed sheets? Check the labels! See if I am lying to you.

Men Divided

We were supposed to be our (Blacks/minorities) army! But the only ones we fighting in here and out there is our self. Men divided by race, culture, faith, and language, all getting pimped by the same politicians and the same entities. All cooperating with the same scam. Everywhere I look around me, (even the E-block range I’m on, there’s only 4 White dudes), it’s all Blacks and Latinos, Latinos and Blacks. All Africans and Latinos, Latinos and Africans. All African men! Pay attention!

Even the African and Latino/Mexican COs are caught up in the color scheme … They think we’re the enemy. We think they’re the enemy. They got the same problems we got. They think we’re the product. They got the wrong product. But both groups are getting pimped by the same, the true pimps. CO can’t pay his rent, same as you. CO can’t handle his women, same as you. CO can’t afford his child support, same as you. CO can’t afford the car he’s driving, same as you. We’re locked up now. CO is locked up in here, right with us!

Each one, teach one, so I gotta give it and tell it to you like it was given and told to me.

“A man is great not because he hasn’t been to the penitentiary, but because the penitentiary hasn’t stopped him.”

#RaiseUP. I stay UP and Ready. Always aktive.

Su-Whoop! … Salaam.


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