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  • Government Name: Anthony Williams
  • Register Number: 23830-112
  • Age:46
  • Time Served:13 yrs.
  • Home Town:Los Angeles, CA
  • Sentence:20 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Marijuana Distribution; Conspiracy to commit Armed Bank Robbery
  • Alias:G-Tone
  • Release Date:2019
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Black P. Stone)
  • Circle of Influence:DJay, MEN STOP
  • Institution:USP Beaumont
  • To give and understand are some of the greatest gifts given to you by God so don’t be afraid to return it to your fellow man.

A Very Precious and Delicate Jewel

My thought of the week is on how we as men, not only as African American men, but men in general, neglect and have lost respect for a very precious and delicate jewel- And that is our women, the queens of God’s green earth. We have allowed ourselves to adopt the silly notion that we don’t need them. And when they’re gone, we wish that they never left. How could we actually believe that the actual creature that’s responsible for our actual existence is nothing but a mere tool for our sexual pleasures and a shoulder to cry on in a time of need. And believe me when I say, there are a lot of crying and emotional men nowadays. Backbone and testicular fortitude are rare amongst some men these days. Basically, we as men need to step up and grow a set, you feel me!

Throughout the world, women are heads of households, communities, and even countries. In our own beloved country, our women are raising our boys to become strong able body men by themselves due to the high incarceration rate, gang violence, and plain losers, as well as the lack of testicular fortitude I spoke of previously.

We’ve allowed the figment of our imagination of being a Pimp or a Player, to become a fixation of our mere existence. I’m saying this because I’ve been robbed of this precious jewel by a gangsta, called Cancer. Cancer has taken away several women from my world and will unfortunately claim another soon.

So men, the next time you see your favorite girl- whether it be your mother, wife, girlfriend, or your beautiful daughter- give her a hug and a kiss and tell her how much you love her. I sure wish I could. This is dedicated to Gee-Gee, we love you and will miss you.

I leave you as I came, in peace. Stone Love……G-Tone

Behind every man there is a Great Woman!!!!


One response to “A Very Precious and Delicate Jewel”

  1. Gage says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the cancer thing, i know i live for my woman right now. If you really think this way though, than why did you risk losing her? I’d never jeopardize my family for anything, what pushed you to make the plan? was it need of money or need of respect?

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