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    George Frison

    My name is George Frison aka G-Ball. I am 50 years of age and was raised on the Southside of Chicago in the Auburn-Gresham area, on the borderline of Englewood. I came from what many would consider to be a well-to-do family, as my parents owned and operated an upholstery business in our neighborhood around 79th and Loomis. I was also raised in a Lutheran Church and sang in the choir. In 1980, I had a fight with a boy over a girl. After a series of retaliation by his older brothers against me,...READ MORE


    Differences in the Treatment of Young Black Children

    “For two or more centuries, America has marched proudly in the van of human hatred- making bonfires of human flesh and laughing at them hideously, and making the insulting of millions more than a matter of dislike- rather a great religion, a world war cry.” -W.E.B. DuBois Lately, I have been thinking about the differences in the treatment of young black children and young white children in our society. How is that when a middle to upper-class white child commits a crime their whole...READ MORE



    The following is a guest post written by Roosevelt Wilder while at Stateville Correctional Center (Joliet, Illinois). Wilder has since been transferred to Danville Correctional Center (Danville, Illionis) where he is serving a 60-year sentence for murder. He has been incarcerated since 1995. Fruit of the loom Saggin’ from the ass of the fruit of the womb. Ashy backs and ass cracks Sadly, howling at the moon, Doomed . . . before they could learn to eat with a spoon Consumed . . . by the...READ MORE


    Congressional Black Caucus Playing Politics Again?

    On February 16, 2017, President Trump gave an electrifying condemnation of the media at large. It was outrageous, however, what was more outrageous, to this 43 year old black man doing LIFE in prison for a non-violent drug offense, was that Trump stated he would love to speak with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Rep. Elijah Cummings about the problems of the “inner city”.  According to Trump neither Cummings or the CBC reached out to him about it. Trump accused the CBC...READ MORE


    Story of Disgrace

    What you are about to read is disturbing. The facts surrounding the story will anger and sadden anyone who researches it. It is so disturbing that I don’t know how to put it. Nevertheless, I am compelled to write about it for the sake of denouncing such behavior and warning parents and communities to pay close attention to the emotional and mental well-being of boys who might seem to be emotionally and mentally neglected, or else their boys could end up being the subject of a story of...READ MORE


    Trumped Out

    Right about now the entire world is focused on Donald Trump taking office. Everyone is concerned with Trump’s political leanings. By all means, we should have a space in our lives for politics. However, the state of real policy and law-making exists on such a level that the masses have very little actual insight into what’s happening. We need to focus on changing our world and make the real changes happen ourselves. Politicians will never fix the income gap between the rich and the...READ MORE


    Love is What We Need

    Holler when you hear me. Better yet, stand still. Let’s come together then move forward. Step after step. Gathered thoughts, organized noise, shared vision. The potential can no longer be bottled up. We have to MOVE, people! A stagnant mind means a shell of a body. Let’s learn to love life opposed to living as dead men and women. The tools we need are the struggles we face. The obstacles we encounter are the lessons that will propel us through life giving us the blueprint for...READ MORE


    Lessons from Tewhan Butler’s book America’s Massacre

    Salutations to all the men and women who stand firm and keep the support system “real” for their friends and loved-ones who are in legal bondage behind the fences and G-walls in Amerikkka. Thank you. So much has transpired since we last spoke, including the passing of medical marijuana in the Bible Belt (Arkansas), which is a wise move. But enough on that subject matter, I’m a warrior who understands business. I’m not a politician. I stay up and ready, nothing less. This entry I would...READ MORE


    Evil I See You

    It’s evil, It’s evil! I’m human, but I wish I didn’t know people I’m better with no equal, there’ll be no sequel, the beginning and ending is me, Alpha and Omega to believe Seize thoughts of envy, control your jealousy, so what you’re telling me, bears no relevancy The legacy’s mine! Live a legend, die a legend, in time You ain’t happy, in misery, trying to trap me with wickedness you spit, lips drip poisonous venom Your limbs testify to...READ MORE

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